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Slashgear post review of O2 Palm Pre


Slashgear have posted one of the first reviews of Palm Pre on O2. There’s not a great deal of new reading if you have read any of the Sprint Pre reviews but for those who are interested, read on for a great review by Chris Davies from Slashgear.

For European consumers, the Palm Pre has been a long time coming. Announced – in CDMA form – back in January 2009, with Palm coyly dancing around the matter of a GSM version until its Sprint launch took place in June, the smartphone has even gained a sibling (in the shape of the Palm Pixi) before those across the Atlantic have had a chance to play with the original. That’s all finally changing this month, with carrier O2 exclusively offering the Pre in the UK and Ireland from October 16th and Germany from October 13th. Has time dulled the Pre’s appeal? SlashGear have been testing out the GSM Palm Pre; check out our full review after the cut.

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Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast No 44


Our latest podcast Episode 44 is now available for download, this week we discuss Windows Mobile 6.5, devices and OS enhancements, Marketplace and App Stores 02 trailing LTE networks. You can subscribe via iTunes, RSSor download the mp3 file here. Full show notes after the break.

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Windows Phone Launch Event


Windows Phone

I had the pleasure of attending the London launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone. This involved presentations from both Microsoft and some of there associated partners and detailed the new features found in windows mobile 6.5.

The most prominent changes to the Windows Phones are Visual ones. Microsoft have tweaked as many bits as they can to make using the OS a more attractive experience as well as more finger friendly with bigger icons.

The initial visual change you will see when first using a new Windows Phone is the lock screen.

Lock Screen with Notifications

Lock Screen

The supplied picture above is not the best to demonstrate the lock screen but you should get the idea from my explanation. The icon at the top will normally be the only one present and this will show you of any new notifications you may have. If you have voicemail, for example, you can drag this notification down and open the notification without unlocking the screen. The same goes for messages and missed calls. A nice feature if the only reason you are checking your phone is the notifications.

To unlock the device the unlock button at the top just has to be swiped left or right. Simple


The Windows Phone homescreen has had a major facelift. Gone are the days of the boring homescreen with limited information available.

Default Today with Hotmail and Windows Live


Home Screens

Now there is tonnes of info on the screen and each header allows you to view more info by sweeping left or right. For example – pressing on text messages will show you the latest message but you could also sweep to the right to view the next message and so on. Each swipe only shows you the basic info of the message but this allow you to see who is communicating with you without having to go all the way into the messaging application.


The start screen has also seen some major changes. No longer does a drop down list appear which is fiddly to use. Now you get a full page grid design with big icons making it super finger friendly.

MP Client Start Icon

Start Screen

These icons can be rearranged by means of dragging the ones you want to the top of the screen. This is 100 times nicer than the 6.1 option. Good stuff Microsoft!


Windows Marketplace was next on the list.

Windows Marketplace for Mobile 2


Marketplace is Microsoft’s app store. Initially it launched with 246 quality apps, according to Microsoft, with many more to come. With some catching up to do compared to the IPhone, Marketplace has its work cut out and it will be interesting to see how prices compare with other app stores. The interface certainly looks nice and user friendly. At the moment here in the UK Marketplace customers will need to register a credit card for payment, where as in the USA they also have the option to be billed by there network provider on there phone bill. This will make life easier if we can get this option here.


My Phone is an amazing service that lets you back up phone data to the cloud.


My Phone

I have been using the Beta version of My Phone for a few months now and its great. Not only can you sync your phone contacts but also photos, videos, sms, calendar, tasks, browser favorites, music and documents. This means if you do lose or damage your phone all you need to do is install My Phone on the new handset and all your personal info syncs back to the phone. Nice!

You can set My Phone to sync automatically at a time of the day to suit or just do it manually. In addition it will also back up the information you have stored on a memory card.

MP Portal Homepage

My Phone online

All your saved data can be viewed online and you may find it easier to edit data this way. My Phone works, plain and simple.

A new feature with My Phone will come in handy if your phone is lost or stolen. Firstly you can locate the phone on a map using its last cell position! If you cant find your phone you can make it ring! Finally you can remotely lock the phone to prevent others from using it. Genius!


