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Are Dragons tougher than Gorillas?

gorilla glass vs dragontrail By now, most of us have heard of Gorilla Glass, the tough glass that’s to be found on a variety of portably devices now, notably the Dell Streak. Certainly the benefits of Gorilla Glass are widely acclaimed with numerous demonstrations of its properties on YouTube where the brave tackle screens with keys, scissors and even knives. No damage evident.

However, there’s new contender out there. One of Japan’s largest glass manufacturers has been showing off a new glass designed for mobile devices that is claimed to be considerably tougher and stronger than conventional glass and even better than Gorilla Glass.

Asahi Glass said its ‘Dragontrail’ glass is about six times as tough as typical chemically-treated soda lime glass and should be better suited to the rough-and-tumble life to which portable gadgets are subjected.

Gorilla Glass vs Dragontrail

At a recent press conference in Tokyo reporters were invited try it from themselves and try scratching the glass with their keys. Despite the enthusiastic efforts of those that tried, the screen remained undamaged even after it was dropped it remained un broken. (Watch the video on YouTube.)

The company also showed videos of tests it had done on the glass. It bent but didn’t break under 60kgs of weight and resisted the shock of a hammer strike in the videos.

The glass will go up against Corning’s Gorilla glass, which boasts similar properties and has proved a hit with portable gadget makers. It’s already used in more than 225 mobile devices including cell phones, laptop and tablet PCs, and was recently selected by Sony for the front glass for its flat-panel LCD TVs, said Corning.

Asahi Glass has been developing Dragontrail for the last two years and the company has already begun supplying it to some electronics makers, but delayed its disclosure until Thursday. It declined to identify its customers.

It will certainly be interesting to see how the two shape up when the go head-to-head, I’m hoping that the glass starts the become more common place and on larger products, glass is far easier to clean and look after than plastic!

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Woman Sues Mall after CCTV captures her falling in fountain

image7264994g Ok this isn’t the kind of story you would normally get from us but when I saw this on CBS News it made ma laugh so much I had to share!

The woman was walking through the mall where she works texting on her phone as she went, not looking where she was going falls head first in to one of the mall fountains. This was all captured from more than one CCTV camera and the security guards monitoring found it so funny that they decided to post the video online.

Now the woman as come forward and is threatening to sue the mall as she claims that the security folks should have come to her rescue more rapidly and should also not have released the video. Not sure why she feels that the mall is negligent for her own daft mistake but what makes this story funnier, I think, is that no one even knew who the wamon in the video was until she came forward and now she is claiming that she is embarrassed! LOL

Video after the break.

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HTC Smartphone profits rises 160%

HTC Peter

HTC, the Taiwanese smartphone maker that has emerged as a major rival to Apple’s iPhone, saw net profits rise 160% during the October to December quarter compared with a year earlier.

HTC was the first smartphone maker to use Google’s Android operating system.

Net profits rose to New Taiwan dollars 14.59bn ($500m; £315m) on the back of NT$104bn sales.

The company sold 24.6 million phones last year, more than double the 2009 figure.

Growth is expected to remain rapid this year, with the company predicting some 8.5 million handsets to be sold during the January to March quarter this year.

The company will also start making tablet computers to challenge Apple’s iPad.

"It’s a new market with many competitors, and we don’t want to rush into it," Peter Chou, HTC chief executive, said.

"We hope the product we eventually unveil will be one that meets consumers’ needs."



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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 103: Dinner for two

Web bannerGareth, Matt, Tracy and James get together for a chat about an upcoming Samsung, HTC’s two new phones and a wealth of Blackberry offerings. Gareth reviews his Galaxy Tab, James reveals some rather special news, Matt analysis’ some iPad rumours and Tracy gets some results from Best Buy.

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