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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 112: I like the iPad too

Web bannerJames and Matt get together for a little bit of mobile chit chat over a manly beer and girly cider. Having spent the regular recording night at RIM filming an upcoming blockbuster this podcast comes a day later than normal. This week, Matt gets his iPad 2 and James takes a look at the new Pro HTC Windows Phone 7 Phone, the HTC 7 Pro Windows phone running Windows Phone 7.

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Regulars – James and Matt and Tracy

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Apple iPad 2 unboxing video

ipad2unbox Unless you have been living in a cave for the past week you’ll know that the iPad 2 went on sale in another 25 countries yesterday, including the UK. It you’ve been following us on twitter you may have seen our tweets from yesterday where Tracy and I were waiting in line for just over 4 hours to collect our iPad 2’s from the Cambridge Apple shop.

I have to say that the staff at the shop were absolutely amazing. Apple have done a few of these events now and know ho to look after the crowds so a big thanks to everyone from the Cambridge Apple shop for looking after us.

So we returned home last night and I decided to record a quick iPad 2 unboxing video for you. I appreciate that there will be dozens of these videos heading to YouTube but as we unbox almost everything else I figured it would be rude to ignore the iPad 2!

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BlackBerry PlayBook to support Android applications

blackberry-playbook4RIM’s upcoming tablet runs a new QNX based operating system which looks promising, but the initial lack of apps is a concern. For RIM, they’ve taken the measure to alleviate it by supporting Android apps as well as BlackBerry Java apps. This means Android’s 200, 000 apps (and counting) could be available on the PlayBook.

There are a few catches though – the apps have to be ported over (apparently very quick and easy) and you’ll have to run them through an “app player” first. In the PR, only Android 2.3 applications are mentioned, but even so we’re looking at a plethora of Android apps that will be available on the PlayBook at launch. Great news for those waiting for the PlayBook.

Click through for the full press release.


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