I have given details of the main new features discussed by Microsoft at the launch, although in windows mobile 6.5 there are dozens and dozens of new tweaks in the OS. The only real way to check them all out is to get a Windows Phone. Windows is my platform of choice and im happy with the new changes/features. It should be enough to see me through the next year or so until version 7 arrives which should be a major event.

Once I have got the new 6.5 rom on my Touch Pro2 I will share my thoughts on the blog. Watch this space..


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Orange opens its first UK multimedia store

Today in Milton Keynes Orange opened its first UK multimedia store. Unlike the other 401 Orange Retail stores this one is designed to encourage engagement between consumers and the range of multimedia technology that is now offered by Orange.


The front of the store

Not only did the store open today but it also launched the new Motorola DEXT, Motorola’s first Android device. This was the first place in the world where the DEXT could be purchased today!

Sian Doyle, Director of Orange Retail said: “Milton Keynes offers the perfect venue to launch the first ever Orange Multimedia Store. Its young demographic and forward-thinking population plus the estimated potential 297,000 mobile users in the city, tells us there is high demand for the latest mobile, broadband and digital solutions. Also, as a sign of our commitment to the Milton Keynes area, we were able to have the much anticipated Motorola DEXTT with MOTOBLURT available exclusively on opening day, a day before it goes on sale anywhere else in the world.”

The mobile market is changing rapidly, with devices and the services operators provide evolving all the time giving you access to a wide range multimedia on the go. The Orange Multimedia Store in Milton Keynes brings the best of mobile multimedia together, creating a ‘live’ experience of what can be accessed and achieved through the mobile.

Popularity of Multimedia on your Mobile

The demand for such an advanced store is backed up by the surge in the popularity and consumption of digital media. Orange’s fifth digital media index shows a ‘digital media boom’ in data usage across mobile phones especially in the area of entertainment and social networking, which increased by 129% in 12 months.  Dongle use increased by 4,125% while music and video downloads via mobile have increased by 38% in the last six months alone.

The Milton Keynes Multimedia Experience

The Orange Multimedia Store in thecentre:mk is a digital ‘playground’ – ranging from its giant 70-inch cinema style screen and seating at the front of the store to the bouncy rubber floor when you first walk in. The seated area has been created for new product demonstrations, basic education workshops and film previews, as well as offering it to the local community as a unique platform for endless possibilities, such as book signings and product launches.

The store will also feature live handsets for customers to engage with all the services available from Orange while the showcase screen on the main wall, which is one of the biggest in the UK, is the place where all the mobile technology available in store will be brought to life on a large scale.

This screen will also play host to two of the stores most unique interactive features.

  1. A giant virtual Mexican Wave which will be made up of customers filmed in store via mobile devices.
  2. From launch day, people are also being invited to send in pictures of ‘what symbolises Milton Keynes’ to feature on the screen, creating a ‘PhotoClock’, which will display images at the time they were taken / sent from anywhere in Milton Keynes.

Not only is the store packed with state-of-the-art features, it also has a team of experts in store to help bring all these interactive elements to life.

Cherry Peters, manager of the new store said: “Advances in digital media are staggering and increasingly becoming an essential part of our everyday life. Therefore, the need to keep up has never been greater, which is why Orange has created a fun and entertaining centre for all to enjoy whether you’re a tech savvy teen or less aware of what your digital devices can offer to make your life easier.”

The launch of this store will coincide with the exclusive unveiling of Motorola’s highly anticipated DEXTT with MOTOBLURT the only solution that automatically manages and integrates all of your communication, from work e-mail to social messaging activity – all to your home screen in easy to manage streams. Milton Keynes will be the first place in the UK to showcase the Motorola DEXTT with MOTOBLURT.

Orange’s Multimedia Store will open to the public on Tuesday 6th October at 3pm and can be found at on Midsummer Arcade, in thecentre:mk.


The Orange cinema


It will be interesting to see how the new store takes off. If its a success you could see a similar one coming to a town near you!


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