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Raspberry Pi ‘lite’ version hits the shelves

raspberry-pi Here at Tracy & Matt towers we’ve been using Raspberry Pi’s for a while now, they are a good development platform for hardware controllers etc. Although I still prefer the MBED platform.

The Raspberry Pi has been hugely successful, mainly because its reasonably cheap while still packing a punch when it comes to hardware performance. It can be used for movie streaming and even runs several versions of Linux.

As if the current version was not cheap enough a new lightweight or ‘bare-bones’ version has just gone on sale.

The new Model A has the same CPU and footprint as the B model but has less memory (256MB), no Ethernet and just a single USB socket.

The Model A goes on sale today at a variety of outlets for just £16. If you are looking for something to tinker with for a DIY project they are definitely worth a look!


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Sky+ Android app brings remote control

sky+ app The Sky+ app has been available for Android and iOS devices for some time but one feature has been missing from the Android version; remote control.

For those of you that haven’t seen it, the Sky+ app allows you to manage you planner, set up recordings and review the Sky guide. Now, with the update coming today for Android OS devices, you’ll be able to use your mobile device as a full blown remote control for your Sky+ box.

This could be fun for changing the channel when you aren’t even at home! 🙂

Press release below.


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