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Trouble unlocking the 3GS



Unlockers are finding iPhone 3G S models manufactured this year over-ride their software hacks when re-booted. New models with the latest version 3.1 3software update return to their original set up when they are re-booted after being switched off, removal of the SIM or the battery dies.

Some unlockers have been supplying customers with a PC program to enable them to ‘jump-start’ their 3G S when this occurs by connecting the device via a USB cable and unlocking it again themselves within a minute.

One said: “This has been problematic for us and it’s been frustrating not being able to overcome this. We’re continuing to look for a good commercial solution for this and there are rumours on forums that one may come to light soon, so it looks promising.”

Another unlocker said: “There’s no solution for this and with the availability of the 3G S now a lot wider due to Orange and Vodafone now selling it, more of the newer devices are getting out there. It’s therefore becoming a real problem. The various software houses will be working on this so hopefully there will be a solution for this soon.”

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INQ Chat 3G unboxing video

inq-chat The INQ brand isn’t particularly well known at the moment, sure there have been a few handset from INQ, all of which have been exclusive to the 3 network here in the UK I believe, but they seem to have a fairly small following.

We reviewed the INQ1 last year and we felt that although it was far from being the most sophisticated phone it offered good social networking integration social with Facebook, Windows Live Messenger and Skype being pre-installed. This on top of the excellent data bundles that 3 were offering at the time, £10 per month for ‘unlimited data’ meant that it was a phone worth considering.

The INQ Chat 3G aims to expand upon what the INQ1 had to offer with a QWERTY keyboard, larger display and 3G connectivity. There are also some new pre-installed apps such as Twitter, to further enhance this handsets social appeal.

We’ll be reviewing the INQ Chat 3G over the next week and will have the review live for you soon. You can see the handset in bit more detail in the unboxing video below.


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Top Smartphone Platforms

bb apple

I found an interesting chart on the internet today showing the Smartphone market share for the last quarter in the USA.

As you will see it was good news for BlackBerry and iPhones and even better news for Google Android (which had the biggest percentage growth).

However things are not looking good for both Windows Mobile and Palm. Both companies had a big decrease in market share. Microsoft will clearly be able to turn that around later this year with the release of Windows Phone 7 Series but can Palm do the same? Although they introduced the new Web OS last year it clearly didn’t work. They are going to have to put there thinking hats on this year if they are going to continue to play with the big boys!



Chart from Comscore


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