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Phones4U boss gets robbed–feels like customer

_40999632_caudwellphone_webJohn Caudwell, Former Phones 4U boss, was left injured after masked robbers broke into his home and stole cash and jewellery. Caudwell received head injuries after Staffordshire home raided by masked robbers. On Monday (Nov 1) evening Caudwell, his partner Claire Johnson and a female member of staff were inside his Broughton Hall home when a number of men burst into the property, stealing cash and jewellery before escaping across neighbouring fields.

Caudwell was hit on the forehead with an iron bar during the robbery, according to Staffordshire Police, and sustained a one-inch gash. He also sustained some bruising to his arm.

If caught the police may sentence the men to a sentence to a contact of between 24 – 36 months on 3.

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HTC Desire HD Review

HTC Desire HD ReviewThe HTC Desire HD is possibly the biggest and best Android Smartphone we have seen to date here in the UK. Some will say that the Samsung Galaxy is better. The Galaxy may have a nicer screen but the difference in build quality between the two devices is like chalk and cheese. The desire HD oozes solidness unlike its rival.

With an 4.3 inch screen the Desire HD is the natural progression on from the HD2 which ran Windows Mobile. We also have the HTC HD7 out now running Windows Phone 7 but with its lack of customisation I think the Desire HD could be number one.

As we have been swamped by Android devices in the last 18 months I will try to focus on the unique and best features of the Desire HD. Frankly, doing the same screen shots on every new Android phone is getting on my nerves. However we are about to endeavor exactly the same issue with WP7. I need a holiday!


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Best Buy opening online store today

BB Best Buy, the consumer electronic giant in the US, are following up their successful UK store launches with the opening of their online store. Currently, they have opened six jumbo stores, including a few that have opened within the last few weeks. For 2011, Best Buy are planning to open a further five stores across the UK if all goes well. In fact, they are planning to have a total of 80 (yes, eighty!) megastores over the next five years, and hopefully give DSGi and the like a well needed kick up the backside and start being more competitive.

Judging by their brick and mortar store openings, we can probably expect the new site to be littered with crazy deals and offerings so be sure to check it out!


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