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Gifting Apps – a New Promotional Tool for Developers?

By now the only way for bloggers like us to get app for testing was to get promo code for iTunes USA. Recently Apple enabled gifting of apps – so that you or anybody can give you an app as gift… but this can be also used for developers to give us, bloggers, apps for testing also if you we don’t have iTunes USA account!

Interestingly gifting cannot influence ranking of apps:

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Orange is offering a range of new price plans

OrangeLondon, 29th March 2010: In a move to help customers get the most out of their mobile phones, Orange is offering a range of new price plans to make multimedia services such as email, Orange Maps and the mobile internet more accessible and even better value for money from 1st April.

There has been huge growth in mobile internet usage with more and more customers realising the great services that are available on their phone, such as access to social networking sites, with Orange seeing on average nearly 1,900,000 unique users using these per month. 

To meet this demand, Orange is introducing re-vitalised packages, with a range of multimedia services now included on Dolphin and Panther tariffs. New and upgrading customers will also be offered the chance to experience a free 30 day trial of one of Orange’s entertaining mobile services. 

The changes include:-

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HTC Desire review

HTC Desire review Ever since I first saw the HTC Desire, a week before MWC, I’ve been thinking that it could well be the handset that I’d use on a daily basis. Indeed there has been some discussion here at tracyandmatt about who will be doing the review. However, as I was the one to review the Nexus One I’ve pulled rank and it’ll be mine to review!

I’m sure that many will look at the HTC Desire and think of it as being simply HTC’s own version of the Google Nexus One and I guess in some respects that could be a fair assessment but is it as simple as that? There are a few differences under the hood and plenty within the user interface that make the HTC Desire look and feel quite different. We’ll talk about those differences as we go but probably the main differences are the optical trackpad and buttons on the Desire where the Nexus One has a trackball, single mic on the Desire vs the dual noise-cancelling mics on the Nexus One and finally HTC’s own sense UI on the Desire where there is a more ‘vanilla’ Android experience on the Nexus One.

So does the HTC Desire meet expectations? Read on to find out… (a word of caution, there are a LOT of images but you can click on any one for a full-sized view.)

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