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HTC announces Desire 500

Desire 500 blue 3V HiRGB Render Today HTC have unveiled another new handset, this time carrying the familiar Desire name, and called the HTC Desire 500.

The Desire 500 has been launched to fill that mid-range gap and will bring with it some of the advances seen on the HTC One, such as Blinkfeed and Video Highlights and coupled with 4.3″ WVGA display, 8 megapixel camera, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM, MicroSD card expansion slot and 1.2GHz Quad-core CPU.

Initially to be available in Lacquer Black and Glacier Blue there are already images of a red version out there too.

The full press release follows and we will, of course, have one here for review as soon as possible.

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Blackberry Q10 Review

Blackberry Q10 ReviewBlackBerry are trying a new tactic in the smartphone wars with their new operating system, BlackBerry 10, we will talk a lot more in the review.

The first BlackBerry 10 device is the Z10 which is BlackBerry’s flagship device and the Q10 is the more ‘BlackBerry’ BlackBerry with a more conventional look. What I mean is that when you hear someone say ‘I’ve just got a new blackberry’ you expect to see a phone with a smaller screen and a full QWERTY keyboard.

So with that in mind how will this device cope with competing with the full touch devices? And not to mention the Z10 too!

To find out those answers and answers to any other questions then please read on. Not before you’ve watched the BlackBerry Q10 unboxing video from Matt of course.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch coming to a wrist near you?

SM-V100T2-498x465According to a new trademark filed by Samsung, they are indeed working on wearable computing technology, and they already have a name for it. Previously we have heard numerous rumours that Samsung is working on a new Android based smartwatch. Today, a new trademark filing came to light confirming the device with the name "Samsung Galaxy Gear." Here’s a quote from the trademark filing for it:

"Wearable digital electronic devices in the form of a wristwatch, wrist band or bangle capable of providing access to the Internet and for sending and receiving phone calls, electronic mails and messages; wearable electronic handheld devices in the form of a wristwatch, wrist band or bangle for the wireless receipt, storage and/or transmission of data and messages and for keeping track of or managing personal information; smart phones; tablet computers; portable computers." It’s possible this is a trademark that Samsung is scooping up to hold for the future. However, with all of the rumours floating around about an impending launch of a smartwatch from Samsung, we suspect this will be the name we see when it finally comes to light. In fact, we may see this device launch as soon as September 4th during the IFA 2013 event in Germany. We will keep an eye out!

I am hoping “Gear” actually equates to a new product line of various bits and pieces to assist your particular choice of Galaxy phone. A watch being a starting point. Add to this other wireless peripherals like headphones, docks, remote control vehicles, projectors. we have seen many of these things before and of all the companies that could role these novelty devices, Samsung is the one.

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Big Things Ahead with HTC

HTChange HTC are fond of teasing us but this time they seem to be taking it to the n’th degree by releasing a video just 16 seconds long promising of ‘Big Things Ahead’.

The video, released along with the hashtag #HTChange, seems to feature one Robert Downey Jr., whom we know HTC have signed a deal with, and the briefest glimpse of an HTC phone which we believe is likely to be the HTC One Max, fitting in nicely with the ‘Big Thing’ promised.

There’s sure to be more of this video released over the coming days so keep your eyes peeled!


HTChange, Big Things Coming


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Asus Fonepad arrives on Three

3The ASUS Fonepad is now available on Three. The 7-inch screen enables you to play your favourite games, watch videos or consume any content on the move with ease, while still enabling you to stay connected with a call, text or email.
The ASUS Fonepad is the world’s first 7-inch Intel Lexington tablet and is available on Three for just £29.99 plus £12.49 per month, on a 24 month contract. Or you can buy it for £179.00 with the choice of a 250MB, 1GB or 10GB monthly broadband package at a cost of £5, £7.50 and £15, respectively.
Sylvia Chind, head of devices at Three, said: “The ASUS Fonepad is portable and convenient. It removes the need for two separate phone and tablet devices providing both flexibility and ease of use. We’re offering the Fonepad with varying data tariffs so you can always stay connected at a price that suits you, depending on your needs.”
The ASUS Fonepad comes in a stylish, premium finish and boasts a bright HD screen. This affordable device also comes with a long battery life that offering up to 9.5 hours of video, enabling users to make the most of the more demanding applications when out and about on the Three network.

