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Unlock iPhone 3G and many others with SIMable

image The days of foraging around the Internet or visiting dubious mobile phones shops may soon be over. Instead of getting your handset unlocked why not just get your Sim card unlocked with SIMable. SIMable is an innovative little chip that frees your SIM card to work in the vast majority of mobile phones. We all know that the very latest 3G devices can be very difficult and expensive to unlock and SIMable is the 10 second solution without invalidating any warranty on your precious handset. Full details and device compatibility after the break.

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HTC Touch Pro – Order now at Clove

5B22DDBC-AEFD-4213-AED2-91A75546CD44 Clove now have a bunch of HTC Touch Pro’s in their inventory for you to shell out your cash for. We will hopefully have a full review of the product in the near future however, have a look at the specs and try to convince yourself you don’t need one.

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HTC Dream pre-ordering Sept 17th Stateside

htc-dream-android-demo Recently HTC has been releasing their products in the States after everywhere else. The news that T-Mobile US will be taking pre-orders raise a few questions. US first? If not US first, dates for EU and Asia?

Boy Genius Reports "The device will reportedly cost $150 for current T-Mobile subscribers, though it could sell for as much as $399 when it goes on sale to the general public some time later. The phone itself will be code-named G1, and should resemble the device we saw in the video a couple days back"

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iPaq 910 reviews

1218536446.usr2 More iPAQ 910 reviews have surfaced, courtesy of and MobileTechReview, and they seem to confirm what others have said in the past: it’s a winner. If you’re after a solid, no-frills device, this looks like the one to get.

Via Pocket PC Thoughts

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BlackBerry Bold available this weekend on Orange

image Mobile operator Orange has confirmed it will start selling the high-end BlackBerry Bold this weekend, the first of its kind to offer HSDPA high-speed data access, while retailer The Carphone Warehouse also expects to have the devices in store as early as 16 August. An Orange spokesperson told that the device will be in Orange channels on Saturday.

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HTC Touch Pro now in stock!

Just a quick post to let you know that the HTC Touch Pro has just landed in the UK and is in stock at Clove Technology and Devicewire.

HTC Touch Pro

he HTC Touch Pro, with VGA Screen, elegant touch screen response and built in keyboard makes it the ideal communication tool. With an impressive range of features and powerful processor, we feel sure this will become one of the best selling high end Smartphone’s.

A stunning 2.8-inch VGA touch screen provides the HTC Touch Pro four times the resolution making email, documents and web pages sharper and easier to work with. The new TouchFlo 3D interface provides quick and simple touch navigation between popular applications, and the excellent keyboard compliments this to enable quick input of information. Couple this with the power of Windows 6.1, push email, built in GPS and fast data connection though HSDPA and fast Wi-Fi connection. Additional memory can easily be added via a Micro SD supporting SDHC cards.

The HTC Touch Pro which is sold unlocked and SIM free can be used virtually anywhere in the world

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Samsung Omnia software video review

image WMExperts have posted a must watch video of the Samsung i900 Omnia software in action and the more I see of this Windows Mobile device the more I like the look of it. One thing that stands out for me is the fluidity of the touch screen. It looks so easy to use and the flicks and gestures work all the time. They do mention that you have to use firm presses to get it to respond but once you are used to that it is fine. Also Opera 9.5 looks made for this large screened device. Check out the video after the break.

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iPhone advert misleading?

image As much as I respect Apple, Unslow, one of their new iPhone 3G television ads, has me wondering how they kept a straight face when they put this on the air. Try to follow along with your own iPhone 3G and you will see that the advert does not bare much significance to real world results. Of course we have to bear in mind data speeds differ from place to place but it does look like Apple have somewhat misled potential iPhone 3G owners with this ad. Check out the video after the break showing the advert alongside an actual real world identical demo.

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Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 Review

Well, I’m sure by now you have all seen the adverts from Panasonic showing the Golden Gate bridge shrinking in size to allow people to take a picture with their “ordinary” cameras. Panasonic are pretty much singing the virtues of their wide angle lenses that adorn most of the new Lumix range.

