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How Mobile Tech has changed how we do things Part 2

So carrying on from Part 1 having now arrived in France with thanks to TomTom and the iPhone I really wanted to be able to carry on posting the latest news while I was away. Now for those who have been regular readers of Mobile Tech Addicts you will know that it is a very new blog and keeping it fresh and interesting to build up our audience figures has been a lot of hard work but proving very successful so the timing of this family holiday could not have been worse.

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Hands on with the HTC Touch Pro

htc_touch_pro05Over at The Unwired there is a nice video of the the hardware functions of the HTC Touch Pro. All angles of the phone are covered and its nice to see the LED for the photos and the pinhole backlight sensor.

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Apple iPhone covert operations


Gizmodo have a sneaky picture of the iPhone factory line. So I guess these phone aren’t forged in the lava’s of Mordor. In fact, quite the opposite, looks a little like Tesco’s packaged donuts.

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Orange mobile broadband + free laptop

logo Orange (again) have announced they will be providing a new deal for those looking for a mobile internet solution outside of their phone. This will directly compete with 3’s slashing of mobile broadband package deals. Mobile New International reports:

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Statement from Orange regarding Wi-fi


Orange have released a new service for finding local Wi-fi networks that work for you wherever you might be. Sounds like a must have link on any mobile phone with Wi-fi. We have the full statement after the break.

Thanks to Noor Kheir

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Papercraft iPhone

iphone_papercraftThose Germans are odd folks. Here is one of the hilarious things the mobile companies get up to over there in Germanland. Those whom have ordered an iPhone and are currently awaiting stock are receiving a nice papercraft iPhone to keep them happy in the interim. Hilarious if you haven’t ordered one, but I know if if I was waiting I would be fuming.

Story from Gizmodo

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HeroCraft Travel Genius

Today HeroCraft announced their latest game, Travel Genius. Looks like it’s going to be a fun and education game when it’s launched next month. Check out the press release below have a look at the at the game trailer on HeroCraft’s website.

clip_image001HeroCraft announces the forthcoming release of an unique geographical quiz Travel Genius for PDA & Smartphones.

Whoever said learning couldn’t be fun? Travel Genius sets out to prove otherwise.

Meet a smart geographical quiz which helps you to test your world knowledge, get to know more about our planet and make the whole world seem a smaller place.  This ingenious new game puts you, the intrepid explorer, through your paces as you navigate your way to capital cities, oceans and seas, mountain ranges, famous battlegrounds, landmarks and much more.

Play a simple game, progressing level by level through exotic locations or test your mettle in a timed game where speed is of the essence as you track down those hard-to-find places.  Perform well enough and you’ll be able to access the frantic finger flexing bonus game!

Travel Genius – go travelling the world from the comfort of your armchair!

The detailed information about the game, including screenshots and trailer will be available soon on the HeroCraft PDA site                                              


Official Date Release – August 25, 2008.

clip_image003     Game features

  • Simple and Timed game modes
  • Joystick or stylus compatible
  • 8 different themes
  • Arcade bonus mini-game
  • Over 700 locations across 6 maps
  • Detailed statistics

clip_image003     Supported platforms

  • Palm 5.x OS
  • Windows Mobile 2003
  • Windows Mobile 2003 SE
  • Windows Mobile 5.x
  • Windows Mobile 6 (Classic / Professional / Standard)
  • Symbian 7 / 8 / 9.x OS (S60)
  • Symbian 7 / 9.x OS (UIQ)

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