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Rightmove official app for iPhone – review

Now I’ve heard everything is available on websites, but you don’t really care for websites, do you? You prefer having it all in apps, that bring additional benefits like offline-viewing and nice multitouch user interface and other fancy stuff.

Here we are reviewing an official (at last!) app for the biggest British website that offers properties for sale and rent – Yes, this is a British thing, so if you are not interested in Blighty – nothing to see here! Seriously.

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HTC Hero deal from Devicewire

The good people over at just dropped me a line to remind me that they currently have an excellent deal on the HTC Hero. If you order between now and Sunday you’ll get if for just £394.99 with free delivery PLUS if you use our promotional code HEROTAM you’ll get a further £10 off!

Head on over to for more details and to order yours today, remember, the vouchers expire on Sunday 9th August so get a move on!

Don’t forget you can see our HTC Hero review on site too.


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Server problems!

Well folks, if you are reading this then it means that our webserver is now back up and running again!

Last night something nasty happened to our webserver that resulted in it eating one of its drives, suffice to say that’s a bad thing! 😉

So we’re back up and running on another drive and we’re scheduling a replacement some time next week. For those of you that visited earlier today I apologise for the down-time and for those of you that didn’t visit us already, well never mind! 🙂

Big thanks to Paul for getting us back up and running so promptly.


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