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Vote in the BlackBerry EMEA Innovation Awards


As a part of the annual BlackBerry EMEA Alliance Summit, the event that RIM hold for Alliance Program members (developers and other partners that work with the BlackBerry platform) taking place on 30th Nov – 1st Dec, they will announce the winners of the BlackBerry EMEA Innovation Awards, taking the opportunity to celebrate the work done by RIM’s partner community and highlight innovative ways BlackBerry customers use their solutions.

The EMEA Innovation Awards 2011 consists of seven categories across both Consumer and Enterprise Solutions for BlackBerry. New for this year is the People’s Choice Award, a special category where the winner is chosen by BlackBerry fans across EMEA.

In support of recent launches, a shortlist of five apps has been chosen to highlight BBM Connected and BlackBerry OS 7 compatible features. In promoting these elements of the BlackBerry platform we hope to encourage our partner and developer community to find innovative ways to incorporate them in future apps.

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Samsung Galaxy Nexus unboxing video

Samsung-Galaxy-Nexus This could quite easily be the most anticipated smartphone of the year. Just looking at the specification of the new Samsung Galaxy Nexus is enough to get the blood pumping.

This new Galaxy Nexus is the third in the lineage of handsets to have the Nexus name and follows the Nexus One, made by HTC, and the Nexus S from Samsung.

In terms of specification the Galaxy Nexus is definitely at the top end of the market. Not only have we got a 1.2GHz dual-core CPU but also 1GB RAM and 16GB ROM. Perhaps the most stand-out features though are the Screen and the OS. The screen is nothing short of awesome thanks to the Super AMOLED technology and the 720×1280 HD resolution display. This is also the first phone to have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Check out my unboxing and demo video below. I’ve given you just a taster of the new OS and user interface here but will cover it in much more detail when I get to the full review.


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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 145: Knee knocking Nexus

Web bannerIt’s just Gareth and Matt this week for a fun filled show. The Motorola Pro + gets reviewed, Matt has a look at the HTC Sensation and the Galaxy Nexus is unveiled. Gareth finally gets his hands on the Huawei Ideos S7 Slim after about a year of waiting!

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Kasabian vs Darren Bent in real life Xperia PLAY football match

Darren Celebrating (Medium)

Sony Ericsson in partnership with culture brand Umbro and Kasabian bring together front-man Tom Meighan and England star Darren Bent to play against each other in the first ever, real life video game football match.

To celebrate Sony Ericsson’s ever-growing catalogue of football games, the new viral Kasabian Football Gaming Live sees the gaming world collide with reality.

Tom and Darren took two five-a-side football teams to a real life pitch, controlled by wireless headsets and specially programmed Xperia PLAY smartphones to move the players around.

Never before has a live match been played like this. Sony Ericsson transformed the smartphones to have the ability to command the players to strike, tackle, cross, dribble, slide, pass – just like in the video game, but with real-life footballers.

You can see a video of the match below:

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Motorola Pro+ Review

FrontMotorola launched the original Motorola Pro in February of this year. It wasn’t hugely successful. Specs were not great, the screen was simply HVGA and the keyboard lacked the finesse of it’s Blackberry rivals.

Perhaps it’s no surprise, then, that Motorola should come up with the successor to the Pro, the Pro+, so quickly after the release of it’s predecessor. The Pro+ has a similar form factor but a more refined design that the Pro, sleeker lines and more curves. The CPU clocks at 1Ghz and it benchmarks favourably against other handsets with the same CPU. The screen size has increased and fortunately, so has the resolution which is now up to 480×640 or portrait VGA. Let’s see how this phone compares to the other physical keyboarded phones with touchscreens out there!


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Sony Ericsson announces

vscreensblogs Sony Ericsson have just launched their vscreens Android app which allows Xperia owners to share images and presentations to other internet enabled devices using a cloud service.

Details from Sony Ericsson:

Recently, we tried a service from Sony Ericsson that makes showing images and presentations really easy from your Xperia:, a cloud service that allows you to make any big screen with a browser, like a PC, Google TV, PlayStation3 or Internet enabled screens,  display your content within seconds

With, you only need to download the app from Android Market, then set your browser on the big screen to and hold your phone up  so the app reads the QRcode in the screen, and that’s it! You can start showing off the great pictures you took on your latest trips to your friends and family, without the need of cables, bluetooth pairing or setting up things like  DNLA or SMB servers.

The service works with any device with Android 2.1 and higher versions, so you can use your Xperia phone or any other phone or device with Android.

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Super funky stand type cover thing for Asus Transformer Prime

asus-smart-cover-eeepad-1Here is an excellent accessory that was revealed for the up-coming Asus Transformer Prime. It’s a magnetic folding cover, similar to the one for the Apple iPad, but it looks vastly improved and far more impressive. In fact, its design looks inspired by the art of origami, although much simpler to operate. Although there is no word on when this accessory will ship, (just as we aren’t sure about the Transformer Prime either), you can already order the origami like add-on on for EUR 39.99.
There is no word on whether a version will come to the States, but perhaps that might eventually happen.

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Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim unboxing video

ideos-s7-slim110215174620 We first heard about the Huawei IDEOS S7 Slim way back in February when Gareth was treated to a sneaky demo in Barcelona. Ever since the event we’ve had promises of a review unit but we’ve only just been able to get hold of one some 9 months after our first hands-on.

The S7 Slim builds upon its bigger brother, the S7, in terms of spec. You may recall our IDEOS S7 review from almost a year ago. We concluded that the S7 was a decent, inexpensive alternative to many of the more pricy tablets out there and more refined than the raft of sub £100 tablets hitting the market.

Currently the S7 Slim is shipping with Android 2.2 Froyo, hopefully an update soon will take it to Gingerbread also.


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HTC Sensation XL unboxing video

HTC-Sensation-XL-Contract-Deals This week we have another HTC handset in for review, and it’s another with the Sensation name on it. This time it’s the Sensation XL’s turn to be put though the the tracyandmatt boot-camp.

As I mentioned last week, HTC have used the Sensation name on a number of handsets recently and this one, as the XL suffix suggests, is the largest of them all and is in fact one of the largest handsets that HTC have produced. You may argue that the XL really is one of those handsets that bridges between phone and tablet.

The XL screen is 4.7″ which will be great for web browsing and video watching but it’s a shame that HTC couldn’t make it qHD as it is WVGA instead. A 4.7″ qHD screen would have been great.

Performance is pretty good as you’ll see from the benchmark score in the unboxing and demo video below. Looking forward to the review of this one! 🙂


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BlackBerry Curve 9380 hands on video


Announced earlier this week the BlackBerry Curve 9380 is the first touch screen Curve to grace us with its presence.  While not having a hardware keyboard this new Curve will appeal to many.

Running BlackBerry 7 and all the usual features you would expect such as a 5 megapixel camera, NFC, GPS and a 3.5 mm headset jack, the Curve 9380 seems to do most things pretty well.

If you are after a touch screen device which is great for viewing photos, watching video and playing music, along with the bonus of push email and BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) the Curve may be right up your street.

You can see our hands on video below where we run through the hardware and software and of course you can expect a full review to come in the next couple of weeks.


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