Key features:
*   A tablet and phone, all in one, from ASUS
*   Stylish, premium finish
*   Enjoy staying connected, on the move, in HD
*   Long life battery
*   Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi connectivity

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Windows Server 2012 is Still Where It’s at in 2013

Word on keyboard Choosing a server operating system is a lot more complicated than "Just put the latest version of Windows on it," which is the treatment most workstations get. Server operating systems have different needs and requirements from your workstations, such as administration plug-ins, higher security requirements, and compatibility with common server hardware configurations. Windows Server 2012 is the latest Windows server operating system, with a number of new features that enhance Windows hosting and other server applications. Here’s everything you need to know about Windows Server 2012.

Cloud Effects

You can immediately tell cloud computing had a big effect on the design philosophy behind Windows Server 2012. Microsoft focused heavily on its Hyper-V technology that enables platform virtualization, allowing for the creation of public or private clouds that are completely virtualized and isolated from other users in the environment. The Hyper-V improvements will hopefully help Windows catch up to Linux in the cloud environment, as the OpenStack platform has gotten a great deal of attention for Linux cloud servers. Hyper-V virtualization can also be used in non-cloud virtualization tasks for your network. Centralized control features allow admins to keep track of everything from a single workstation, instead of going from server to server.

Many of the new security features are also cloud-oriented, such as authentication changes. The Deployment Wizard included with Server 2012 makes it easy to deploy services and policies, greatly simplifying administration tasks. Other advantages include enhanced disk encryption, Direct Access, and Active Directory Domain Services, as Redmond Magazine outlines.

Application Platform

The application platform is another improvement in Windows Server 2012. Microsoft designed the technology to work better with Windows Azure, along with adding frameworks and tools focused on simplifying application and cloud application development. PHP is supported natively in 2012, making it much easier to use PHP scripts than in previous versions, according to Microsoft’s website.

Data Control

Server Message Block 2.2 has gotten a big overhaul, allowing it to transfer 6 gigs of data per second. The scalability has also been addressed, allowing file servers to scale to take advantage of the amount of data transfer available now. Dynamic Access Control improves the permissions on shared folders, allowing you to specify a great deal of parameters that controls who can access folders. This allows administrations to have fine-tuned control over data, improving the security of the network overall. PowerShell increases the automation opportunities within the Windows server environment, allowing administrators to work smarter, not harder, on common and complex admin tasks.

Considerations to Keep in Mind

The development of Windows Server 2012 reflects a few Windows 8 influences, notably in the user interface, according to State Tech. The Metro interface, designed primarily for touch screens, eliminates the start button and provides a different Start screen, as well. Since this is a new operating system, carefully investigate hardware and vendor compatibility. Not all vendors have drivers available for this OS yet. Some are working through compatibility issues.

What are your thoughts on Windows Server 2012? Share them in the comments.

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HTC One and HTC One Mini compared (video)

ones I’ve had the HTC One for quite some time and it has definitely become my favourite phone, relegating all others to the ‘also used’ status.

When rumours of the smaller HTC One Mini surfaced a few months ago I was pretty sceptical. Certainly many other phone manufacturers have come up with mini versions of their most popular handsets but it’s very unusual for HTC to do the same and left us wondering HTC were just following everyone else and rushing out another handset hot in the heals of the HTC One simply to keep up with the Jones’s.

However, having had my hand on the One Mini for the past week I’ve come to appreciate it a whole lot more. I’m liking the design and despite some obvious specification differences it really is just a smaller HTC One. Maybe that sounds obvious but mini versions of things can be very different, experience tells us.

So I thought it would be useful to record a quick video to highlight the similarities and differences between these two phones and you can see for yourself the comparison below.


