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Vito Technology celebrates it’s 7th Birthday!

VITO Technology celebrate their 7th birthday with some great offers. Take a look at their press release for details:

VITO Technology celebrates its 7 years of success in the mobile market with a HUGE DISCOUNT on all software titles. During 7 days all VITO products at and are available for as much as $7.

After 7 successful years in the market VITO Technology has so far released over 40 programs for Windows Mobile Pocket PC, Smartphone, and Symbian phones. The range of programs stretches from GPS navigation to multimedia, including communication and utilities.

Practically all VITO software titles – VITO AudioNotes, VITO SoundExplorer, VITO Voice2Go to name just a few – have become winners of the annual Best Software Awards held by Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine. You can find all these prize winning best sellers at and AVAILABLE JUST FOR $7* FOR 7 days. We celebrate our birthday by offering you the best of the breed mobile software for Windows Mobile Pocket PC and Smartphone that give you truly boundless opportunities with your mobile device.

You can use VITO Technology software for GPS navigation, for voice dialing, for controlling your device with voice, for audio playback and recording, for remote controlling, for creating ringtones, for various sports activities, for star gazing, not enough? The brand-new sparkling software at allows you to control your device just with fingers: scroll list of contacts in FunContact like on iPhone, indulge yourself in threaded SMS messaging with SMS-Chat, type with fingers on ZoomBoard, launch and manage tasks with finger-friendly GoodWin, and even more…
Make sure you get your slice of VITO’s 7th Birthday Cake – $7* for 7 days only at and!

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SoliCall Launches Enhanced Version for Mobile Phones

SoliCall is now launching an enhanced version of it’s VoIP noise reduction software for mobile phones.

SoliCall announced today the release of SoliCall Mobile – an enhanced version of its unique personalized noise reduction technology for Windows Mobile.

Too often, an important call catches you on your mobile in a bad time: whether a client just called in the middle of your lunch in a noisy restaurant; your wife can t hear a word you re saying calling from that crowded mall; or your boss phones you when you are driving your kids to school.

With SoliCall Mobile you will be able to customize your cell phone not just with your favorite ringtones, music and wallpapers. SoliCall Mobile offers an innovative solution, different from the ordinary solutions available on today s mobiles. SoliCall identifies the voice of the specific speaker and reduces all other background noise.

SoliCall Mobile is targeting mainly manufacturers of mobile phones and mobile VoIP providers. Manufacturers, operators and end-users alike will enjoy its benefits: better sound quality and improved customer satisfaction; reduced power consumption which will increase battery life; and lower OPEX for the operators by reducing the required bandwidth to handle phone calls.

The SDK offered by SoliCall works on Windows Mobile and can be easily integrated as part of the audio path. Ideally the SDK should be placed in the audio path between the AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) and the CODEC. More than a dozen leading telecommunication companies have already shown interest, among them some of the biggest mobile phone manufacturers.

SoliCall’s technology has been commercially available on other platforms since mid 2007. There has been a strong demand from individuals and users of SoliCall who would have liked to have this valuable feature on their mobile phones, says Adam Moore, Director of Business Development for SoliCall (Ltd.). With the cooperation of the manufactures, that are already running field tests, this will soon be possible. We expect that SoliCall Mobile will increase end units sales, and be especially attractive for the business community, for which the quality of the calls is in first priority.

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Orange make the HTC Shift Official

Remember a couple of weeks ago we mentioned the appearance of the HTC Shift in the Orange February price book? Well today Orange made things official and sent out the following release, but pay special attention to that last paragraph where they mention the price. The shift comes in at £999! That’s about £200 more than the ‘SIM Free’ price!

Orange HTC Shift

Orange HTC Shift

The official release:

18th February, 2008 – Orange today announced the launch of the HTC Shift. Exclusive to Orange, the Shift packs the punch of a laptop in a smaller, lighter form factor, with full mobile data connectivity. It perfectly blends style with functionality, boasting a seven inch touch screen that smoothly slides and tilts to the perfect viewing angle, as well as a full QWERTY keyboard.

