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IS the HTC Leo Capacitive?

htc_touch_hd_htc_leo_touchflo_3d_romHere’s a little video showing the HTC Leo’s multi-touch capabilities. No sound, so nothing confirmed but it’ll be an exciting leap for Windows Mobile if it is. Video after the break:

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Orange resolves broadband issues after outage


Orange has resolved issues with its broadband service and BlackBerry emails after an outage last week (11 September). The BlackBerry issues, where emails were down for around one day, were caused by vandalism of cables at Heathrow, according to the operator.
Orange broadband, which was previously known as Wanadoo, is also up and running again after going down for a period of time last Thursday (10 September).
The operator did not give a reason for the problems.

[Source Mobilenews]

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HTC Hero update for UK


HTC has released the Hero update for UK users on the download page over on the UK HTC support site. The long-awaited ROM update is designed to cure a little lag and bring speed to the Android device, as well as a new focus feature for the camera on the Hero.

The ROM was released earlier to the Danish support site and better late than never; now UK Hero users can enjoy faster speeds on their Androids as well.

The update is PC-friendly, though it will remove any previous Orange or T-Mobile updates that the carriers may have made in the time you’ve owned your HTC Hero.

If you download the ROM update from the UK site, let the community here at HTCPedia know how it works out for you, as well as any feedback for the installation process.

[Source HTCpedia]

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Archos 5 with Android


Pushing the boundaries of the PMP, Archos have gone and shoved Android onto their PMP. In the past people have often complained that the OS that Archos package is pretty … unfriendly. I concur, however you can get used to it (after a year). This time around they are turning their Internet Tablet into an extremely user friendly and attractive media companion. Video to follow:

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Palm Pixi spec’s


More technical specifications for Palm’s new Pixi handset have been leaked today by Qualcomm. The Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset is sampling now and commercial Smartphones based on the chip are expected to launch later this year.

"The high-performance MSM7627™ chipset solution is designed to enable mass-market devices with advanced functionality and rich multimedia capabilities that take advantage of the broadband data speeds available through 3G networks worldwide.

The MSM7627 solution features an industry-leading level of integration, enabling devices with high-end functionality to be slimmer, sleeker and last longer on a single battery charge.

Powerful multimedia capabilities integrated into the MSM7627 chipset translate to a richer, more compelling experience while browsing the web, accessing online applications, playing 3D games, capturing high-resolution pictures and video, and more."

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PalmOS fans rejoice, Twitter client is out!



2TwitMe is now available for purchase!
We knew it was coming, per my post dated 3 September. Now owners of Palm devices running the Garnet version of the operating systems (i.e. Centro, Treo 680, Treo 700p, Treo 755p) have a decent Twitter application thanks to MetaViewSoft.

Per a post by Ryan Kairer at , 2TwitMe is a full featured Twitter client that enables all the usual things such as the ability to read tweets, post messages, DM and TwitPic support, link previews, background operation and the ability to use multiple accounts.
2TwitMe lists for $7 here.
Note: 2TwitMe is also compatible with PDA’s such as the Palm TX

[Source Treocentral]

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Samsung Star WiFi Spotted

Many of our US readers will already know this news and the handset itself but for me it was a first on both counts.

Samsung have quietly released the second version of their 5 million unit selling Star handset.

Samsung Star Flyer 
A Terribly Designed Flyer

The latest version of this phone features the inclusion of WiFi (hence the name change) and that’s about it. No other changes have been noted even down to dimensions and features.

In what seems to be a teen based handset the Samsung Star WiFi will be available in black, silver, pink and white colours with retail price being around $250.00.

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