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Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play unboxing video

Play-Angled Rumours of a Playstation phone have been circulating for months so it wasn’t too much of a surprise when Sony Ericsson officially announced the XPERIA Play last month at MWC.

The Android-powered Play has a large capacitive touchscreen display which, at 4″, is going to be great for both gaming and video play back. There’s also a 1GHz Snapdragon to keep the game play fluid.

Of course the real trick up the sleeve is the sliding screen. Whereas on other handsets you might expect to see a hardware QWERTY keyboard under the display, the XPERIA Play as a Playstation-style control pad complete with two analogue controls.

In the video below you can see my unbox the play before taking a tour around a few bits of the OS and UI and then having a stab at a couple of the pre-installed Playstation games. I think we are the first to have our hands on a fully boxed XPERIA Play too!

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Sony Ericsson X10 to get Gingerbread

sony_ericsson_xpera_10On the Sony Ericsson blog Rikard Skogberg has announced he work on a planned upgrade for the Xperia X10 to Android 2.2.3, Gingerbread. Great news, as last we spoke to Sony Ericsson about the X10 there was no comments, I guess they must have been thinking about it and could say for definite, No. The downside is that Rikard also outlines that there will be no upgrade plans for the X10 Mini, Mini Pro or X8. Bit of a shame. obviously they have been working on 2.3.3 for the new line of phones and realised they could retro-fit the X10. Nice to see. Check after the break for the whole blog entry from Rikard:


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HTC Desire S unboxing video

DesireS Announced just last month at MWC in Barcelona, the HTC Desire S is a continuation of the Desire bloodline that started just last year. During that year we’ve seen the Desire Z and Desire HD join the ranks and each has seen a fair degree of interest.

So what’s different about the Desire S? Well it’s pretty similar to the Desire, similar size and same 3.7″ screen. However the Desire S has a forward facing camera and better main camera and more memory. The main difference though is the aluminium unibody design. This is something we first saw on the HTC Legend last year. The whole of the Desire S body, excluding the screen and battery door, is made from a single machined piece of aluminium.

You can see the unboxing video below followed by the full specification. One thing to note though, the at MWC the Desire S was said to be coming with Android 2.4 gingerbread, however, our review sample has 2.3. Not it could be that the final retail will have 2.4 but we’ll be reviewing on 2.3

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 112: I like the iPad too

Web bannerJames and Matt get together for a little bit of mobile chit chat over a manly beer and girly cider. Having spent the regular recording night at RIM filming an upcoming blockbuster this podcast comes a day later than normal. This week, Matt gets his iPad 2 and James takes a look at the new Pro HTC Windows Phone 7 Phone, the HTC 7 Pro Windows phone running Windows Phone 7.

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Regulars – James and Matt and Tracy

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Apple iPad 2 unboxing video

ipad2unbox Unless you have been living in a cave for the past week you’ll know that the iPad 2 went on sale in another 25 countries yesterday, including the UK. It you’ve been following us on twitter you may have seen our tweets from yesterday where Tracy and I were waiting in line for just over 4 hours to collect our iPad 2’s from the Cambridge Apple shop.

I have to say that the staff at the shop were absolutely amazing. Apple have done a few of these events now and know ho to look after the crowds so a big thanks to everyone from the Cambridge Apple shop for looking after us.

So we returned home last night and I decided to record a quick iPad 2 unboxing video for you. I appreciate that there will be dozens of these videos heading to YouTube but as we unbox almost everything else I figured it would be rude to ignore the iPad 2!

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BlackBerry PlayBook to support Android applications

blackberry-playbook4RIM’s upcoming tablet runs a new QNX based operating system which looks promising, but the initial lack of apps is a concern. For RIM, they’ve taken the measure to alleviate it by supporting Android apps as well as BlackBerry Java apps. This means Android’s 200, 000 apps (and counting) could be available on the PlayBook.

There are a few catches though – the apps have to be ported over (apparently very quick and easy) and you’ll have to run them through an “app player” first. In the PR, only Android 2.3 applications are mentioned, but even so we’re looking at a plethora of Android apps that will be available on the PlayBook at launch. Great news for those waiting for the PlayBook.

Click through for the full press release.


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Huawei U8800 (IDEOS X5) unboxed again

U8800-mainLate last year I managed to get my hands on a pre-release version of the Huawei U8800 aka IDEOS X5. As is often the case with these early or pre-release handsets the U8800 we looked at in November had a few software issues which you may have noticed in the original unboxing video I recorded. In fact this is one of the reasons why we very rarely do a full review of pre-release hardware as they sometimes exhibit these oddities.

So a few months on I’ve now been able to get hold of the retail version of the U8800. The official name has now changed to IDEOS X5, probably to capitalise on using the name of the earlier IDEOS released last year.

There seems to be no change in the hardware but software changes are certainly evident and the problems I had with WiFi are certainly long gone.

We’ll have a full review for you soon but for now you can see the retail unboxing video below.

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iPad 2 day!

step0-ipad-gallery-image4 Today is iPad 2 day here in the UK and in 24 other countries throughout the world. Our friends across the pond have had theirs for a few weeks already and for me the excitement has been building as I have seen the positive reports come in from users in the US.

The Apple Store was updated during the early hours of this morning so you can order an iPad 2 online from today. This includes free delivery and engraving. Not sure what the delivery times are yet.

For those of you that cant wait any longer to get your hands on the iPad 2 you can go along to your local Apple shop and wait in line from 5PM today. Not sure what the queues will be like or how many each store will have but we’ll be reporting back when we find out. Tracy and I will be at the Cambridge store later today.

Hands up who’s queuing?


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BlackBerry OS 6.1 to be a major overhaul, arriving this Spring

9800-mainRIM have let us know that the inevitable update to BlackBerry’s OS 6 will be coming this Spring, and a sneak preview of what’s coming will be shown off at BlackBerry World in May. Perhaps even more exciting than an imminent  update is that RIM are calling it a ‘major upgrade’ over what OS 6.0 currently offers on the Torch 9800 and Bold 9780. Some may have dismissed OS 6 already, but for those of us who do use it, we all know there certainly are things that can be improved.

That’s more or less what we know at the moment, but hopefully we can share RIM’s excitement when this rolls out – stay tuned!


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Pre order the Motorola XOOM


Looking to get the Motorola XOOM? Well if so you now head on over to Currys, Carphone Warehouse or PC World and get your pre order in now.

The XOOM is priced from £499.99 for 32GB model.


· First to market with Google’s Android tablet specific software – Honeycomb 3.0

· A super-fast dual-core 1 GHz processor which is twice as speedy as any tablet currently on the market

· Adobe Flash Player 10.1 providing unrestricted access to Flash sites, videos and games

· Access to most of the whopping 150,000 apps available through the Android Marketplace, with more tablet specific apps being added everyday

· HD display – rendering movies in 16:9 format

· Tabbed browsing, bookmark sync, and more for a desktop-like web experience

· 5MP rear-facing camera with dual LED flash that captures video in HD

· 1GB of DDR2 RAM memory


If you missed our demo video with the Motorola XOOM you can view it here.


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