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Enable multitasking gestures on iOS 4.3 for iPad

icon_ipsw There are hundreds of sites with a tutorial on how to enable the new multitasking gesture features on the iPad with iOS 4.3 Beta 1/2 but almost all of the ones I came across are either incomplete, inaccurate or downright wrong. I assume that someone posted a tutorial on day one and the rest of the web did a simple copy/paste for their own how-to.

It is actually a very simple process:


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Sony’s Qriocity cloud based music service makes debut

qriocity Sony has just launched its online, cloud-based, digital music service and it makes it debut in Germany, Tokyo, France and Italy.

We first saw Qriocity back in December here in the UK and we all but ignored it initially. However looking at it again recently it does look like it could blossom in to a decent service with the ability to play music from your account on many other Sony systems such as BluRay players, BRAVIA TV’s and the PS3 to name a few.

Although it’s not a free service, 3.99 a month for basic and 9.99 for premium, Sony are hoping that it will rival iTunes and looking at the imagery and feel of the website there certainly or a resemblance there.

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Ringtone Remix for BlackBerry – Video

RingTone Remix 20101219at9.53.43PM

Ever wanted just a particular section of a music track as your ringtone? Maybe the chorus or a guitar riff? Well if you use a BlackBerry you can do just that by using Ringtone Remix. The application will allow you to select any part of a music track and use it as your ring tone. The length is up to you. It can be two seconds or 2 minutes.

As you will see in the demo video, achieving the remix is pretty straight forward and a quick process. Using the application for the first time can be a little frustrating as the controls are rather sensitive but be patient, you will adjust.

The application will not be up everybody’s street and I didn’t think it would be up mine but for the last week I have had a remix as my ringtone and it’s here to stay!

Ringtone Remix can be found in BlackBerry App World. Either search on your BlackBerry or click here if on a PC/Mac.

Check out the video after the break:

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Apple’s App Store Gets to 10 Billion App Downloads!

app-store-10b Today is a day that will go down in history. The App store has reached 10 Billion downloads! This is more apps downloaded than people on this earth! Congratulations Apple, but what is next? 20 Billion? 50 Billion? 100 Billion? I hope we can get a bit of rest before you smash through those barriers.

The person who downloaded the 10 Billionth app will win a $10,000 iTunes voucher but we still have to wait to find out who it is, maybe it will be you. Personally, if won I would sell the voucher for $9,000 cash and go crazy in the actual Apple store. Probably won’t but who knows…


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