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Jackass Face for iPhone released

What are you looking at, you ass face? You uggo, you!

You see what we mean? Instead of abusing somebody verbally why not to put his/her face on a donkey and propagate this artwork all over Internet?

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Vodafone get HTC Legend exclusive?

leg v

Well that’s a turn up for the books. It looks like the only network you will be able to buy the HTC Legend on will be Vodafone!

I posted over the weekend that Vodafone had a sweet selection of devices coming soon and it would appear that the Legend is not being shared with the other UK carriers. That’s too bad if you ask me as the Legend is an awesome device and one that I believe will sell like hot cakes.

Such a shame that many people will now miss out if they are not willing to switch to Vodafone.

If you did not see our HTC Legend review please do so. It’s a good read, even if I do say so myself 🙂


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Screenshots of BIS 3.0

bd2 An interesting email dropped in to my inbox this morning. We’ve all been hearing about the new version of BIS that’s coming but few have actually seen it yet. The email had a few images attached to it (below) and they are apparently of the new BIS 3.0 admin pages.

The email is from one of our readers calling himself the BlackBerry Master and was sent through an anonymous email account. Whoever you are BlackBerry Master thanks for sending these to us to share with our readers, I hope there will be more to follow!


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Nokia N97 Mini Review

Nokia-N97-mini James reviewed the original N97 back in July last year (you can view the review here). It seemed in general to be quite a nice phone, Nokia’s best so far. I read a few other reviews of the N97 and I was surprised to see that the opinions were very mixed.

It has been pretty difficult to get our hands on this little(ish) handset. Over the past few months there have been many rumours about its withdrawal from sale by some carriers (Orange?) which has, perhaps, only fuelled many peoples desire to own one.

So at last I’ve been given the Nokia N97 Mini to review. It will be interesting to see if this scaled down version has any improvements over its bigger brother and if any of the early reports of stability and performance issues have been ironed out.

Let’s find out…


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