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Smart lighting for the smart home

c01-a66-pulse-solo-20141113.960_0Sengled, a leading manufacturer of innovative smart lighting solutions for the smart home, is announcing another new product at the IFA International Consumer Electronics Show. The Sengled Everbright combines an energy-efficient LED lamp with an integrated emergency light. In the event of a power outage or defective fuses, the new LED provides up to three and a half hours of light. This is possible thanks to the integrated rechargeable battery which is constantly charged during regular use.

It lights when others fail. The Sengled Everbright comes up trumps when conventional bulbs stop working and only a search for a torch, candles or a lighter can light up the dark. Equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery (capacity: 900 mAh), the innovative bulb will provide light for up to three and a half hours when the power supply has been cut. The Sengled Everbright can help to find the problematic fuse box, serve as a back-up on construction sites or guide you out into a safe open space in an emergency.

The Sengled Everbright is based on a very simple principle: The rechargeable battery is integrated into the housing of the LED light and is charged via a conventional E27 socket. With a regular power supply, the bulb provides light with a brightness of 500 lumens. In the event of a power outage, the Sengled Everbright automatically reduces its brightness to 300 lumens. This enables the lamp to save precious energy and delivers more than three hours of self-sufficient lighting.

The Sengled Everbright is incredibly easy to install and use: The LED is inserted into a standard socket just like a normal light bulb and can be used to replace obsolete light bulbs. The smart bulb can now be operated as usual via the light switch with no need to control it via an app. The LED can also independently distinguish between the power being turned off via the light switch and an actual power outage.

In addition to the extra security and comfort it offers, the Sengled Everbright also enhances users’ energy footprint: It has a lifespan of around 25,000 hours and when compared to a 40-watt light bulb of similar brightness, it consumes just 9 watts of power.

Price and availability

The Sengled Everbright will celebrate its premiere at IFA 2016 and is expected to be commercially available from November 2016. The recommended retail price is 19.90 EUR.

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Archos Drone launches

drone_liftoff.0.0Archos has unveiled the ARCHOS Drone. Demonstrated later this week at IFA 2016, available in October 2016, this ready-to-fly little machine has an altitude of up to 50 meters at a speed that can reach 7.7 m/s during at least 7 minutes, for pure fun or exciting HD footage that isn’t possible any other way. Thanks to its dedicated Controller or the Remote App, available on the Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store, the ARCHOS Drone will satisfy beginners willing to gawk at the world’s beauty, for £79.99 (UK).

The ARCHOS Drone is light (135 g) and robust, with its eight propellers (four spares), two landing gears, and four protection guards. It offers great maneuverability and its propellers are even replaceable in case of damages, which is particularly suitable to newbies.

With its 6 axis gyroscope and its accelerometer, it features all functions for a nice flight, inside or outside: take off, landing, altitude hold, 360° flip, speed selection and headless mode. It has a number of automated flying procedures as well as an emergency button in case something goes wrong, making the device less intimidating. In addition, its bunch of LED lights allows night sessions.

The ARCHOS Drone achieves burst speeds of 7.7 m/s horizontally and 1.6 m/s vertically. It reaches its maximum speed in a few seconds and raises an altitude of up to 50 meters very fast.


Its 1 MP built-in camera is a real attraction. It takes all kinds of aerial videos, coming in an HD resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels that can be stored in its 4 GB’s Micro SD card (included) and, even better, broadcasts in real time on a smartphone.

It flies during a session from 7 to 9 minutes, making it the ideal companion for beginners. Spare batteries will also be available for purchase for the ones who wish to become drones enthusiasts.

The ARCHOS Drone comes with its own Controller, enabling a dedicated WiFi liaison and ensuring a perfectly stable connection. It can also be easily conducted with the ARCHOS Drone Remote app preloaded on a smartphone running Google Android 2.2 and later or Apple iOS 5.1.1 and later.

The ARCHOS Drone will be exhibited on ARCHOS’s booth at IFA 2016 (Hall 25, Booth 206). It will be available for purchase in October 2016 on and through its distribution’s channel worldwide for £79.99 (UK).

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Honor 8 Unboxing

Honor-8Honor have updated their flagship for another year and are pretty pleased with themselves. They should be. The Honor line has been a cut-price flagship with some decent specifications if not standing out from the competition. This year it’s all change, the design has an interesting construction that added a unique look thanks to some tempered glass.

In a world where the race to have the best handset has changed manufacturers are having to try daring new concepts to appeal to their customers as the specifications are all fairly similar.

In addition to the looks the Honor 8 has a lot going for it, well specs kit under the hood, a unique user interface, a large number of inbuilt tweaks to improve the Android experience, versatile camera features and a low price tag – for what you get.

With pricing of just £369.99, including an anniversary package worth £69.99 and a selection of eye-catching, Honor has really made good this year and has become a phone to consider.

Commenting on the European launch of Huawei’s Honor 8 smartphone, Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, says: “Everyone knows that if you design a phone for millennials, a front-facing selfie camera is compulsory.

“Huawei has ticked that box and silenced the competition by offering a photo mode that promises to make selfies ‘perfect’. They’ve coupled that with another which makes food look good enough to eat, playing to our insatiable appetite for parading dinners across social media.

“Specs like these – teamed with features such as the fingerprint sensor doubling as a multi-purpose button to start apps like WhatsApp or Pokémon Go – are likely to be a honeytrap for millennials living vicariously through Instagram and Snapchat; especially when wrapped up in a sleek glass handset that actually looks good.

“The Honor 8 joins the club that already counts the iPhone SE and Samsung Galaxy A as members – all are handsets targeted towards techy Generation Y who crave tons of features but refuse to pay flagship smartphone prices.

“But the Honor 8 comes in at just £10 less than a 16GB iPhone SE which, for some, will still be a little steep for a challenger device. Even though the Honor 8 is a comparable phone, Apple is still the brand kids aspire to own – for now at least.”

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