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iPhone 3G Podcast Special, T4 Show and Mobile Tech Addicts

image Just spent a great hour discussing the impending launch of the iPhone 3G with Michael Manna of the T4 Show. In this episode (65) we discuss O2 iPhone 3G contracts, O2 HSDPA networks, pay as you go, highs and lows from the WWDC iPhone 3G announcements, what was disappointing and what was good and the upcoming App Store.

You can listen to the show directly here. or subscribe in iTunes here.

Thanks to Mike for inviting me onto the T4 Show.

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Update Spookcall closes after one week

image Spookcall, the UK’s first caller ID-spoofing service available to the general public, has decided to close less than one week after launch.

We reported the launch of the controversial service on Monday. It allowed anyone to impersonate any other phone number on a call recipient’s caller ID display. Spookcall also offered customers the ability to disguise their voice using software. It cost £5 for every 10 minutes of faked calling.

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We have a daughter!

You may have noticed that there haven’t been any posts from me for a few days but the reason is that Tracy has just given birth to our gorgeous baby girl, Chloe.

They are both doing really well and came home yesterday. I’m enjoying looking after them both!

Chloe was born at 13:17 on Wednesday 11th June and weighed 7lb 3oz. I’d like to thank everyone in the Castleacre maternity ward at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kings Lynn for looking after Tracy and Chloe.

Chloe was delivered by Caesarean Section which means that Tracy needs a bit of extra looking after so I may not be posting much for a little while.

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Vodafone UK claim to have the fastest Mobile Broadband ?

image Vodafone UK is the most reliable and the fastest network for mobile broadband according to LCC International, the largest independent wireless engineering company in the world.

The conclusion follows 28,000 network tests throughout March, April and May 2008 and comes a month after Vodafone UK announced it would start to do more to simplify mobile broadband for customers and talk less about theoretical possibilities and more about real speeds and actual benefits.

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LG VX8610 first phone with built-in Bluetooth headset

image LG has launched a sliderphone handset with an integrated Bluetooth earpiece – a world first, the company claimed.

The handset’s dubbed the ‘Decoy’ – or, more formally, the LG-VX8610. As you can see from the pics, the headset slips into a bay on the back, where it’s kept charged up and ready to be released at the push of a spring-loaded button.

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