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Retro Tech Addicts Pickups 18-09-13

StillGareth whips out a bunch of his recent pickups including some Indy games, a rarity for the Atari Jaguar, an Amstrad portable and a classic Palm.

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Catch Them if You Can: Ink Out Impersonation & Identity Theft

Identity Theft Police in Miami found a car matching the description of one involved in a robbery. The suspect got out of the car and ran, but was ultimately caught and arrested. Now imagine if that robber was using your identity.

That’s the exact scenario former NFL running back Najeh Davenport faced earlier this month. The suspect turned out to be a man named Damian Coleman. He showed police Davenport’s driver’s license, and several media outlets, including NBC, initially reported Davenport had been arrested, only to learn later his identity had been stolen.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 unboxing video

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Last week I had my first meeting with the Lenovo as a member of the LNVO INSDRS program. As I blogged earlier, this was an opportunity for me to meet with fellow INSDRS and to get some hands on time with some interesting Lenovo products. Over the coming months I’ll be getting the opportunity to unbox and review many of the Lenovo products and I’m starting here this week with the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13.

The Yoga 13 was released late last year and is a laptop/tablet hybrid Ultrabook. Upon initial inspection the Yoga 13 looks just like any other laptop/Ultrabook. Sure it’s slim and light and has a discrete and attractive appearance but it’s not until you bend the hinged screen back past 180 degrees that you realise that this is something a bit different.

Folding the screen past the 180 degree mark feels so unnatural at first, years of laptop use just tells you that it’s so wrong! However, taking it past that point and all the way around to the 360 degree point reveals the Yoga 13 in it’s tablet format for large, 13.3 inch, touchscreen computing.

One neat thing about the IdeaPad Yoga 13 is that the screen can be positioned in several ways, from conventional laptop style to tablet and tent and stand modes in between. There’s good flexibility there and flipping the screen past the 180 degree point disables the keyboard and trackpad and puts you firmly in touchscreen mode.

In terms of specification there’s a range to choose from with Intel i3, i5 and i7 models, 4 or 8GB of RAM and 128 or 256GB SSD drives. All have a 13.3″ 1600×900 touchscreen display and weigh in at just 1.54kg.

We’ll have a more detailed review soon, once I have had time to use the Yoga 13 more extensively. This will be the first Windows PC that I have owned in quite some time so it may take a little getting used to! In the mean time we have the obligatory unboxing video for  you below.

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The Evolution of Video Gaming & TV Has Always Followed a Parallel Trajectory

video-games-evolution Microsoft’s recent announcement that it is set to release its shiny new, HD-ready Xbox One console on 22 November is merely the latest chapter in a long story of video gaming. What begun in 1967 with the world’s very first video console, the so-called ‘Brown Box‘, seems light years away from our modern day world of internet gaming, ultra HD TV and wireless controllers. It is an intriguing story that has taken on many forms over the years.

What is certainly clear is that the trajectories of video gaming and television evolution have always made for extremely happy bedfellows, major innovations such as the advent of ultra high definition TV coinciding almost precisely with similarly generation-defining changes in the gaming industry.

The aforementioned launch of the world’s very first games console coincided with the advent of colour TV the same year, two events that undoubtedly changed the course of home entertainment forever. The ability to record television onto videotapes was realised in the early 1970s, meaning mum and dad could record their favourite TV programs whilst the children played the new Atari Pong.

The 1980s was, arguably, the golden era of video gaming, Nintendo emerging as market leaders and revolutionising gaming forever with their original NES console. This came about at the same time as cable TV, a multi-channel approach that led the way towards on-demand TV and the viewing public’s appetite for crystal clear, ultra HD technology.

The following decade witnessed change and innovation on a grand scale. Video games progressed in earnest from a one-game-built-in type formula to having multi-game cartridges available to play on them. The 90s was the era of the PlayStation, Megadrive, Dreamcast and Nintendo 64. It all coincided wonderfully with the creation of CRT, or cathode ray tube, TV. It was this technology that begun to see television screens grow in size, changing the way both programme viewers and hardcore gamers experienced their respective mediums. The decade was bookended by the launch of the PS2, the first console to be able to play DVDs. It was the very same year that digital video recorders hit the market.

It wasn’t until the turn of the 21st century that HD TV truly took off. Microsoft’s original Xbox set the precedent for high quality graphics that appeared crystal clear on this exciting new television technology. LED-based HD TV followed soon after, unleashed on the world at the same time as the Xbox 360 and PS3, both consoles capable of internet gaming and the very first for truly HD graphics capability.

The worlds of TV and gaming truly merged for the very first time in 2007 when Apple launched ‘Apple TV’ and several years later Microsoft got in on the act by allowing 360 users the option of streaming films using Netflix.

And so we arrive in the present day, with the Xbox One about to be released. Times, oh they have changed. LG’s 84″ ultra HD TV has been reinventing how we both watch TV and experience video games for several months now, but understandably this kind of technology is available for a price.

What trajectory the worlds of gaming and TV take from here are anybody’s guess, but what’s certain is that one day current technologies that still seem almost unthinkable now will appear somewhat obsolete.

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Your Business is at Risk With These 4 Office Technologies

Cyber Security More than 10 billion wireless devices connect to the Internet. An additional 30 billion are anticipated to enter the market in the next seven years, according to Allied Business Intelligence, Inc. (ABI) research. Keep in mind workplaces are becoming smarter by using wireless technologies, such as “Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Cellular, and RFID.” Wireless technologies also expose vulnerabilities to hackers and security threats. Keep reading to learn how to safeguard your high-tech office gadgets from cyber crime.

