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Toshiba roadmap shows a capacitive screened Windows Phone

image Hot on the heels of the yet to be released Toshiba TG01, we have stumbled across a product roadmap from Toshiba by way of wmexperts , intomobile and Techblog. This shows some interesting new devices coming our way from Toshiba.

The TG02 looks to be about the same as the TG01, flat, with a 4.1-inch WVGA touchscreen, 3.2MP camera and Windows Mobile 6.5 with the added addition of being waterproof.

The TG03 will have a 5-megapixel camera and a 3-inch speaker.

The L01 is a 7-inch WVGA device with a QWERTY keyboard and Windows Mobile 6.5.

The K01 is a 4.1-inch slider with a 3.2MP camera, Windows Mobile 6.5 and a capacitive touchscreen. Yeah, you read that right a capacitive screen on a Windows Mobile device, whatever next.

The K02 is a 3.5-inch clamshell with a front-facing 10-key pad and LCD screen. It’ll have a 3.2MP camera, Windows Mobile 6.5 and a resistive touchscreen.

So there you go, Toshiba are making big strides in the Windows Mobile world and if that capacitive screen is for real well that will make some people really happy. More pictures and specs after the break.

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3 striking Toshiba netbooks on the way

toshleaks claims to have just leaked Toshiba’s mobile product line for the next year, and there are three products we found especially exciting—a 7-inch netbook-ish transformer and a series of touchscreen QWERTY cellphones.

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HTC Touch Diamond2 review by Techradar

image The guys at Techradar have stolen a march on everyone and got a HTC Touch Diamond2 review device. They have written a short review without going too in depth and unfortunately no new real world pictures of the actual phone. We will have a review device very soon, hopefully this week and will be doing a very detailed review so look out for that. In the mean time here are a few of Techradars thoughts:-

The Diamond2 isn’t just a nip and tuck update of the original HTC Touch Diamond – it has some significant improvements which make it worth your attention.

The 5 megapixel camera is an improvement on the original Diamond’s snapper, though it still lacks the clarity, depth, colour and sharpness of other 5 megapixel camera phones such as the Nokia N79 or the Sony Ericsson C902.

Other improvements include the improved casing – it feels much sturdier now than the original Diamond which, though lightweight, did feel cheaper and more plasticky than its impressive spec would suggest it should.

All in all they gave it 5 stars, which is the highest rating.

For the full review head over to Techradar

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OQO model 2+

OQO model 2+ Here is a rather tasty little UMPC that popped up at CES. Tech Republic has a nice, quick video featuring a tour of the major features. Looks like a lovely and powerful little device. Check the specs and the original article after the break.

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Canon EF-S 18-200MM Lens review

When you want to travel light with your DSLR camera you’ll probably want to invest in a super-zoom lens. These lenses have a phenomenal zoom range while still keeping fairly compact. Due to the versatility of the super-zoom lens they are often referred to as the ‘Holiday’ or ‘Walk Around’ lens and with the ability to replace several lenses with just one it’s easy to understand why.

The Canon EF-S 18-200MM lens

The Canon EF-S 18-200MM lens

Canon EF-S 18-200MM IS lens specification:

  • Image size: APS-C
  • 35mm film equivalent focal length: 29-320mm
  • Angle of view (horzntl, vertl, diagnl): 64° 30′ – 6° 30′, 45° 30′ – 4° 20′, 74° 20′ – 7° 50′
  • Lens construction (elements/groups): 16/12
  • No. of diaphragm blades: 6
  • Minimum aperture: 22 – 38(36)
  • Closest focusing distance (m): 0.45
  • Maximum magnification (x): 0.24(at 200mm)
  • Distance information: Yes
  • Image stabilizer: 4-stops
  • AF actuator: Micro Motor
  • Filter diameter (mm): 72mm
  • Max. diameter x length (mm): 78.6×102
  • Weight (g): 595


Until this lens was launched last year, if you wanted a super-zoom lens for your Canon EOS your choices were a little limited. Canon have the 28-200 and 28-300mm lenses available but when you consider the 1.6x crop ratio of many Canon EOS cameras these lenses had a 35mm equivalent of 44.8mm at the wide end so if you wanted anything wider you’d have to opt for a Sigma or Tamron lens with an EF mount which many Canon purist hate to do.

