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Using you tech (in)appropriately

news-graphics-2008-_659013aRealwire have a fun article about the usage of people personal technology:

The exclusive survey, conducted by, into the gadget habits of British people has found that Brits often exhibit possessive, rude or downright peculiar behaviour when it comes to using their mobile phones and favourite gadgets, including over a third of people who admit to using their phone whilst on the lav!

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New version of Skype for WM 6.1 released.

If you are a Skype user with a Windows Mobile device running WM 6.1 you’ll have probably noticed that Skype doesn’t work properly (or at all) on the latest WM version.

Fortunately the guys from Skype have come up with a fix and have just made the updated version of Skype available on their website. There’s no mention of any other changes in this release just that it claims to be for WM 6.1

Skype for WM 6.1

Skype for WM 6.1

Head over to the Skype website to download now.

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Sony goes Eco-friendly

With environmental issues topping the media agenda in the public consciousness, electronics companies must be seen to be changing their approach to product design as well as adapting their manufacturing processes.

Sony has been working hard to address environmental issues company-wide and these efforts have been recognised in Europe, with Sony the first consumer electronics company to be awarded the EU Sustainable Energy Award (in 2007).

The latest BRAVIA TVs from Sony have been specifically designed with the environment in mind. New features have been developed with the aim of raising current industry standards, to ensure that everyone benefits in the future.


Auto Power Off

Recent media coverage has highlighted the power wasted by TV sets being left on unnecessarily. Sony already has an auto shut off function in its BRAVIA TV range which will turn the set to standby mode after ten minutes if there is no input signal. Typically, this means a reduction in the amount of power required from 169W to just 0.3W. While your TV might turn itself off for you, don’t forget to switch off your stereo as well – playing music to an empty room isn’t going to help the environment, or your neighbours’ ears!

Light Sensor

To help reduce power usage, all BRAVIA models are fitted with brightness sensors. This means that the TV reacts to how dark a room in and automatically adjusts its own picture settings to lower power consumption without having any impact on the viewing experience – making for an overall ‘greener’ showing. Just imagine how much energy could be saved if TVs around the world could do this.

Recycled Materials

Around 10% of all Sony Products are made from recycled materials. In 2006, the 16,000 tons of plastic Sony re-used made it one of the industry leaders in using recycled plastics. It also helped reduce CO2 emissions by around 18,000 tons – the equivalent of almost 3000 fully grown male elephants!

Power Saving Modes

One of the areas Sony is currently exploring is how to reduce the amount of power required to run a television. BRAVIA TVs now come with power-saving modes as standard. Not only do these modes lessen the TV’s environmental impact but they also help reduce the cost of running it. So, save it all up and you can take your other half out for a romantic meal. Or just spend it on yourself.


So what’s your take on these environmental issues? Have you changed your behaviour at all? Drop us a line.


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iPhone firmware 2.01 released

Apple have moved swiftly to upgrade the buggy 2.0 firmware that was pre-installed on the iPhone 3G. The new update is version 2.01 and is reported to speed up the sync process, fix screen lag problems and generally make the device more stable. To update just plug your iPhone into iTunes and hit check for updates and away you go. This update is for both versions of the iPhone but as usual if your iPhone has been jailbroken do not update till you hear it is ok to do so.

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3G iPhone Elan Form case by Griffin

TS480 Steve Trotto has posted a video looking at the Elan form case from Griffin for the iPhone. We have the video after the break.

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Blogging from the iPhone guide

apple-iphone-3g-review-blogging-tool Over at Problogger they have posted an excellent guide for the mobile blogger. The article is a very well written list of what to know in blogging, what to do and most importantly how to do. They have even taken the time to point out some of the shortcomings of the iPhone when it comes to the Blog.

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iPhone more powerful than the PSP and DS combined?

iphone-wolf-rpg In a rather bold statement game wizard John Carmack believes the iPhone to more powerful than the PSP and DS combined, even going as far to say its almost as strong as the PS2 and Xbox on their original release. Does the iPhone have earth shatter mobile power locked inside it? Maybe worth a look when they unlock this raw power to play … scroll through contacts*.

Thanks to Gizmodo

* I know its a bug… any opportunity for a cheap shot

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Orange are to improve 3G network coverage

logo In an exciting announcement Orange have confirmed that they will be increasing the coverage and reliability of their 3G network. Have a read at the following and if you are on Orange you will be cheering for the end of 2008.

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Solitaire meltdown!

Don’t you just love it when something strange happens on your PC or mobile? This one certainly falls under the weird category!

Sitting on the toilet bus this morning I decided to pass the time with a quick game of Solitaire on my HTC Touch Diamond. I started to play the game and realised that something odd was going on – have a look at the screen shot to see if you can spot the deliberate mistake?


Solitaire mess up (click to enlarge)

If you look again you might notice that there are two five of clubs, two 2 of spades, two ace of clubs and two ace of hearts!? Played the game through as far as I could as I wondered if there were two complete decks but turns out to be one and a half decks?!

The very next game was just the same! Anyone ever seen this before? I think my Diamond has forgotten what a deck should look like!

BTW. No I didn’t Photoshop the image, you can watch the video if you want!

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Zune phone to be a Nokia?

nokia400 Microsoft make the Windows Mobile operating system. Nokia recently purchased symbian. Yet this report seems to believe that Microsoft and Nokia will work together on taking the iPhone down a  peg or two with a Zune phone. I’ve quoted the article after the break:

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