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RIM demonstrate media on the PlayBook


Research in Motion have released another video demonstrating the capabilities of the forthcoming BlackBerry Playbook. This video concentrates on media and shows you how smoothly the device handles Flash and HTML5 based sites.

As you will see, using Facebook is a wonderful experience using the PlayBook as you can play games without leaving the site and therefore still being able to chat with your online friends.

See the video after the break and please let us know what you think in the forum.

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Future Android Tablets… from the future

tabletsWith Christmas over Google have managed to push their 2.3 Nexus S out the door, with specs not as high as one was expecting brings us to the point were we can examine the future of Android. Whilst many will no doubt be a little disappointed at the specs of the Nexus S it has brought hope to this happy blogger. Nexus S will get Android 3.0, without a doubt. Therefore Android 3.0 will not require as much in the was of hardware as some had believed. The likelihood of getting an upgrade to 2.3 and 3.0 for a current device has never looked brighter, depending on your manufacturer of course.

However, you might have held off buying an Android flavoured tablet and if so then read on to see what will be coming in the next few months.


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Samsung sells 10 million Galaxy S phones worldwide

galaxys-main_2The Galaxy S has only been available for around 7 months (since June 2010) yet the superphone with the mammoth spec sheet has reached a global sales total of 10 million. Us Europeans contributed to roughly a quarter of those, with the USA topping it at 4 million. Samsung did set itself a target of 10 million, which has been reached (according to Samsung Electronics) at an average speed of one sold every two seconds!

If you’ve forgotten, the Galaxy S does have a few variants across the globe, but they all share the same basic features like the 4 inch Super AMOLED display and a super speedy 1GHz processor – you can click here to read our views on it.


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