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South Africa on BlackBerry review


You may have heard that there is a football tournament that has just started in South Africa. It’s the one you football fans have been waiting for – the World Cup.

If you happen to be a BlackBerry user, and I know there are millions of you that are, you really should check out South Africa on BlackBerry.

I am not a football fan but after downloading the app from BlackBerry App World (for free) I am pretty amazed at how cool a football app can be.

The purpose of the app is to give you up to date access to the latest World Cup news and in typical BlackBerry fashion this application will notify you of certain events, goals etc.

Diving straight into the app you are immediately shown the matches that will be happening today. As you can see you have various tabs at the top of the app.

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BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3G unboxing video

9105 The BlackBerry Pearl is nothing new but the 3G version is and we have been lucky enough to get one prior to the device going on sale.

The 9105 also has a brother, the 9100. The 9100 has two letters per key, like we have seen before and the 9105 has three letters per key, more like a traditional feature phone.

The 9105 is the only version we will see here in the UK and I think it’s a wise choice.

What the BlackBerry 9105 Pearl 3G will offer people is smartphone features and the full BlackBerry experience but still with a keypad that people are used to. I often speak with people about BlackBerry smartphones and many of them say "oh, I couldn’t use that keyboard.  It’s way to complicated".

Well the solution is now here. Check out the video below. It may be just what you are looking for.


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