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iPhonedocked review Leaf Trombone World Stage

image We gave this one a miss as to be honest, never quite got into the original Smule game Ocarina. Maybe it was just us as it was a hugely popular application. Anyway Geoff over at iPhonedocked has put together a video showing the application, what it’s all about and how to use it. Check it out after the break it does look a little different and may be your cup of tea.

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HTC Magic Delayed Launch

HTC and Vodafone might have created what they thought was the perfect storm of interest with the new Magic when they unveiled it at Barcelona earlier this year, but delays mean it won’t hit the UK until May.

Vodafone’s Magic mini-site (as in a site for the phone, rather than a site where cool things happen) previously stated that the phone would be coming in April this year when pre-orders were announced earlier in 2009.

But this has now been shifted to May, with Vodafone rather sheepishly stating that if you order today "we will aim to deliver by 5 May," hinting that the problems that have plagued the handset might not have been fully resolved.

HTC Magic Mini Site

Issues with the handsets hardware, as well as rumoured issues with the latest version of Android (necessary to work the virtual keyboard on the device, which is pretty important when there are only three physical keys) meant that the HTC Magic was subject to a last minute delay.


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Review: SplashNotes – yet another outliner for iPhone

image Mobile software companies with big experience in making programs for PDAs and mobile phones are nowadays entering also iPhone market but some of their products for iPhone are not as good as they were in versions for other platforms. It seems that iPhone is a big reset where many established companies struggle to get market share and where many new, until now known companies are the winners.

Here we are reviewing SplashNotes for iPhone – a commercial outliner that allows for note taking in hierarchical way. It has been developed by SplashData – a company that before iPhone has been developing software for many mobile platforms, including Palm OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry.

Here is how this program looks like (main screen):

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HTC Touch Pro2 videos

image A Russian site have managed to get hold of an HTC Touch Pro2 and shared some videos of the hardware and software. The device is due for a June launch so this will be a pre-release ROM but never the less it is looking pretty good. The written review also has a lot of pictures with comparisons to the iPhone 3G, Diamond2 and the HTC Max. In case you missed it we posted our review of the HTC Diamond2 this week and will follow up with a Touch Pro2 review as soon as it is released. For now take a look at the videos after the break.

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Podcast RSS Feed changed

image Switchpod with whom we host our weekly podcast have gone through some changes this week and transferred our podcast feed over to Libsyn who will now host it for us. The current podcast RSS feed is diverted to the new feed but it will not last forever so if you enjoy our weekly podcast could you please ensure that you subscribe to the new podcast feed if you use RSS to subscribe.

New Podcast Feed

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