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Editorial: iPhone is bad for cellphone users … if only one carrier has it

In Germany the best coverage according to the independent measurements of “connect” magazine is provided by Vodafone network. The cheapest prices are offered by E-Plus operator. Yet iPhone is exclusively sold only by T-Mobile Germany. Similarly in USA only AT&T Wireless is selling iPhone although everybody knows that in USA the best coverage is provided by Verizon Wireless and the cheapest prices are offered by T-Mobile USA. Shortly speaking: operators instead of competing on prices, coverage, transfer speeds, are focusing instead on one strategy for the success only: selling iPhone exclusively. It is bad for all cellphone users. Very bad.

Let’s take another example: Switzerland, where both Swisscom and Orange CH were offering iPhone right from the beginning. In this case such negative effect could not be observed:

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HTC HD2 (Leo) coming to T-Mobile

Just yesterday I posted about the HTC HD2 is apparently being released on O2 soon. Well, the word on the street (the Internet actually) is that it will also be available on T-Mobile as well.

T-Mobile HTC Touch HD2


T-Mobile Touch HD2


As usual with the HTC devices, T-Mobile have changed the name of the device slightly and are calling it the Touch HD2. They just have to make it a bit more confusing!

With only four days until the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 I am hoping Orange also pick up the HD2 as I am due an upgrade soon and the HD2 specs are pretty hot. I may have to get some bigger hands though to cope with the massive 4.3 inch device!


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