The always-on “mob-top” is the perfect accessory for those that want to both work and play. Users can easily switch between Microsoft Windows Mobile and the fuller Microsoft Windows Vista mode, at the touch of a button. Customers can always be contactable thanks to a long battery life and innovative technology which enables users to preview their text messages, emails, calendar and contacts as well as providing alerts and reminders when new items arrive – even if the Shift is not switched on.

Supporting both 3G/3G+ and Wi-Fi connectivity, a first for any Ultra Mobile PC, the Shift can seamlessly move between networks, ensuring customers can access internet and emails whether at home, in work or out and about.

Customers who are constantly on the move can maximise their time as the Shift comes pre-loaded with Microsoft Office in Vista mode enabling users to download, view and edit their Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint documents.

The Shift comes with a massive 30GB hard-drive, so that as well as being able to surf the web, customers can store all their photos, music and videos to help pass the time away from work.

For extra security the Shift has a built-in fingerprint sensor, meaning that your contacts, content and emails are kept safe.

Nick Horton, Head of Business Devices, Orange UK, said: “The HTC Shift is the first device of its kind, and Orange is the first UK operator to offer it to customers. It perfectly balances both personal and business needs, and it looks fantastic! The Shift’s highly portable design and ability to connect via both Wi-Fi and the Orange mobile network, means customers don’t need to be in the office to keep up to date with their work.”

The HTC Shift will be available to buy online at, and in selected Orange retail stores throughout the UK from the end of February. The Shift will be priced at £999 with a data tariff.

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Neonode N2 unbox video and review


I’m sure that Neonode isn’t a name that too many will recognise but the N2, as the name might suggest, is the second device to be released by the Swedish handset manufacturer, Neonode. The original N1 was released back in 2004 and was a interesting device, it was a radical design shift and looked very different to the other handsets available at the time, such as the HTC Canary and the HTC Magician.

The N2 is builds upon the original design and specification of the N1 and includes advances such as integrated Bluetooth and additional memory.

The Neonode N2 is not available on contract from any network here in the UK, Neonode have done deals with operators in other countries but if you want an N2 you’ll have to purchase from Neonode direct from Sweden.

The Neonode N2

The Neonode N2

Neonode N2 Specification:

  • 2″ TFT display 176 x 220 pixels
  • Windows CE 6.0 embedded
  • miniSD Card slot, 1 GB card included
  • 64MB RAM (no ROM as the miniSD card contains the OS
  • 2.0MP camera
  • GPRS
  • MP3/WMA/MPEG/WMV player
  • GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900
  • 77 x 47 x 14.7 mm
  • 65 grams
  • 200 hours standby
  • 4 hours talk time

    The Neonode N2 is a tiny phone with a black, hard-rubber case and very few exterior controls. The screen isn’t a true touchscreen but instead uses a patented technology called zForce. zForce is a new breed within touch screens. It is an optical touch screen that doesn’t require hard pressure or a stylus.

    So apart from the screen itself there is very little to see on the front of the device apart from a small joystick-style control at the bottom.

    N2 joystick control

    N2 joystick control

    On the left side of the device you’ll find an up/down volume control rocker and a tiny power button. The right side of the N2 is bare.

    N2 left side

    N2 left side

    The top of the N2 is home to the connector that offers sync, charge and audio connectivity. It’s a custom connector that allow you plug in a charger, USB Sync cable and a set of headphones. Next to the connector you’ll find a switch that allows you to remove the back cover in order to install your SIM card and the supplied 1GB miniSD card.

    N2 top

    N2 top
    N2 inside

    N2 inside


  • Incredibly small and light
  • Cool factor
  • Battery life
  • Excellent touchscreen navigation

  • Has only GPRS, no EDGE or 3G
  • No email client
  • Lacks software
  • OS on removable memory card

    This time around, as a result of feedback from readers, I’ve recoded a brief review as part of our unboxing video which you can see below. I’m going to cover the main points here too.

    Neonode N2 unboxed and reviewed

    Initially the Neonode N2 struck me as looking just like one of those cyberpets that were very popular a few years ago, it certainly doesn’t look much like a typical mobile phone. The N2 is very small and light although I suspect that it might be too small for some peoples taste.

