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Skype to offer video calling on iPhone, iPod and iPad

skype News just in regarding the new version of Skype that is rumoured to be announced at CES on the 6th January. News via QuickPWN.

Unfortunately for Skype, someone ruined part of their announcements by finding a webpage on Skype which details some products that will get video calling. If you went to this link earlier (now down) you would of seen the following:

To make video calls with your contacts, you will need an iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, 3rd generation iPod touch, 4th generation iPod touch or an iPad. Your contacts will only be able to see you if your device has a camera. Make sure your device is running iOS 4.0 or above and that you are using Skype for iPhone 3.0 or above.

The contacts you are calling must be using one of the following Skype clients:

  • Skype for Windows version 4.2 and above
  • Skype for Mac OS X version 2.8 and above
  • Skype for iPhone 3.0 and above


I’m looking forward to checking this out on the new year!


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Angry Birds for iOS gets an update – 15 new levels


Angry Birds for iOS has received an update in the last few days bringing not only 15 new levels but also a few new features. A new golden egg is now available but more interesting is the ‘Mighty Eagle’. If you cant complete the level you can summon the Mighty Eagle to help. The downside here is that it will cost you 59 pence. I wasn’t very impressed with that but if you are desperate to kill those pigs it may solve your dilemma.

Check your updates do download these new additions.


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