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Amazon Kindle Fire HD 2 to set the world alight

Kindle-Fire-HD-8The folks at BGR supposedly have a hot scoop on the next generation Kindle Fire HD tablets scheduled to come out later this year. According to their intel, the new tablets will come sporting ultra-high end specs, yet will still keep affordable pricing. If this rumour is true, the other tablet makers in the world should be a bit worried. Here’s the breakdown of what is supposedly on the horizon for the next Kindle Fire HD products,

Kindle Fire HD 2 7-inch:

  • 1,920 x 1,200-pixel 7-inch display with a new design
  • Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) system on a chip – includes four Krait 400 CPUs and Adreno 330 graphics – the prototypes are said to be clocked at about 2GHz
  • 2GB Ram
  • Front-facing camera
  • Wi-Fi and optional available cellular
  • 16GB, 32GB or 64GB internal storage options
  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Amazon’s heavy customizations
  • More comfortable and lighter

Kindle Fire HD 2 8.9-inch:

  • 2,560 x 1,600-pixel 8.9-inch high-definition display
  • Quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 (MSM8974) system on a chip – includes four Krait 400 CPUs and Adreno 330 graphics – the prototypes are said to be clocked at about 2GHz
  • 2GB Ram
  • Front-facing camera
  • Wi-Fi and optional available cellular
  • 16GB, 32GB or 64GB internal storage options
  • Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with Amazon’s heavy customizations
  • More comfortable and lighter
  • Also features an 8-megapixel rear camera

Supposedly these devices will be launching in the fall, and maybe as soon as September. We will keep you apprised of any further details as they arrive.

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O2 set to turn on 4G this month

O24g At the moment, if you want 4G your only option, in the UK, is to go with Everything Everywhere. EE have had the only 4G network in the UK for a while but at the end of this month that’s all set to change as O2 are about to turn on their 4G network on the 29th August.

We’re hoping that the greater competition will encourage EE to reduce the premium they are charging for their 4G service.

Full press release from O2 can be found below.

O2 today sets out its plans for its 4G network launch later this month, which will make it the fastest growing 4G network in the UK. The superfast 4G network will be switched on in London, Leeds and Bradford on 29th August, reaching up to five million people from launch. O2’s ambitious rollout plan aims to make 4G available to an additional two million people per month, culminating in O2’s 2G, 3G and 4G network reaching 98% of the UK population both indoor and outdoor.

By the end of the year, O2’s 4G network will be live in 13 cities. Further detail relating to the specific switch-on dates will be announced over the coming weeks.

London | Leeds | Bradford | Birmingham | Newcastle | Glasgow | Liverpool |

Nottingham | Leicester | Coventry | Sheffield | Manchester | Edinburgh

To allow as many people as possible to experience and enjoy the benefits of 4G, O2 is launching a range of tariffs starting at £26 a monthi, which come complete with a 30 day Happiness Guaranteeii for customers who sign up direct from O2. Business customers will also be offered tariffs for tablets and mobile broadband from launch and Mobile Wifi (Pop Up Office) in the coming weeks.

4G networks will provide faster data speeds (up to 5 times faster than 3Giii) and a more seamless mobile experience, marking a new generation for the mobile industry. O2 has invested £550m to secure one of the highest proportions of the UK’s lowest frequency spectrum (800Mhz), which was released to O2 at the end of May and was fully cleared by Ofcom this week. This frequency reaches further than any other, delivering the best indoor penetration and outdoor reach.

Data usage on the O2 network has more than doubled in the last twelve months, demonstrating the ever growing appetite for mobile data services. 4G will complement O2’s current network offering, which includes 9,000 free O2 Wifi hotspots and the more recently launched TUGo, which uniquely allows O2’s consumer customers to make calls over wifi and use their tablet or laptop to make and receive calls and texts.

From today, O2 is introducing a new in-store and social media campaign encouraging everyone to be ‘#O24G’ Ready, inviting people to get their 4G-ready handset and free 4G SIM now, either in an O2 store or via an O2 business account manager.

O2 plans to go beyond what has already been offered in the 4G market and bring to life the digital experience for its customers, starting with 12 months free music content for those who buy a 4G consumer tariff direct from O2. Next generation office applications and services powered by 4G will enable O2 business customers to be more collaborative, more efficient and more productive. Further details on O2’s 4G portfolio will be unveiled in the coming months.