However Canon pleased many of their EOS owning customers when they launched the EF-S 18-200mm IS lens last year with a 35mm equivalent range of 28.8 to 320mm on a 1.6x cropped sensor this additional reach was just what the doctor ordered and offers a great deal of versatility.

Canon’s new 18-200mm lens is a large and sturdy looking piece of kit that weighs in at just under 600 grams. This zoom range is achieved in a relatively compact package though thanks to the two telescoping barrels that you’ll see in the images below.

DPP_0968 DPP_0967


You might think that such a zoom range would come at the expense of maximum aperture but the 18-200 can still manage f/5.6 at the long end which is still pretty fast. You also get Canon’s Image Stabilizer (IS) technology built-in which helps to reduce blurring caused by camera shake and gives you the ability to shoot 4 stops slower than you would otherwise be able to with the IS turned off. This means 1/15sec at the long end is achievable.

On the outside you have a couple of switches. One to turn the IS on or off and one to switch between auto and manual focus.


The zoom ring is large and has a rubber grip which is ideally placed. The manual focus ring sits right at the front of the lens and is slightly on the small size but still adequate. Both the Zoom and Manual focus rings are smooth and make it easy to make fairly fine adjustments.

On the other side of the lens body is a lock switch that allows you to lock the zoom at 18mm which stops the zoom from extending when you aren’t using it. I found myself using this quite a lot while walking around as the zoom action was a little ‘looser’ than I would have liked and would often extend under its own weight which did get a little annoying after a while especially as I seem to be pointing the camera and lens down quite a lot while taking photos of phones etc. It would be handy to have the ability to tighten this up or to apply the lock at any point within the zoom range.

Unlike many other Canon lenses in my kit bag this one doesn’t have an ultrasonic motor (USM) to drive the AF but to be honest, in practice, I hardly noticed the difference. Autofocus was still fast and pretty quiet and remains accurate throughout the zoom range.

There is a downside though as this lens does suffer from vignetting at both extreme ends of the zoom range and there is a little distortion at 18mm. If you are shooting RAW and using Canon Digital Photo Professional to process your images the lens profile will help to correct this and the rest and be easily edited in Photoshop.



This is definitely a lens that I’ll be adding to my kit bag. It’ll replace the 17-85mm and 75-200mm lens that I already carry with me on a day-to-day basis and will help to lighten my every-day kit bag!

At just over £450 the Canon EF-S 18-200mm IS lens is a bargain and offers an excellent zoom range for the money. Sure you lose a little in IQ versus a lens with a fixed focal length or a shorter zoom range but for me the convenience of not having to lens swap or carry multiple lenses outweighs the drawbacks.


Review by: Matt

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Over the air updates coming in future Windows Mobile versions

image You know that icon you have in the programs part of your Windows Mobile phone that says update and has never worked, well in future versions it looks like it could actually do something. According to istartedsomething, who have spotted a Microsoft advertisement that points to just that. This is what it says:-

Have you wished to see your Windows Mobile phone with new features “magically” show up without you buying a new one? Do you want to see greater and better quality and cool software delivered to your love ones’ Windows phones from just a click? If this is your dream, this is a place for you. Come join us to make this dream into reality! With the mobile industry’s strong growth and several competitors playing in the field, we are going to have a challenging but fun time to show customers what Windows phone can become in the next few years.

We are in Windows Mobile device update team. Our goal is to enable customers to anticipate and enjoy a predictable stream of new and improved capabilities for their Windows Phone via a Device Update service that is worry-free and easy-to-use. Broad scope and impact, deep technologies, engineering challenges, partner interfacing with OEMs and MS internal partners, and fast pace delivery are all part of our charter. In the agile development environment, you will be working with PM/architect/test and partner teams to deliver critical stack of the update solution. You will lead a team of smart developers to solve problems in mobile OS, PC applications, and interacting with web services.

Putting all the rumours and news together it looks like Microsoft may be eventually starting to understand what we want, heres hoping.

via istartedsomething

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Android 1.5 Early Look SDK

image The next release of the Android platform will be Android 1.5 and Google have announced the availability of an early look SDK to give developers a head-start on developing applications for it. There are a lot of new features being introduced and we have the full details after the break. Some highlights will be a more polished user interface throughout, faster camera, smooth animations and scrolling, soft keyboard in portrait and landscape modes, A2DP Bluetooth, video recording and lots more. Read on for all the details.

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