    Having a 1GB memory card included in the package seems like a nice ‘generous’ thing for Neonode to have done until you realise this is actually a necessity. Perhaps one of the strangest things about the N2 is that the operating system – in this case Windows CE 6.0 embedded – is actually installed on the supplied miniSD card! This means that you cannot remove the memory card and put in another until you have copied or downloaded the OS from the Neonode site it also means you cannot borrow someone else’s memory card to look at their photos etc. I cant really see any advantage for this arrangement.

    I’ve been using the N2 for a couple of weeks and I amazed at the battery life. Granted, I’m not using it a great deal, mainly just sending a few texts and making a few calls but then I’ve only had to charge the battery twice. This is great for me as I can carry the N2 in my bag and keep it as a backup phone without having to worry about checking the charge level all the time. In comparison my TyTN II needs charging every day.

    As I mentioned earlier in the review, the touchscreen isn’t a true touch screen as the sensors are optical and use infrared light beams to work out where your finger is on the screen. The result is an extremely sensitive touchscreen that requires the lightest of touches to make it work. This means that the gesture based interface works really well.

    Just a few words on the gesture based navigation then. There has been a lot of talk in the mainstream media about touschscreen phones as if they are a truly new and magical invention. As the rest of us know, touchscreens have been around quite a while. When the iPhone arrived on the scene last year much was made of the gesture based touchscreen navigation and once again there was a media frenzy. Let’s just point out then that the original Neonode N1 has touchscreen gesture based navigation when it was launched back in 2004 – a little ahead of Apple then?!

    The OS on the N2 is Windows CE 6.0 embedded but if you are thinking that this is a Smartphone then STOP. The N2 really isn’t a smartphone or PDA device. You wont find activesync or an email client here and you wont even recognise the custom interface that Neonode have built in. As a result, many CE and Smartphone applications simply refuse to install and those that do will refuse to run. Having tried out numerous apps and games I struggled to find anything that would in fact work. The bottom line is that anything you might hope to use on the N2 needs to be developed specifically for it and as such there is very little out there. However this is a situation that should hopefully improve now that Neonode has some deals with operators in India and the USA.

    I’m sure that N1 owners out there will love the N2. It’s smaller than the N1 but seems to include much of what was missing from the N1 including bluetooth, vibrating call alert and perhaps quite importantly more RAM. Not much else has changed on the inside of the device, it has the same CPU and virtually the same custom OS.

    Neonode N1 vs N2

    Neonode N1 vs N2

    Compared to other devices on the market at the moment the N2 might seem a little basic. 64MB of RAM isn’t much and the 176 x 220 screen seems quite cramped but perhaps there are two more important things that are more likely to put a potential buyer off the N2. First of all there’s no proper email on client. Despite running Windows CE you wont be able to sync your Exchange or even your Outlook email. The only option for reading email is to use the web browser and some kind of webmail. On top of that is the fact that the N2 only has GPRS so there’s no high speed data in the form of 3G or HSDPA. Perhaps this wouldn’t seem so bad of the N2 had WiFi but sadly it’s lacking in this department too. Mind you with no email feature GPRS may well be enough!

    Reading the last few paragraphs you might think that I don’t like the N2, however, that’s not actually the case and there is plenty to like about the N2. The size is a big plus for this phone not only is it small overall but it’s really quite thin and slips easily in the that little pocket in your jeans. The gesture based interface is easy to use and very responsive and there’s a definite cool factor to it.

    Sending a text or dialling a phone number is a breeze on the N2 as well. The on screen phone pad offers predictive text entry as well as regular multi-tap. It’s here also that we see a small extra feature that makes a big difference; When you tap a key on the screen you get a tactile response thanks to the N2’s built in vibrate function. It’s a simple thing but makes all the difference.

    As you can imagine, I get a lot of devices to try out here and I always show other people to see what they think. Never in all the time that I’ve been running the blog have I seen a device generate so much interest among my colleagues at work. Everyone wants to play with the N2 even to the point where they start to argue over who gets to have the next turn!

    Neonode N2 vs HTC TyTN II

    Neonode N2 vs HTC TyTN II


    If you use your phone for business then the Neonode N2 certainly isn’t going to replace your Windows Mobile or even your Blackberry. The lack of email and 3G really does render this phone useless for a business customer.

    However, if you want a discreet mobile phone for making and receiving calls and for text messaging then the N2 is very capable and performs these functions in style.

