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The O2 BlackBerry sale

O2 sale

Need a new BlackBerry? Want so save some cash and get some free stuff too? You need to check out the O2 Facebook page.

Up until July 9th O2 are offering a few incentives for you to choose a BlackBerry with them. As well as getting a discount off the device price they are also throwing in a couple of free album downloads plus O2 Academy vouchers. And if you and a friend (or a few) all do the same you get a better deal. Nice one O2.


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Samsung announce the EX2F Smart Camera

EX2F_front side

Samsung Electronics today announced the launch of the EX2F, the latest model in its growing range of Wi-Fi-enabled SMART cameras. Following the success of the EX1 with F1.8 lens, the new model is engineered to deliver even brighter photography thanks to its F1.4 lens, the brightest in any compact camera.

The EX2F comes with the advantage of being able to store and share images remotely using the Wi-Fi functionality. The Full Manual Control is ideal for DSLR-owners looking for more portable equipment to capture images spontaneously on the go and for photographers looking for a step-up from their point-and-shoot.

The camera combines a number of features which deliver incredible picture quality in all conditions. With the advanced F1.4 24mm Lens, the camera delivers clear images and video even in very low light conditions. These are easily controlled using the professional front wheel key and Dual Dials, which enable switching between parameters and modes quickly for greater manual control. The low-light capabilities of the EX2F are also added to by the 1/1.7″ 12 Megapixel BSI CMOS sensor, which delivers clear, blur-free images.

Providing quality and creativity, 1080/30p Full HD Movie Recording with stereo sound allows users to capture video in high enough quality to enjoy on a Full HD TV. The EX2F also allows still 12 Megapixel photos and video to be captured simultaneously using the Dual Capture feature, so that any scene can be shot as both photo and video. 

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The LG Prada gets a price drop at Clove


If you are in the market for a designer smartphone you could do worse than to check out the LG Prada 3.0.

Clove have dropped the price of the Android device and you can now pick it up for (£270) inc V.A.T.

The device is currently running Android 2.3 but LG have promised an update to 4.0.

You can place your order here.

A reminder of the full specs and our unboxing video can be found below:

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The Dark Knight Rises spoof featuring the limited Edition Nokia Lumia 900


The Dark Knight Rises

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Everything Everywhere research how many of us use our smartphones for following sport


With more and more of the population using smartphones it would appear that a high percentage of us are taking advantage of the devices to monitor our favorite sports. That’s according to Everything Everywhere who have been doing a little research.

They have discovered that 46% of us are in fact using our smartphones to follow sports with nearly one in five admitting to watching sport under the radar at work. The study also reveals that only 10% of employees are allowed to view national sporting events during working hours.

With Euro 2012 just ending this past weekend Everything Everywhere state that 42% of men followed the coverage while on the move using their Smartphone.

You can check out the full press release below:

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Project Glass from Google – Demo Video

If you missed the Project Glass demo from Google earlier this week you can catch up here. It is quite amazing.

Project Glass


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Apple take down Google and Samsung in the patent war

g-nex-banned-in-usIn a stunning decision late Friday, Android (and especially Samsung) has been dealt a potentially serious blow by the on-going patent wars with Apple. US District Court Judge Lucy Koh rendered a decision in favour of Apple’s injunction to block sales of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus in the United States. The patent at issue has to deal with database mining capabilities in Apple’s Siri voice assistant. Here is a quote from the Judge’s ruling,

"Apple has shown that the ‘604 Patented feature is core to Siri’s functionality. Accordingly, the court finds that Apple has adequately established the requisite causal nexus between Samsung’s alleged infringement of the ‘604 Patent and Apple’s risk of suffering irreparable harm. In sum, Apple has shown a likelihood of establishing both infringement and validity."

This is the second time this week that Judge Koh rendered a decision in favour of Apple’s injunctions versus Samsung. Earlier in the week, Judge Koh also ruled in favour of Apple’s injunction to stop sales of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the United States. In that case, Apple already posted a $2.6 Million Dollar bond to block sales of the Galaxy Tab 10.1. This is done to pay for legal costs and potential damages in case Apple’s injunction loses on appeal.
In this patent infringement case against the Galaxy Nexus, Apple must post a $95.6 Million dollar bond before the phone is blocked for sale in the United States. That will likely happen sometime early next week.
Here is a quote from the Yahoo article detailing responses from both Google and Samsung,

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Nexus 10 anyone?

google-nexus-10-tablet-front-content-mockupRumour has it Google may be looking at making new a 10-Inch tablet in the near future. DigiTimes recently reported that Google is already prepping a Nexus 10, a name for namesake, and their partners, Wintek and AU Optronics, will supply the display panels. These panels will supposedly be made of the same OGS (One Glass Solution) material that is in the brand new Nexus 7 tablet. Here’s a quote with some details,


Google also reportedly plans to launch a 10-inch tablet with touch panels to come from AU Optronics (AUO) and Wintek, making Wintek the largest touch panel supplier for Google, said the sources.
Wintek has been shipping OGS touch panels to a number of clients, and expects OGS to become mainstream in 2013, said company chairman Hyley Huang, estimating that 26.5 million notebooks are expected to adopt touch panels in 2013.

Although, these are the same manufacturers that are making the display for the brand new Nexus 7 tablet, just about anything quoted from DigiTimes should be taken with a pinch of salt. These reports could simply be hopes and dreams on the part of the manufacturers. 
Of course, if the Nexus 7 is a huge hit, as many market analysts are predicting, then Google may shift gears and try to compete more directly against the iPad. If they can get enough brand-trust built up, they may be able to start taking a large slice of Apple’s tablet market.


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Samsung announce the WB100 camera


Today Samsung announced the WB100, the latest addition to the prestigious WB series, known for delivering superior image quality in compact form. The WB100 is perfect for shooting dynamic images and capturing the smallest detail in stunning 16MP clarity.

The WB100 is the perfect travel companion, ideally designed to capture everything from the up-close detail of inspiring architecture, to impressive landscapes and scenery. The 26x Optical High Zoom lens and 22.3mm ultra wide-angle lens ensure flawless detail, while shaky shots are instantly altered with the Dual Image Stabilisation (OIS + DIS) function. With 720/30pHD video recording, users can enjoy high-quality playback on the latest high-definition displays, whilst 3D photo capture and Live Panorama Mode bring 3D images and panoramic views to life.

Not only does the WB100 deliver superior quality images but it is also easy to use. Its easily-navigated menu screen makes it a versatile camera, designed to capture clear and beautiful photos with ease. Available in Black or Red, it is a stylish camera with a range of creative features including Smart Filter and Magic Frame, designed to enhance image quality along with the shooting experience. The soft hand grip combined with the metallic design gives it a sleek and seamless look. 

Combining high image performance, creative functionality and style, the WB100 is the ideal camera for those looking to capture their world in perfect detail.

Full spec below:

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Parrot announce the MINIKIT Neo


Here’s something to look forward to. Parrot have today announced the MINIKIT Neo which will be available in September. The company are renowned for creating superb quality hands-free solutions and it looks like they have stepped things up again with the Neo as it comes with some new fantastic features.

For starters it will use voice commands to manage phone calls, e-mails and sms. In addition it comes with its own smartphone application bringing even more features to the table.

You can check out the full press release from parrot below:

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