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iCall for the iPhone, VoIP coming soon officially

image One of the most anticipated applications for the iPhone for me is a Vo-IP application which would allow me to make calls using WiFi. Well the good news is iCall for the iPhone is coming and it will be available officially from the iTunes App Store. It is also rumoured to become available through usave broadband and phone deals. Not only will you be able to make calls over WiFi but also seamlessly transfer a mobile call over to VoiP which could save you a lot of minutes each month. It’s already working and you can check out the video after the break to see it in action and check out their FAQ’s

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HTC Touch Diamond UK retail

Just like some of my other Windows Mobile community friends I am now the proud owner of a new UK spec. HTC Touch Diamond, complete with the latest ROM build.

I’ve only just started to use this full retail version and while it is essentially the saem device with the same hardware as the review unit we looked at last week, this version with it’s ater ROM build is far superior!

Many of the little niggles and bugbears with the software that I mentioned in the first parts of my HTC Touch Diamond review have been addressed. The Touch-Flo 3D interface is a whole lot smoother and much more respsonsive which makes using the Diamond a much more pleasurable experience.

Over the next few days, new baby permitting, I’ll be talking about the Diamond in a little more detail.

As always, please feel free to ask questions and I’ll do my best to answer.

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See Part 1 of the review.

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T-Mobile UK cuts European roaming charges

image Hot on the heels of O2’s announcement yesterday, T-Mobile have announced price cuts on using their plans abroad this summer. From 1 July, international roaming rates within the EU will fall by as much as 80% for internet access and mobile broadband. The charge for sending a text within Europe will reduce by 38% and T-Mobile will also make voice calls and messaging more affordable by introducing Euro Holiday Boosters for both PAYG and pay-monthly customers. Over to you Orange, Vodafone, Virgin and Three.

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Cootek Touchpal update to include HTC Diamond keyboard shell

image Dave over at Mobility Today has just been informed that CooTek are in the process of preparing to release a new version of their famous Keyboard. They are going to release an update V3.2 very soon, and there will be a specific skin for the HTC Touch Diamond.

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