I tested out the L10 quite a few months ago and today we will be looking at the camera seen in most of the latest adverts, The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4


There are a whole host of pocket size high mega-pixel cameras on the market these days making choosing a new camera a very difficult process for many people. Most camera shops point of sale advertising seems to always go on about pixels, pixels and more pixels, without really explaining to users that for most of us printing out standard sized images, 3Mega Pixels is probably enough.

Although having a higher pixel value: The DMC-TZ4 has 8.1 Megapixels – (Compared to the older TZ3 with 6 and the TZ5 offering 9.1). The huge difference Panasonic have done with this new camera is drop in a massive 10x Leica Optical Zoom lens with image stabilisation in a very small hand held camera.

This should certainly offer a differentiator compared to the multitude of reasonably priced pocket digital cameras.

What’s in the Box?

Once again with Panasonic, a rather stereotypical camera box hides the TZ4 camera, slightly larger than many of the pocket handheld cameras at 5.9x10x3.6cm but with a 10x Optical Zoom lens packed in it’s a pretty small sized camera.

Standard battery, charger, leads and manuals accompany the camera. See Matt’s Unboxing video for more.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 specification:

  • 8.1-megapixel effective CCD for images up to 3264×2448 pixels
  • Leica DC Vario-Elmarit Lens 10x "Wide" optical zoom, covering 28-280mm (35mm equivalent)
  • MEGA O.I.S. (Optical image stabilization) system
  • Intelligent Exposure and Digital Red-eye Correction
  • 9-point AF system with focus-assist lamp
  • 2.5-inch TFT color monitor with (230k pixels)
  • Program AE, Macro, Intelligent AUTO + 21 scene modes
  • Burst (3fps @ 8M; 10fps @ 2M) and AE bracketing capture modes
  • 640×480/320×240 (4:3) or 848×480 (16:9) QuickTime movies, 30fps or 10fps with audio
  • Shutter speeds from 1/2000 to 8 seconds
  • Built-in flash with auto, fill, slow synchro and red-eye reduction modes
  • TTL Auto White Balance, 5 presets and custom set
  • 27MB of internal memory plus SD/SDHC/MMC memory card slot
  • Plug-n-Play USB, Mass Storage compliant
  • PictBridge Direct-Print compatible


The look and feel of the DMC-TZ4 is pretty good, a sturdy looking camera that certainly looks like it would stand the test of time and the odd drop or two (although don’t worry Matt, I didn’t try this…). Packing that 28mm Wide Angle lens with 10x Optical zoom really puts this camera into a different league with very few rivals at this time. This should allow many users to compose such a wide variety of shots without having to move their location!

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 angled view

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4

Any users of other Panasonic Lumix camera equipment should have very little trouble operating the TZ4 as the vast majority of controls and functions are the same across the range.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 top view Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 top view zoom

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 top controls (click to enlarge)

Located on the top of the camera is the now standard thumb wheel control used to select features such as iA (Intelligent Auto), Scene Selections, or Video Mode . The On Off switch is located just alongside the thumb wheel but does require some effort to turn on and off so there should be no accidental power issues. The Shutter Control is on the right hand side of the camera and located around this is the zoom control – I liked this position as it enabled control of the shutter and zoom functions easily with just one hand (or finger even).

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 back view

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 back view

The rear of the camera contains the remaining controls for accessing the camera menus, setting changes and viewing modes. The display screen is also of a very good size 2.5” screen with excellent resolution and viewing angles.

A very simple “Play/Record” button at the top right offers a quick way to review images or take images without having to fiddle with the main thumb control wheel.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 connectors

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 connectors

Connectors on the side offer the standard USB connectivity and Video out.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 memory card slot

Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ4 battery & memory compartment

The battery compartment is located at the base of the camera, with a slot for SD/SDHD memory Cards. The camera does have 27MB of storage built in which will hold a picture or two in an emergency.


Highlights and Lowlights

I already use a Panasonic Lumix FX-33 camera for standard point and shoot pictures when out for the day or at events. Like many people, the convenience of being able to slip a camera into a pocket does certainly have advantages compared to a bulky SLR, but many of the smaller cameras don’t quite have the zoom capabilities.

