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Get a BlackBerry Bold 9780 sim free this week


Devicewire have just dropped us a line to let us know that they expect the first batch of BlackBerry 9780s to arrive with them this week, Friday to be exact.

If you need one you had better get in quick as orders are already piling up and stock may be limited initially.

You can pre order by clicking here.

If you missed our review of the BlackBerry 9780 why not check it out now. It’s a jolly decent Smartphone!


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Samsung Continuum announced for the USA


Yesterday in the States Samsung held an event to announce a new Android device, the Samsung Continuum.

The strange and unique thing about the Continuum is that the screen is split into three sections. At the top we have what you would call the screen – 3.4 inch.  Below that is where you have the capacitive buttons and below that is what Samsung call a Ticker – 1.8-inch. The ticker is a strip of screen that will show you notifications such as email, RSS, news, weather, music controls etc.

There is no news if we will get a version of this here in Europe although I wouldn’t be surprised.

You can see the full specs and features of the Samsung Continuum after the break.


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James and Matt appear on the convertcast


Recently Matt and I were lucky enough to be asked onto another podcast, this one with our friends Alli Flowers and Jerry Gold from over there in the USA.

If you have not heard the convertcast before you really should check it out. Alli and Jerry are great people and extremely knowledgeable about most things tech. Alli’s site is where the convertcast is hosted but you can also find it on iTunes.

This week we talked about the following subjects:

  • The old Mac vs. PC debate. Jerry’s not the only one who’s been drinking deeply from the Kool-Aid
  • Blackberries, Blackberries, Blackberries
  • Where is RIM going?
  • Flash.Skyfire anyone?
  • Dead Folders Society – what’s in your folder?
  • Windows Phone 7 – where will the WP7 users come from, who will be the big loser?

Why not head on over and have a listed? You may well want to subscribe. It’s quite good you know!


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