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A look at a couple of iPad cases

I have received a couple of nice iPad cases from Gear Zap and wanted to do a short post about them, the first one is a silicon case:-


This silicone case for the iPad is an excellent value solution for protecting your Apple iPad from scratches and light bumps. The silicone case is specifically moulded to fit the iPad perfectly, while there are cut-outs for buttons and connection points, allowing you to leave the iPad protected at all times.

It really is a nice slim fitting case although it does lack any protection for the screen.

The second case is a Pixel Plus Sleeve which is my favourite as it offers great protection all around the ipad and is ideal for transporting it around.

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O2 change data tariffs


Those cheeky folks at O2 are altering their data tariffs as from June the 24th which coincidently is iPhone 4 day.

Buy a phone on O2 today and you still get unlimited data although it will be a promotional data plan but that will only last until October when the plan expires.

So as from the 24th, the amount of data you are entitled to depends on how much you spend. Lower price tariffs will get 500mb then increasing to 750mb and then 1gb for top spenders.

Don’t worry if you think you will go over your allowance. O2 are happy to take some more cash from you in the form of a bolt on. £5 gets you 500mb and £10 gets you 1gb. How jolly generous of them!

You can see examples of the current plans below on a 24 month contract.

What will be interesting to see is if the other carriers start moving the goal posts.

Nice work O2!


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Clove World Cup Competition


Clove have put together this competition for the World Cup. All you have to do is answer a simple question and the winning entry gets a free 8GB iPod Nano (4th Generation). Closing date for entry is Wednesday 16th June.

Enter the competition here

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O2 introduces new mobile data pricing model


O2 today announced plans for data pricing for new and upgrading mobile customers which gives customers a more transparent pricing model tied to usage.
CEO Ronan Dunne said: “We know that customers are looking for clarity in pricing as too many offers have clauses and catches which are not easy to understand. With the wide range of Internet based services now available on mobile devices we’re providing customers with generous clear data bundles that give customers freedom. This enables us to provide a better overall experience for the vast majority of customers and to better manage demand.”
Based on current usage patterns, 97% of O2 smartphone customers would not need to buy additional data allowances, as the lowest bundle (500MB) provides at least 2.5 times the average O2 customer’s current use.
From 24 June, O2 will introduce three inclusive data bundles for new and upgrading smartphone customers.

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Three UK will launch iPhone 4

3 logo

It looks like everyone is jumping on the iPhone 4 bandwagon. Three have announced they will be stocking the iPhone 4 from June 24th. You can visit the three iPhone page to keep up to speed on the latest news.

I bet our friends in the USA will be jealous of us. At present they can only get the iPhone on AT&T which some people say do not offer a great service. Lucky for us we don’t have this restriction now. So far, as well as Three we have Orange, T-Mobile, o2 and Vodafone set to launch iPhone 4 all on the 24th.

Let the price wars commence!

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iPhone 4 upgrade details for O2

o2Those who want to avail of this offer will simply have to pay a flat rate of £20 for each of the remaining months left in their contract regardless of what their currently paying at the moment. So what does ya be thinking of that? Frankly I imagine it might have been much worse and could have been better. My partner has 8 months left so she would have to pay an extra £180 to upgrade now, for essentially being half way through a contract that’s pretty good.

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