I tested the camera in a wide selection of environments, from indoor low light shots, to bright sunny days (well, sunny as they can be in the UK).



  • The Leica Lens is an excellent wide angle lens (28mm) having the 10x Optical zoom (280mm equivalent) is a real benefit against standard 3x zooms offered by many cameras.
  • The colours are very vivid and dynamic, this seems to be a pretty standard feature across the Panasonic range I have tested so far.
  • Very sharp pictures from the Leica lens and sensor
  • Very small lens distortion on edges
  • Good flash pictures indoors
  • Really bright infrared zone for focusing in dark environments, although this may be a little disconcerting for some being lit up bright red!


  • Although a small camera considering the Lens Zoom size, it is not tiny like some cameras and not quite as easy to slip into your pocket. With a large lens, it is also quite heavy.
  • The camera still offers Panasonic’s standard selection of scene modes (such as Night Time, Snow, Beach) and still has Baby 1 and Baby 2… I may be missing the point here but after trying many of these scene options I really can’t see a great deal of difference.
  • The use of scene modes I found was questionable even further when using the Intelligent Auto mode and the Intelligent Exposure feature. These two features seem to pretty much compensate for almost all picture taking opportunities.


As usual with reviews, they tend to start quite late in the evening once normal day to day activities have taken place, monsters have gone to bed and everyone is happy…. This tends to lead to the usual unboxing on the Kitchen table and the first few shots taken of really interesting things such as the washing up….

Actually, this really wasn’t a bad place to start with the usual washing up some 4 Metres away I tried the 10x Optical zoom and pressed the shutter. (This is when I noticed the high intensity Infra Red focus aid light half the kitchen). For a close on 300mm zoom lens, inside the house with the inbuilt flash, I was really surprised with the quality of the first few shots. Never before has “Microwave and Dishwasher Safe” been readable from the other side of the kitchen. Even zooming in on the picture in preview mode should no real blurring or lost focused (I’m sure there is some appropriate photography name for this).

The lens action was quick zooming in and out and the focus was certainly quick considering the amount of light that was available.

Rather than stay with pictures of pots and pans, a rare summer moment arrived the following day allowing a variety of photographs to be taken. Again, the Panasonic DMC-TZ4 did pretty much exactly what it said on the tin. Clear sharp images and pretty fast shutter speeds. The focus was also much faster than the L10 SLR I tested a few months ago.

The colours taken on the camera were really consistent throughout the day, however, as with many cameras, the colours looked far better towards the end of the day (This is really more to do with the light levels and the fact pictures tend to look more realistic out of really bright light rather than the camera)

Shooting into the evening and towards dusk the camera still performed well. The shots taken with flash were realistic and didn’t tend to suffer from over exposure or unnatural “whiteness” I think this must be the Intelligent Exposure settings as I didn’t have to change any settings at all.

After taking a few more shots I decided to try out some of the scene settings and additional features. From what I could see, the majority of the scenes and settings were the same as the Lumix FX33 I use at the moment. The same strange options for Baby1, Baby2 scene settings were available. If anyone wants to let me know if they have used these settings or seen any advantage I’d love to know! Saying that though, the night setting does help and work well providing longer exposure times for dark backgrounds but still a difficult setting to master and achieve the best results.

For me though, the Zoom lens was really the best feature of the camera, and was the only real thing to set this camera apart from the other cameras in the Lumix range who all have similar pixel sizes and facilities. Having such a large zoom in a compact camera really allowed a much wider range of shots to be taken, and the image stabilisation worked fantastically. Couldn’t take some of the shots I did on full zoom in quite low light on the older Canon DSLR for sure without lots of shake.


As you can tell, I’m not a true fan of scene modes, so for many of the shots taken, I used Intelligent Auto mode. Yeah, I know, allowing the camera to do everything for you will probably be frowned on my some of the higher end photographers out there, but I am not a photographer, I just like the ease of pointing a camera at something, pressing the button and pretty much getting better results than I would if I had played with the settings.

