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Samsung M2710 and M2310 leak

Photos of two yet unannounced Samsung phones leaked online today. Looking like trimmed-down versions of the M7610 Beat DISC the Samsung M2710 and Samsung M2310 are obviously all about music.

Samsung M2710 2 Samsung M2710 1 Samsung M2710 3
Samsung M2710

Even though the two newbie’s don’t have the feature pack of their bigger brother they still managed to catch our eye with their sleek design.

Samsung M2710 is a slider, sporting a standard 3.5 mm audio output jack, Bluetooth and a 2-megapixel snapper. A must for every music phone, there will also be a memory card slot aboard.

Samsung M2710 4 Samsung M2710 5
Samsung M2710

Samsung S2710 will feature FM radio and accelerometer sensor. Most probably the latter will be used for some kind of shake control, like the Samsung M3200 Beat.

Samsung M2310 Samsung M2310 2
Samsung M2310

The flip – Samsung M2310, has media control buttons on the front panel packs EDGE and Bluetooth support, FM radio and memory card slot. A camera is also available but its pixel count is yet unknown.

Samsung M2310 3
Samsung M2310

Both new members of the Beat family are destined for the Brazilian market but there is no information about their pricing yet.

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Review Polaroid PoGo instant mobile printer

DSCF0312 Superetrader called and asked if we wanted to review a mobile photo printer which uses Bluetooth technology to transfer digital photographs from, well anything that can use Bluetooth file transfer. Yeah sure that sounds interesting, then we realised that OBEX which is the standard required is not available on the locked down iPhone Bluetooth stack. Thankfully our notebook has full support for Bluetooth built in so we managed to make the connection. Read on for our thoughts on this tiny mobile printer.

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Gadget fuel cells starting production now

image Finally, after more than a decade of waiting, it looks like gadget fans are about to get their hands on the Holy Grail that is real, honest-to-goodness fuel-cell power. The long-awaited route to limitless battery life when away from a mains supply is being swept clear by Toshiba, which says it will begin commercial production next month.

Methanol fuel cells for recharging the batteries of standard laptops and mobile phones will start rolling off Toshiba’s Yokohama production line in May. Although initial prices will be somewhere between ¥10,000 (£68) and ¥50,000 (£340), the company says it will cut that substantially when output peaks.

Better yet, Toshiba says it will be able to start building PCs and phones with fuel cells built in before the end of this year, which means users will simply need to carry a small bottle of methanol for days-long running times.

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