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HTC Hero About To Fly Into The US

Yes folks, you heard it right. Even though nothing was mentioned at the press release a few days ago the now very famous HTC Hero has been spotted on the FCC website today. Covering WCDMA on Bands II and V (1900 and 850MHz) it would suggest that it will be going to AT&T subscribers as this is what they would need to flip the switch on high-speed data, however we’re not sure if this negates rumours that the Hero would be going to Sprint instead.

HTC Hero on FCC

Either way it don’t really matter but one thing is for sure, Americans will now be well chuffed.

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Pink iPhone 3Gs Appears

No ladies, I’m really sorry but this is not an intentional colour release by Apple, its the colour the phone turns (or glows) due to an overheating problem.

hot iPhone
A new meaning to iPhone’s are HOT

Its certainly not the first time iPhones have had their problems with overheating but this is certainly new in the fact that the white version gives a nice warm plink glow.

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Help disabled children with Clove

If I have to... logo-1 Our great friends at Clove are running a campaign to raise money for a local charity, to whom they have close ties.  Victoria Education College is a specialist school which cares for disabled children. 

A detailed description of what they do and why Clove are supporting them can be found on the following links:

As part of their campaign to raise money for the cause they have amongst many other things donated 2 x Sony Ericsson C905, SIM FREE UNLOCKED Handsets which are up for auction on the following links:

Auction 1

Auction 2

Every penny raised from the sale of these units goes to the cause!

On a separate note they have also put together some fantastic deals on a whole host of devices.

They are running promotions across the board, from HTC to Samsung and there really are some great deals to be had.

The best of which are on Nokia Products.  Click the link below to find out just what crazy prices they are offering on the latest Nokia handsets.

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Orange announces HTC Touch Pro2 for business customers

image Orange today announced the availability of the HTC Touch Pro2 for all business customers, combining multimedia and powerful business tools with smart styling.

The HTC Touch Pro2 makes organising, hosting and participating in conference calls easier than ever before. The appointment reminder tool will cue up dial-in details and the call agenda and with a tap of the screen you can effortlessly join the call. Further taps to the screen allow the user to also confer privately with a single person and then return to the conference call if they so wish. The HTC Touch Pro2’s quad-band 3G+ connectivity also delivers reliable high quality voice calling and with Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional, users can very simply synchronise all Microsoft Outlook email, contacts and calendar information directly with their phone.

Business users can also use the HTC’s Straight Talk™ feature to switch from an email account to single or multi-party voice calls by pressing the image icon of the email sender. For those on the move, the HTC Touch Pro2 transforms into a professional quality speaker phone with a noise-cancelling microphone and speakers, just by placing it face down on a surface.

The device also boasts a 3.6-inch high-resolution touch screen, while a slide out QWERTY keyboard with adjustable tilt allows users to easily write emails or amend documents. With capacity for an 8GB MicroSD card, professionals can use the HTC Touch Pro2 to watch a film, listen to music or browse the internet on the move.

“The HTC Touch Pro2 is packed with features to make everyday business tasks a great deal easier and is the ideal mobile companion for the busy business user,” said François Mahieu, Director of Devices at Orange.

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