This allows me to take more time to think of the things that tend to mess up pictures more, making sure the composure is ok, trying to work out what the heck the 1/3rds rule is all about and making sure some large tree is not sticking out from behind people’s heads.

May be they won’t let me review camera’s again or the professional photography guys will come after me, but, as I said, I’m not a professional camera man – I just want to take simple shots and get the best results that look good to me at least.

The Panasonic certainly helps achieve this with its automatic mode and excellent zoom capability – Photography for the masses.

So – Will I be trading my FX33 in for the TZ4, well, no. Not because there is anything wrong with the camera I could find very little to fault. If I was looking for a new camera the TZ4 would definitely be right up the top of the list, but as a compact camera it just seems that little large to slip in the pocket compared to the DMC-FX33 and I really don’t like carry things around with me!!

Despite that, the Zoom mode will really win a huge amount of people over and this camera has to be a really good choice for someone who doesn’t mind their compact cameras a little bigger


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Sony introduce new Bravia models

Sony have just announced new Bravia HD LCD TV models, details from the press release:

Introducing the state of the art BRAVIA™ X4500 and W4500 series


BRAVIA™ X4500 series

  • Full HD 1080p

  • Graceful floating design with translucent frame

  • Best-ever clarity, colour, contrast and definition with BRAVIA™ ENGINE 2 PRO

  • Rich, deep colours, superb contrast and reduced power consumption from new RGB Dynamic LED backlight (46, 55-inch)

  • Smoother, sharper fast-moving action with Motionflow PRO100Hz technology (46, 55-inch)

  • Enjoy digital music and photos from networked DLNA devices


BRAVIA™ X4500 series

BRAVIA™ W4500 series

  • Full HD 1080p

  • Innovative styling inspired by new ‘draw the LINE’ design concept

  • Superb clarity, colour and contrast with BRAVIA™ ENGINE 2

  • Smoother, sharper fast-moving action thanks to Motionflow 100Hz with Image Blur Reduction technology

  • Enjoy digital music and photos from networked DLNA devices


BRAVIA™ W4500 series

 Whether you’re into the latest movies on Blu-ray™ Disc, nail-biting PLAYSTATION®3 games or sparkling HD broadcasts, there’s a mouthwatering choice of  BRAVIA™ televisions for serious viewers who demand the ultimate entertainment experience.


“The unique blend of advanced technology and leading design of both the BRAVIA™ X4500 and slim speaker systems, mean that consumers can now view crystal-clear images with atmospheric sound without compromising on the look and feel of their home”, explained George Damigos, General Manager, Marketing, TV Marketing Europe.


“Together with the feature-packed W4500 series, these two new BRAVIA™ ranges represent the absolute pinnacle of Sony innovation in bringing you the best-looking pictures and an unmatched home theatre experience.”


BRAVIA™ X4500 series: the very last word for serious home theatre fans

The stunning flagship of the BRAVIA™ range, the top-of-the-range X4500 series represents the very last word in unmatched picture quality and breathtaking design.


Available in three screen sizes (40-inch, 46-inch, 55-inch), it’s packed with state-of-the-art Sony technologies to deliver Full HD 1080p pictures and dynamic sound that effortlessly surpass anything you’ve seen before. With no less than 4x HDMI ports for connection with a wide array of HD sources, the X4500 series is the ultimate choice for discerning home cinema enthusiasts who demand an uncompromised theatrical experience.


Thanks to a unique new ‘floating’ design, the exquisite looks of the X4500 series are guaranteed to grab your attention before the TV is even turned on. In addition to the supplied sterling silver speaker covers, there’s a choice of optional speaker covers (Ruby Red or Obsidian Black), letting you customise the X4500 series to complement and enhance your personal living space.


To get the absolute best out of your favourite movies, TV broadcasts and games, Sony’s new BRAVIA™ ENGINE 2 PRO filters, cleans and optimises image data before it’s displayed on the Full HD 1080p LCD panel. As well as reducing picture noise, this powerful processor widens colour range and smooths motion while boosting contrast for deep, cinematic blacks.


For amazing results with any picture source like DVD, the latest-generation DRC (Digital Reality Creation) 3.0 boosts the resolution using advanced up-conversion-technology to stream a Full HD 1080p picture. This ensures detail-packed images that take full advantage of the highly detailed 1920×1080 panel.