1. Appliances & Automated Systems

Smart appliances, thermostats and automated systems can be remotely controlled from a smartphone or computer. You can set the break room coffee pot to brew from home, lock the doors from another room or turn the lights on before you arrive. Appliances also learn how to run more efficiently by tracking and storing patterns of use. For example, the Whirlpool® Smart Side-by-Side Refrigerator with 6th Sense LiveT technology features an Energy Advisor that tracks refrigerator energy use.

Information stored in these appliances can be a gold mine for a criminal. Times of low energy signifies an empty office. A criminal can hack in to your system and walk in through the front door. Safeguard your smart office from being compromised with a firewall installation that securely guards technologies plugged into your network.

Many manufacturers actively research software security and identify weaknesses that aren’t in compliance with security standards. A manufacturer sets its own security guidelines. Read your user manuals for security information and stay up-to-date on security trends and upgrades.

2. Digital Machines

Your digital copier, scanner or fax machine stores images and puts personal information at risk. Check that your machine has security software installed. If you operate older models, you might need to encrypt or overwrite data. Physically destroy the old copier’s hard drive before disposing the machine. Depending on the type of information your business uses and stores, you might be legally obligated to instate an information disposal program. Look into automating these machines through a cloud or software, such as

3. Security Alarm System

Alarm systems hardwired directly to authorities is practically ancient. Today, security systems connect to the Internet. Although the office is monitored 24/7, the entire system can be at risk – criminals can simply shut down the system before breaking in. Prevent compromised security by researching your options and different system’s specifications. An unbiased resource that compares different security systems can be found at You can compare local companies to national companies and system features that will best meet your office needs.

4. Smartphones

In 2012, 289,874 Internet crime reports were filed, according to the Internet Crime Complaint Center. A smartphone, tablet, or iPad stores personal information and connects to the Internet, which can threaten security. Also, these devices are small and can be lost or stolen easily.

Use the security code feature on all your smartphones. Tell employees to use precaution when downloading apps, just like downloading a file onto a desktop computer. Install all available patches for your phone. Phone patches are similar to software updates for your computer’s operating system. Patches contain security updates that safeguard your phone and its stored information. During phone upgrades, responsibly discard the mobile devices to prevent data from reaching the wrong hands. For more information on securing your company’s network, visit the Federal Trade Commission’s Business Security Center.

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Retro Tech Addicts Pickups 11-09-13

StillTime for another collection of nice retro bits. This week Gareth has a number of items from his favourite 8-bit computer brand including a little found rarity.


Retro Tech Addicts


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LNVO INSDRS logo red If you’ve been following me on Twitter lately you may have spotted a few tweets from me about Lenovo. Several weeks ago Lenovo invited me to join their exclusive community of influencers, the LNVO INSDRS. There are just 20 of us that are part of this program.

Last night our group of INSDRS met for the first time at an event in London where we we all introduced to the current range of Lenovo products including the Yoga Ultrabook, Android Tablets, Thinkpads and Horizon Table PC.

Over the coming months we’ll be getting our hands on a variety of Lenovo products to review. We’ll be able to share exclusive content, be covering events and generally getting close to the action with Lenovo.

We’ll be starting out with a look at the Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 Convertible Ultrabook, which will be my first time getting my hands on a touchscreen Windows 8 device. Watch this space!

I’ll leave you with one interesting fact about Lenovo: Lenovo Laptops are the only laptops certified for use on the International Space Station!

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The Apple Conversation

listen-1-rv5 With all of the buzz from Apple’s latest press event last night the Salesforce Radian6 team have been analysing online conversation that kicked off post-event.

In a nutshell, the findings suggest that while Apple is branching out into the slightly lower tier market with the iPhone 5C, the company’s alignment with premium is still its strongest asset, with its higher tier handset and availability in gold generating the most positive interactions online.

Apple in demand

  • Over 3,500 posts appeared requesting details to a live stream of the event
  • Posts including the Apple event hashtag were 76.6% positive
  • Over 431,000 mentions of Apple between the 10th and 11th September globally
  • Over 26,700 mentions of Apple between the 10th and 11th in the UK alone
  • Sentiment of UK posts was 67.8% positive
  • Overall, most negative posts were tied to price
  • Conversation peaked during the first hour of the press conference, which generated over 70,000 posts that hour alone
  • iPhone 5S garnered just under 40,000 more mentions than its more cost effective brother, the iPhone 5C
  • The upcoming launch of iOS7 created the most overall buzz during the event, generating over 33,000 online mentions
  • The release of the iPhone 5S in gold was the second most mentioned feature, resulting in over 4,600 posts

The competition

Top three most mentioned smartphone brands in conjunction with the launch were:

  • Samsung
  • Nokia
  • HTC

* Both Samsung and HTC were drawn into comparisons over functionality and price

Nokia’s social media hijacking also brought it into the mix, with Nokia suggesting the colourful iPhone 5C designed was inspired by its Lumia range:

Thanks to Salesforce Radian6 team for sharing this insight with us. Salesforce Radian6 is a product which is part of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 209: There has been an announcement

Web bannerGareth and Dan are here again this week another UK update on the mobile front.

On this show we talk about the Apple iPhone news that’s hot off the press, Samsung’s new Note 3 and HTC’s announcement of the new Desire models.

Featuring Gareth and Dan.

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The iPhone 5S and 5C arrive

iphone-5sAfter months of rumours and speculation we are finally treated to Apple’s yearly phone update and how their tune has changed this year. Instead of all the focus being on one handset, we have two. A cheapie and a luxurious model.

As expected, Apple announced the iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S whilst simultaneously withdrawing the iPhone 5 from sale.

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