All O2 customers will also be offered free 4G advice and guidance from an O2 Guru from launch, either in-store or via web chat, to explore the possibilities that 4G will unlock. Business customers can receive a consultation with their O2 business account manager to discuss how their organisation could benefit from 4G.

Ronan Dunne, CEO of Telefónica UK (O2) said: “It’s great that I am able to announce O2 4G the day after the spectrum has been cleared for use. Digital connectivity will be made ubiquitous by 4G and become the oxygen of modern life. It is our intention to use 4G to inspire the nation through the possibilities of technology, encouraging people to live more, do more and be more with O2.

“The full potential of 4G is as yet unexplored, but what we can be sure of is that it will allow for a whole new world of opportunity that people are now ready for. Over half of our customers say they use more data than two years ago and even more use wifi wherever they go, to always stay connected. Given this trend, there is no doubt that 4G will transform our lives, be it as consumers, in business or through public sector services.”

Ben Dowd, Business Director at O2 said: “I believe that 4G is not only going to transform the way businesses work, but also how services are delivered to customers. Start-ups and small businesses should also be considering the benefits 4G offers in terms of agility and being able to engage with their customers in new ways. We will be working with our business customers over the coming months to bring the possibilities of 4G to life, but urgent commitment from businesses and the public sector is also required for its true value to be realised.”

To celebrate its launch, O2 is hosting a gig in London at its iconic music venue, O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire. A headline artist, to be announced in the coming weeks, will perform an exclusive set, which will also be streamed live to screens and billboards across the city, as well as on O2’s social media channels. All tickets will be available from O2 Priority at O2 customers will have the opportunity to get their tickets 48 hours before general release.

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What Is It That Makes Online Casinos sites So Secure?

Key-on-screen When you put your card details in to any website, you need to be sure that you can trust that website to keep those details safe? But how can you be sure that the online casino that you are choosing to bet on is reputable?

There are some casino sites out there that may take a while to pay out your winnings, or at least that is what I have found, but I have thus far managed to keep my card details between me and the company I gave them to. I have, in the past perhaps, taken chances with companies that were under threat of being hacked, but I have learned to steer clear of anything that doesn’t meet my checklist now.

Recent shudy shows that trusted online casino malaysia is very important factor among malaysian online casino players. Generally there are 3 types on online casino malaysia players. The biggest type are called “trusted online casino malaysia” players. These gamblers generally wager large amounts of money and trust is very important to them. Second type of players are bonus hunters. These players deposit small amounts and are mainly looking for no deposit bonuses instead of trustworthyness. Thir type of players are real money online poker players. Poker players like only trusted online casino malaysia because they keep large amounts of Malaysian money on their playing accounts.

There are some basic steps that you can take to gauge a website’s credibility. A simple Google search should return results that say rogue or blacklisted if there are any issues. Google might even recommend you to go for legitimate sites like

Once you are on the website, check for good design and mention of where the company is registered. Make sure they have signed an agreement with a gaming body that has a code of conduct and a list of rules regarding the site, including the Ecogra seal of approval.

Companies such as Winagames Australia use numerous reputable banking options such as credit and debit cards, Neteller, PaySafeCash, ClickandBuy, Direct Bank Transfer and more. Make sure that the green padlock appears next to the web address on any page where you are asked to put in the details of these accounts and cards.

Reputable software is part and parcel of online gaming. Companies such as Playtech, Microgaming and other big casino software vendors will only deal with reputable companies, so you can look out for their software as a seal of approval too.

On the security tab on the casino website, check for P128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption, ISO certifications, PCI Compliance, and various anti-fraud measures which you can double check by running through Google.

Another way to make sure that you have chosen the best option for your money is by using forums where people discuss websites. Perhaps start a discussion in these forums and mention the names of various sites that you want to play in. By checking with other players, you can feel relaxed about playing games on a website that won’t rip you off or sell you details to third parties who could use them for simple spam or something more nefarious.

Pro tip: If you don’t know where to start your online gambling, one of those most trusted sites to play is judi bola. Go check it out now.

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