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Orange unlimited data packages confirmed

There has been a lot of talk about unlimited data tariffs recently especially those rumoured to be coming to Orange. I’ve been trying to get Orange to confirm their position on unlimited data for a few days and in the end found the information I needed in the July catalog.

As you can see in the scan above, unlimited mobile browsing seems to be available on all packages that are over £35 per month but it would appear that you have to sign up for a 18 month contract in order to qualify.

I’m still waiting to hear from Orange to establish what, if anything, they are going to do for business customers on talk share tariffs but I’ll report back when I find out!

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Meet the team working on Windows Mobile 7

image The Windows Mobile Team Blog have posted a picture showing the team that will be developing the structure and interface of Windows Mobile 7. 

These guys (and gals) are responsible for Smart Dial, Call History, Speed Dial, Call Progress, Voicemail, Wireless Manager and a whole bunch of phone UI and APIs. They’re all hard at work on building a great phone + connectivity experience for the next version of Windows Mobile. Picture after the break.

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Mobile broadband on the rise

mobile broadband Sales of pre-pay dongles have rocketed to 8,000 per week in the UK, according to figures from retail analyst GfK.

Priced at around £50, pre-pay dongles are increasingly seen as a flexible way of getting broadband access on the go when used in conjunction with a notebook.

The GfK figures represent an eight-fold increase on to six months ago when just 1,000 per week were being sold.

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