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O2 blames Apple for short supply of iPhone 3G

image O2 has blamed Apple for the "disappointing and frustrating experience" many would-be iPhone 3G owners had to put up with when the carrier began taking advance orders for the handset this week.

In an email said to have been sent to one consumer who complained about the near-collapse of O2’s ordering system, O2 Sales Director Steve Shurrock laid the blame at Apple’s door, specifically the Mac maker’s alleged inability to get sufficient stock in place to meet demand – despite O2’s requests for more.

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HP iPAQ 910 Business Messenger

hp-ipaq-910-914-official-press-photo Youtube user Palmsolo posted this, a quick look at the Ipaq 910, but its a full 11 minute examination of a rather recent phone. Its hardly spectular however HP seem to like to put fairly beefy processors in their devices, so it may push some boundaries. The reviewer also points out some of the bugs.

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A look at the Toshiba G910

toshiba_g910 Pocketnow have posted a video glossing over the Toshiba G910. Looks like a nice phone and in comparison to everything that seems to be coming out over the next month it looks nicely unconventional.

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No Diamond for Orange business customers

REVIEW-3120-fc5364cf1d2ab15695bd1963ee558863.jpg.l Tracy and Matt have reported that the Diamond will not be available to business users. It isn’t suitable. Why? Battery life? Touch3D too cool?

The first thing I read about the Diamond way back when was the idea that when your phone rings and The A Team theme blares out in meetings you can simply flip it over and it would shut up. Sounds like HTC had business users in mind when they invented.

Who knows, maybe they will push the Diamond as their fun phone and the Touch Pro as the professional model, if they agree to stock it.

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iPhone 3G what is in the box?

imageiphoneportugal claim to be the first to unbox the new iPhone 3G. They have posted a few pictures showing what is in the box, they claim its the 8 gig version and by the looks of the finger prints on the new look black plastic case they must have unboxed a KFC just before shooting the pictures. See the pictures after the break.

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No Touch Diamond for Orange Business customers?

I know I’ve spoken about the HTC Touch Diamond coming to Orange a lot recently but I’ve just been on the phone to my Orange business account manager and she’s informed me that the Touch Diamond will NOT be made available to business customers.

She explained that the devices team at Orange have been looking at the Diamond for some time and have decided that it’s not suitable for business users?!

She did go on to say that if a business customer was to insist upon having a Diamond that they might be able to get one by speaking to someone in the retentions team but that this would not be recommended.

Has anyone else heard the same or similar from Orange? I’ve been using my Touch Diamond for several weeks and cant see any reason why this would be described as ‘Not Suitable For Business’. I’m a high use business customer and I’m delighted with my Diamond.

I wonder if the reason for this decision has anything to do with Orange customisation or am I just cynical?

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BlackBerry 9500 Thunder Pictures

image Blackberrysync have managed to get hold of some exclusive pictures of the Blackberry Thunder (9500) you know the one with no keyboard set to rival the other phone with no keyboard. The Thunder also known as BlackBerry 9500 will feature a huge 360×480 touch display and will apparently run on OS 4.7.

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Winterface Windows Mobile touch interface

Winterface is the Next Generation Shell for Windows MobileVito Software have released a new interface for Windows Mobile Professional devices called Winterface, if you don’t know Vito have released some excellent software based on touch already, we reviewed a few of them here  and will be taking a good look at this one over the next few days too.

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VITO Technology releases a new WM interface

Recently there have been a number of new interface designs for Windows Mobile devices from HTC TouchFlo to GSmart’s Smart Touch. There are also some decent third-party add-ons out there and once again Vito Technology have come up with a customisable interface called Winterface – “A Highly customizable Shell to improve standard WM interface.”

From their press release:

VITO Technology releases Winterface – a major breakthrough in the world of Windows Mobile interface. Winterface is the Next Generation Shell for Windows Mobile comprising the options of a launcher, a task manager, and a multitude of Today plug-ins. Winterface gives the user unprecedented freedom to easily lay out interface exactly the way they like it.

As a shell Winterface removes the necessity to turn to default Windows Mobile interface: Today screen and Start menu. Winterface opens instantly whenever users draw a simple gesture on the screen. It allows users to have as many screens as they need and put on them icons for applications, settings and contacts. The screens are flipped through with sliding finger gestures. The icons for such applications as phone, sms, email, battery, clock, calendar, memory, etc. – all show relevant information and thus replace a number of Today plug-ins.

As a launcher Winterface features one tap launch of any installed applications and settings. A tap on a contact icon opens a menu with contact details from where you can call, send text message, email, browse URL, etc.

As a task manager Winterface lets you easily switch between running applications. A fixed icon on the first screen lets users see running programs, switch between them or close them.

It is very convenient to organize icons on screens by a certain topic. Users can set up a screen with favorite contacts, a screen with most used applications, a screen with icons-indicators (battery, memory, calendar, clock, etc.), and so on, as far as their fantasy goes! Icons are easily moved on the screen and between screens by drag’n’drop gestures.

Winterface is available for $19.95 at . There is also a free 14-day fully functional trial available as a cab or exe installer.


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