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HTC Touch HD – Only on Orange?

We received a mail today from one of our long time readers David Davis advising us that the HTC Touch HD will be available only on the Orange Network. As yet I don’t have the source of this leak but you can be 100% certain that I will be working through my contacts over at HTC to see what I can find out.

HTC Touch HD
HTC Touch HD

If this pans out to be the case then I’m sure Orange will consider themselves very lucky indeed considering that the past 2 BIG handsets to be snapped up by a single operator have sold extremely well to date (G1 & iPhone).

If you have news leaks just like that or you would just like to tell us something then why not mail [email protected]  or [email protected] and we will make sure to give you credit when posting on the blog.

EDIT: seems that the info. we’ve been given might be duff! We did contact HTC this morning but they refused to comment on the HTC Touch HD, simple saying that it would be available sim-free but had no information about operator deals. We’re trying to get to the bottom of this now!

EDIT 2: Sources at Orange are no suggesting that the Touch HD will be exclusive to Orange for three months. You should still be able to purchase the Touch HD sim-free from your favourite HCT retailer but the only operator to carry it initially will be Orange followed by the other networks three months later.

EDIT 3: For those of you that doubted it – you might want to have a look at this leaked Orange Press release!

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Spb create user interface panel for Sony Ericsson’s Xperia X1

10 Xperia Portrait Spb Software, has developed a user interface panel for Xperia™ X1. As part of the strategic partnership between Sony Ericsson and Spb Software, Spb has put forth a top-notch, Spb Mobile Shell-based solution that compliments the X1 in both style and speed. Taking advantage of the smartphone’s unique panel technology, impressive hardware and dynamic wide VGA touchscreen, this custom version of Spb Mobile Shell is optimized for the new Xperia, and comes with all X1 devices as a free download.

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Xperia X1 taken apart and put back together again

image Ok if your waiting patiently for the Xperia X1 you probably don’t want to see the series of videos we have after the break. A guy with a pair of white gloves, tweezers and a guitar plectrum strips the Xperia X1 down to its component parts and then somehow manages to put it all back together again and get this, there are no spare screws left at the end, quite amazing. Now should I try this when my Touch HD arrives?? If you can bare to watch, the videos are after the break.

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Blackberry announce new App Store

image BlackBerry maker Research in Motion (RIM) has announced new plans to expand the development and uptake of applications on its range of smartphones. The plans include a new application storefront, as well as an on-device application centre designed to help developers expand their reach while giving consumers greater choice and easier management of their programs, according to RIM.

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Microsoft’s SideSight, multi touch without touching

image SideSight technology is contained in a paper that Microsoft company executives are presenting at the User Interface Software and Technology conference this week.  The paper in question is titled “SideSight: Multi-“touch” Interaction Around Small Devices,” and is authored by Alex Butler, Shahram Izadi, and Steve Hodges, all with Microsoft Research UK. Touch was a revolutionary concept when it debuted with the iPhone, in part because it was implemented so well with gestures. Pinching, sliding and tapping the iPhone and iPod touch all directly impact the interface. SideSight removes “touch” from the device and makes it a function of the paper, tabletop, or even the air that’s next to the device. What does this mean? According to Microsoft, it opens up the possibility for “touch” functions to be built into tiny devices that don’t actually need a touchscreen.

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More HTC bargains from Devicewire

What does £1 get you these days? Not much more than a hamburger from your local fast food restaurant? Well Devicewire have some excellent offers on some of the latest HTC devices.

£1 extra that’s all! Just £1 extra gets you the HTC International Charger and a Screen Protector when purchasing a HTC Touch Pro, HTC Touch Diamond or HTC TyTN II from Devicewire over the next few days. This saves you £32!!

Further information can be found on the Devicewire business bundle page.

They’ve also taken delivery of the brand new CoPilot Live 7 Software so you can head over to the CoPilot page for more on that too.


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Midweek Devicewire Discounts

I’ve decided to start this post by letting you all know that the HTC S740 now has a release date of 4th November. The good news is we are Devicewire are still the cheapest and they expect that the stock will fly out so those wishing to order may want to place a back order with them now to guarantee stock allocation

Devicewire have mailed us some very interesting and very reasonably deals that we thought we would share with you.

Deal 1

Huawei E220

The Huawei E220 has been dropped from £120 to £89.99 making it the Cheapest on the web.

Deal 2

icon 225
Globesurfer iCon 225

The Option Globesurfer iCON 225 has been dropped right down to £89.99

Deal 3

Purchase an HTC Touch Pro, HTC Touch Diamond or HTC TyTN II and for £1 (yes only £1) you can get yourself an HTC International Charger and 2 Screen Protectors.

Deal 4

The Devicewire bundle section is now loaded with stock and has been updated to include a few more fantastic bundles.


New Product 1

Ovation MC990D HSPA Modem
Ovation MC990D

The Ovation MC990D (2-in1 mobile broadband USB modem with microSDHC removable memory) is a new product in at £139.99.

New Product 2

Option Globesurfer iCON 401
Option Globesurfer iCON 401

The Option Globesurfer iCON 401 is a fully equipped multifunctional device for wireless internet access and personal scalable memory also at £139.99

New Product 3

CoPilot 7

The Copilot 7 software is priced at £98.99 for the European maps version and only £61.99 for the UK & Ireland maps version

We have also been asked for your opinions and thoughts regarding bundles you think that Devicewire should have. Leave comments in the field below or mail us using the contact section above.

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