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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast 75: The One about the Celebs Matt and James

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Gareth, Matt, James and Andy are all present for a chat about the iPhone, a slew of Samung phones, Nokia’s woes, the Blackberry Pearl 3G 9105 and a load of other recent mobile news. Catch this between your teeth!

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Richardson, Diva Davis, "NON TECH ADDICT" Gareth and A-Team Andy

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iPhone 4 pricing – The story so far


Unless you have had your head in the sand you will know that the iPhone 4 is being released on the 24th. With all the UKs main networks, and also some smaller ones, selling the new phone the big question will be which one to buy from.

I have just stumbled upon a price comparison of the networks that have already released their prices and as you will see below it’s a pretty close call on who will offer the best value. We have still yet to see what T-Mobile, 3, Tesco and Virgin Mobile will charge but I cant imagine it being much different to the already announced prices, although I am sure that 3 will try and undercut.

So will the price determine who you go with or will you just stick with your current carrier? We would love to hear your thoughts over on the forum.

As soon as we get further prices we will be sure to let you know.

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Vodafone UK Customers: How’s your signal today?


You’ve probably seen the Vodafone network map or may have visited the network hub here to check out the Vodafone coverage in your area or learn more about the network.

Because Vodafone want to ensure you’re getting the best coverage, they have now created a real-time coverage map at so you can tell them what’s happening with your mobile signal, where you are, now.

There are two ways you can tell them:

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Iphone 4 tarrifs in one place


O2, Orange and Vodafone seem to have finalised their tarrifs for the iPhone 4. There isn’t too big of a difference between most models but when it comes to getting the phone free then things can get a little tricky. Thankfully the pricing models are similar enough that you can just pick from the network that gives you the best service!

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BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 Review

BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 Review-mainThe BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 is one of a few new BlackBerry smart phones we should see this year. The 9105 is pretty unique though. As far as I am aware this is the first BlackBerry with a traditional style keypad. Yes, three letters on each key.

It is however a spin off of the 9100 which also has just been released overseas but this one has two letters per key like we have seen before on BlackBerry Pearls.

It is only the 9105 we will see here in the UK and this is clearly to offer people using a feature phone the opportunity to upgrade to a BlackBerry without them having to use a full Qwerty keyboard which does put some people off.

Is the BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9105 a worthy contender up against all the other dozens of devices out there with a standard keyboard?

Read on to find out.

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iPhone 4 pre-order figures


iPhone 4 pre-order event has yielded a colossal number of units pre-sold: more than 600,000. To put that in perspective, the 3Gs sold one million units in three days of actual sales. Meanwhile, we’re still a week away from the iPhone 4’s first in-store sale day. AT&T have run out and there were no white iPhones were available for pre-orde

Kind of a scary amount, when combined with iPad sales if these keep up Apple will inherit the world. I do, however, believe the pricing of the iPhone 4 is a lot more attractive than it could have been. Given the level of hardware in there the 4th gen is a good value bundle.

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HTC Hero Android 2.1 upgrade news

htc-hero For those of you with the HTC Hero patiently waiting for the Android 2.1 Eclair upgrade we have some official news for you from HTC. HTC just released the following statement:

“Android Éclair update for HTC Hero will be released by the end of June. The upgrade will come in two parts, the first of which will roll out from this week and will be detected when the Hero next automatically checks for software updates. The second part of the update will follow towards the end of the month. As the second part of the upgrade will wipe all data on the handset, Hero users should ensure any important data has been backed up before proceeding with the installation. Due to the size of the update, wherever possible, we would advise using a WiFi connection for this download to avoid additional data charges.”

We’ll post more as we get it!


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