A true cinematic experience in your own home demands rich colours and true, deep blacks. For the first time ever, 46-inch and 55-inch X4500 series models feature an energy-efficient RGB Dynamic LED backlight that momentarily dims in dark areas of the picture, reducing light leakage for enhanced contrast and deeper blacks. Clusters of red, green and blue LEDs provide a wider palette of colours than conventional white LED backlights. The result is stunning reproduction of Blu-ray Disc™, DVD and TV broadcast sources, just as the director intended.  


46- and 55-inch models excel with smooth, lifelike reproduction of sports and other fast-moving action. Motionflow PRO 100Hz technology intelligently creates extra frames, inserting them into the signal and doubling the displayed frame rate. In addition, ‘backlight blinking’ successively switches off horizontal backlight portions of the frame with each frame. This significantly reduces picture blur without the fatiguing ‘flicker’ effect of conventional black frame insertion systems. The 40-inch screen size model also features new IB Reduction. This ‘cleans’ original frames before new frame insertion for a sharper image still with reduced motion blur.


Along with the W4500 series, the X4500 series is the first BRAVIA™ television that connects seamlessly with other networked devices via DLNA in your home. It’s easy to access, share and enjoy digital photos and music with other certified devices around the home – like VAIO Blu-ray Disc™ PCs and other compatible media devices.

You can also view your pictures  by inserting a USB Memory stick into the USB input on the side of the TV or by directly connecting your Cyber-shot™ or other digital cameras to your BRAVIA™.  Enjoying your detail-packed photos in Picture Frame Mode on a 40 inch or even larger screen will bring your memories back to life.


The ultimate BRAVIA™ entertainment experience is completed by an innovative audio system with 6 main speakers and 2 woofer speakers on the 55X4500 and 4 main and 2 woofer speakers on 40X4500 / 46X4500.

Surround effects can be optimised for sports, live music concerts or movies, or customised for maximum enjoyment of any type of programme. The combination of the ultra-thin shape with the leading technology of the finger speaker and assist woofer produces a remarkably crisp sound quality without altering the style and design of the TV.?


BRAVIA™ W4500 series: incredible images with any HD source

Whether you’re into sports, gaming or general TV viewing, the BRAVIA™ W4500 series delivers incredible picture and sound quality to get the very best out of your favourite HD sources.


Available in three screen sizes (40-inch, 46-inch, 52-inch), the set features effortlessly contemporary looks inspired by Sony’s audacious ‘Draw the Line’ design concept. Sharing many of the same picture innovations as its X4500 sibling, the BRAVIA™ W4500 series is packed with latest Sony technology for the best-looking Full HD pictures you’ve ever seen.


BRAVIA™ ENGINE 2 processing guarantees superb clarity, colour, contrast and definition, while Motionflow 100Hz technology keeps fast-moving action crisp and clear. In addition, new IB Reduction ‘cleans’ original frames before new frame insertion for a sharper image with reduced blur.


The W4500 series also lets you enjoy multimedia content from other devices on your home network that support the DLNA standard.


The BRAVIA™ X4500 and W4500 series Full HD LCD televisions will be available from September 08 (X4500) and October 08 (W4500).

BRAVIA X4500 and W4500 Series: Key Features




Screen size (inch)

40, 46, 55

40, 46, 52

1080p Full HD



10-bit panel





BE 2

Live Colour Creation



RGB Dynamic LED Backlight

Yes (46-inch, 55-inch)


Dynamic Contrast Ratio

50,000:1(40-inch) 1,100,000:1 (46-inch, 55-inch)


Deep Colour




PRO 100Hz (46, 55-inch), 100Hz (40-inch)


24p True Cinema™






Integrated MPEG-4 AVC HD tuner²






DLNA (music/photo)



Picture Frame Mode



PhotoTV HD



HDMI™ inputs



USB port



Optical digital output



S-Force audio




(Xross Media Bar™)



Finger Speaker & Assist Woofer

Yes (40-inch, 46-inch)


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