    I like the N2 but I wont be giving up my TyTN II, however I do carry the N2 in my pocket all the time and use it with may PAYG SIM. If I go out socially then I’ll just take the N2 and leave the TyTN II at home. I just wish Neonode would include some kind of pocket outlook client!

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    Mio Digiwalker P560 unboxed

    It seems like a long time ago that we first previewed the Mio Digiwalker P560 but at last we’ve managed to get our hands on a retail unit to review.

    The all new Mio P560 is a Pocket PC PDA device with integrated GPS and is the upgrade to Mio Digiwalker’s very successful Mio P550.

    With similar specification as the P550, the Mio P560 benefits from improved design and ergonomics as well as Windows Mobile 6 classic operating system.

    Windows Mobile 6 and a 3.5” display gives you increased functionality in dealing with your everyday tasks. View and edit Word and Excel files, view a PowerPoint presentation, all from the palm of your hand.

    As always we’ve recorded the unboxing ceremony for you to have a look at and we’ll be uisng the device over the next few weeks.

    Mio Digiwalker P560 unboxed

    Mio P560 Specification:

  • Windows Mobile 6.0 Classic
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • Built In GPS
  • SDHC/MMC expansion slot
  • Processor: 400 MHz
  • Memory: ROM 2048MB/RAM 64 MB
  • Display: 3.5” Colour transflective TFT , 240 x 320
  • Wireless LAN 802.11b, 802.11g
  • Satellite Navigation: SiRF Star III , 20 channels
  • 170 grams (battery included)
  • Dimensions: 72 x 115 x 17.8mm
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    GIGA-BYTE announce Mobile TV and GPS WM Smartphones

    As expected, there’s been plenty of news coming from MWC this week and one item that particularly caught my attention was the announcement from GIGA-BYTE whereby they showcased their first 3.5G Windows Mobile smartphones with TV and GPS.

    The new handsets are ultra slim HSPDA GPS devices, like the MS800 (left) and the MS820 (right). However, what interested me most was that fact that these new WM devices were based upon a modular platform and that there would be an array of models each with a differnt feature set where all major features including modem (HSDPA, WCDMA, EDGE), TV, GPS/AGPS, and storage become optional. The MS820 features the exclusive motion-sensing G-Sensor and graphic user interface. All GSmart phone models launched in 2008 will feature graphic user interface to offer consumers an easy-to-use environment.

    GSmart MS800 & MS820

    GSmart MS800 & MS820

    From the Giga-Byte press release:

    GSmart, the leading mobile phone brand owned by the Taiwan-based GIGA-BYTE Communications Inc., is proud to showcase its first 3.5G Windows Mobile PDA phones with brand new mobile TV and GPS series at Mobile World Congress (3GSM) in Spain. GSmart will also be introducing revolutionary modularized platforms and exclusive graphic user interface for the first time.

    Taking the spotlight is MS808, the world’s first 3.5G mobile TV phone supporting DVB-T, DVB-H, T-DMB, ISDB-T, and GPS. MS804 is the only 3.5G sliding phone on display and comes with cap-sensor and digit dial keys. Also on show are ultra slim HSPDA GPS devices, MS800 and MS820. MS820 features the exclusive motion-sensing G-Sensor and graphic user interface. All GSmart phone models launched in 2008 will feature graphic user interface to offer consumers an easy-to-use environment.

    In addition to the models being showcased, GSmart continues its tradition in bringing new concepts to the industry as it introduces modularized platforms, where all major features including modem (HSDPA, WCDMA, EDGE), TV, GPS/AGPS, and storage become optional. q60 is the first modularized model following by MS800, MS804, MS820, and MS808. Buyers will now have the freedom to choose different feature combinations to target market needs.

    As the first model in a new product line, MD800 is the world’s first and only 3-in-1 wireless data card with 3.5G and GPS/AGPS, combining Express card, mini USB, PCMCIA interfaces by switching the adapter.

    Dr. Stanley Jenq, Chief Executive Officer of GIGA-BYTE Communications said, “Following the success of the award winning digital TV PDA phone, GSmart t600, we are leading the industry in delivering Mobile TV. With the new 3.5G TV and GPS series, and our modularized production system, we offer smart technologies that will fulfill the everyday needs of mobile users with speed and unprecedented quality.”

