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ChargeGenie unboxing and hands on – The perfect battery back up?

If you are looking for a back up plan for keeping your mobile battery topped up then the ChargeGenie will be right up your street. Although only 1400mAh in capacity that’s more than enough to get most folk through a day. The ChargeGenie has one super cool feature and that’s that on one side of it houses two sticky gel pads meaning the device can stick to the back of any smartphone and charging is then done via the MicroUSB port. No residue is left on the phone at all.

The ChargeGenie is clearly going to add some bulk to your smartphone but it isn’t too big that it stops you from using your device as normal. I’ve used it both with the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 and typing with the Genie on the back has not hindered me at all.

The ChargeGenie gets the thumbs up from me and I will continue to carry it with me when out of the house for extended periods of time. With it’s sticky gel pads it’s the perfect back up plan as far as I’m concerned.

You can catch the unboxing and demo video below:

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