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    HTC P6500 arrives on Orange

    It’s been almost a year since we first saw the HTC P6500 (aka HTC Sirius) and since then things have gone a little quiet on this device. However, Orange have just added the P6500 to their list of handsets available to business customers.

    Orange HTC P6500

    Orange HTC P6500

    Orange are saying: “The HTC P6500 has a semi-ruggedised design with fingerprint security. Great for the hard working business person.” but I think this is just PR speak for “This device is a bit ugly”! Anyone have any thoughts about the P6500?

    HTC P6500 Specification:

  • 400Mhz 32bit Samsung SC32442
  • 256Mb ROM, 64Mb RAM
  • Windows Mobile 6 Professional
  • 3.5″ QVGA (240 x 320) TFT display
  • GSM850, GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900, UMTS850
  • Biometric fingerprint reader?
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • WiFi: 802.11b, 802.11g
  • 1.9MP Camera
  • 1600 mAh battery
  • Full sized SD Card slot
  • More details on the P6500 can be found HERE on the Orange website.

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    i-mate Ultimate 8502 and 9502 officially announced

    You may recall that about a month ago we mentioned that the i-mate Ultimate 8502 and 9502 could be pre-ordered from our friends at Devicewire. Well yesterday the i-mate Ultimate 8502 and 9502 were “officially announced” at MWC. The press release, along with a couple of new shots of the devices can be found below.

    i-mate Ultimate 8502

    i-mate Ultimate 8502
    i-mate Ultimate 9502

    i-mate Ultimate 9502

    i-mate today unveils the latest devices in its Ultimate range, the Ultimate 9502 and the Ultimate 8502 at Mobile Congress World.

    The Ultimate 9502 and 8502 are the latest devices from the Ultimate range, a collection of four devices in various forms to suit individual preferences, from classic PDA to a notebook replacement and were designed to provide the latest and best in phone and PDA technology. With a wide variety of features ranging from to HSDPA and HUSDPA connectivity to the 262k colour TFT screen , every component of the device is specified at a very high level.

    The Ultimate 9502 represents the flagship of the Ultimate range and delivers an all in one Windows Mobile® device. Powered by 3.5G (HSDPA & HUSDPA), and WiFI and Bluetooth connectivity, the Ultimate 9502’s VGA display is perfect for multimedia viewing, or checking through maps using the its integrated GPS functionality for navigation. There are dedicated shortcut keys all around the 9502, allowing easy and fast access to often used applications.. The 9502 includes integrated support for Direct Video Out capabilities, providing you with the option to connect it to monitors or projectors and watch videos off it or even use Windows Mobile on a larger screen. This feature was especially included in a business sense so users can perform video conferencing or project slideshows and presentations from the phone itself, making it a viable alternative to a notebook.

    The Ultimate 8502 delivers a customised out of the box experience in a slim line QWERTY keyboard form factor. With a 2.6 inch touchscreen with 65k colour TFT backlight, it is fully loaded with Microsoft Office Mobile giving users access to popular applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint on the go. This device also comes with built-in GPS navigation functionality offering users satellite navigation. The 8502 can play video clips directly and a variety of music file formats on the inbuilt Windows Media Player 10 Mobile media player.

    “2008 sees i-mate(tm) continue to deliver on its iconic devices and sophisticated services,” said Jim Morrison, CEO, i-mate(tm). “The Ultimate range has already won plaudits on its design and strong specifications. The Ultimate 9502 and 8502 will continue to build on i-mate’s, the best of breed combination of innovation, design and technology. Each of our devices is designed with different users in mind giving our customers real choice.”

    As part of i-mate(tm)’s service proposition, Mobile World Congress will also mark the launch of i-mate’s(tm) I-Q Services, a portfolio of services that ensure the best wireless experience out of the box. With I-Q, i-mate can immediately customise user devices, fully support devices on a 24/7 basis and fully protect and if necessary, remotely wipe devices that are lost of stolen. little as 48 hours. Mobile Operators can use i-Q to improve their services to the enterprise segment and to accelerate their time-to-market with new mobile devices to address the rapidly expanding mobile workforce. IDC estimates that the worldwide mobile worker population will grow to 878.2 million in 2009 to account for 21.3 percent of the global work force*.

    Morrison concludes, “The mobile industry is starting to develop an approach where a customer can select a device based on what they want and need, not because they are restricted by available options. With the latest Ultimate devices powered by Windows Mobile and customised for the enterprise, we believe we are delivering what our customers are asking for.”

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    HP iPAQ 614 pre-order

    HP seem to be on a roll at the moment releasing a number of devices over the past few weeks. This Friday Clove Technology will have the first uk stock of the new HP iPAQ 614 so you can pre-order now.

    HP iPAQ 614

    HP iPAQ 614

    The iPAQ 614 is a candybar form factor Windows Mobile phone with a phone style keypad. The 614 runs WM6 professional and therefore has a touchscreen and stylus. The 614 also has built in Assisted GPS!

    The iPAQ 614 comes in two flavours too – the 614C has a built-in 3 mega-pixel autofocus camera, where as the 614 has no camera.

    HP iPAQ 614 Specification:

  • Windows Mobile 6 professional
  • 2.8-inch transmissive TFT 240 x 320 pixel touch panel display
  • Built-in Assisted GPS
  • Integrated Quad band GSM/GPRS/EDGE, Tri Band HSPDA
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • Bluetooth V2.0
  • 520MHz processor
  • 128MB SDRAM/ 256MB ROM
  • 3 Megapixel Camera (614c)
  • MicroSD Slot
  • 1590 mAh Lithium Polymer battery
  • 117 x 60.3 x 17.5mm
  • 145 grams
  • Your business has to keep running when you are on the go. This iPAQ 614C is a 3G technology mobile phone with GPS navigation and personal organizer, that helps you run your business single handedly.

    Need to know how to get somewhere? Let the Assisted GPS (built into the iPAQ 614C) guide you to your business and personal destinations.

    Navigate the menus and features of the device with just one hand. Designed for single handed user you can scroll through your email, zoom in and out of maps, and look through your files with the smart touch wheel and three-way thumb wheel.

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    Microsoft reveals MSN Direct

    Today at Mobile World Congress 2008, Microsoft Corp. announced the availability of a technology preview for accessing MSN Direct content on Windows Mobile-based devices.
    With this technology preview, customers can receive instant access to information such as weather and stock updates; top news stories; and entertainment, sports and business news. The information is presented in a glanceable format, and is easily accessible directly from the home screen of a device. Content is automatically updated so that customers have immediate access to the content that matters most to them.

    MSN Direct

    MSN Direct

    “This is the first time MSN Direct content has been made available to mobile phones, and it is a strong next step for the delivery of MSN Direct content where customers have said they need it the most,” said Eric Lang, general manager of the MSN Direct initiative at Microsoft. “We are excited about the opportunities this new application will bring to mobile operators, consumers and the industry.”

    After installing the technology preview on the device, customers can select content based on relevancy and preference. For more in-depth information on the topics a person is exploring, MSN Direct provides links that connect users to the relevant areas of the popular MSN Mobile portal. Together, MSN Direct and MSN Mobile provide users with quick and easy options for getting current information while on the go.

    “The MSN Direct for mobile technology preview is a clear demonstration
    of Microsoft’s commitment to bringing simple and useful information to mobile customers,” said Alexander Gounares, corporate vice president of Microsoft Ads and Commerce. “We are pleased to offer this preview and look forward to feedback.”

    The MSN Direct content is supplied by a number of leading partners, including Foreca Ltd. for current weather information, Comstock Resources Inc. for stock prices, and MSNBC for the wide gamut of news offerings


    Windows Mobile customers interested in downloading the MSN Direct technology preview can use either of the following methods:

    – Via mobile browser. From the Web browser on their mobile phone, users go to MSN Direct and follow the instructions on the page to download and install MSN Direct.

    – Via PC. Users download MSN Direct to their PC and copy it over to their device using whatever software they normally use (such as ActiveSync). On the device, they click on the MSN Direct file to begin installation.

    The MSN Direct application is free to download; MSN Direct requires data connectivity from a wireless carrier, which may charge additional fees. Consumers should check with their wireless provider for its coverage areas and service fees.

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