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SanDisk introduces Multi SD kit

SanDisk today introduced the microSD Multi SD Kit, bringing together in one package a microSD flash card with a miniSD adapter and a standard SD adapter, at the 3GSM World Conference 2007, where SanDisk is demonstrating products in booths 7C62 and 8C74.

SanDisk SD Kit

The microSD Multi SD Kit removes confusion for consumers and retailers in selecting the correct card for a mobile phone, because the kit supports all mobile phones with SD-based card slots. According to SanDisk research, 87 percent of the latest mobile phone models with card slots are designed for either microSD, miniSD or standard SD.

“Consumers, when shopping for memory cards, don’t always know what type of SD slot is in their mobile phone. The microSD Multi SD Kit makes the purchasing decision a snap, because the card is guaranteed to fit — either directly through a microSD slot, or by using the adapters for miniSD or standard SD slots,” said Jeff Kost, vice president and general manager of mobile consumer solutions for SanDisk. “Retailers also get a break, because sales associates can focus on the benefits of added capacity rather than worrying about compatibility.”

The kit makes it easy to enjoy music, photos, video clips and personal files on multiple devices. For example, a large video clip could be downloaded through a laptop computer and transferred to the microSD card using the kit’s standard SD adapter. The microSD card could then be placed in a phone with either a miniSD or microSD slot. The kit is also compatible with personal electronics other than mobile phones, including SD digital cameras, as well as SanDisk’s Sansa(R) e200 series, Sansa(R) Connect(TM), Sansa(R) Express(TM), and Sansa c200 series of MP3 players. This flexibility makes it more likely consumers will use their portable devices, especially mobile phones, to enjoy music, photos and video.

The microSD Multi SD Kit comes in three capacities: 512 MB, 1GB and 2GB.(1) The product is available now in Japan. It will be available in the United States and Europe in March, in Canada in Q2. Pricing in the U.S. and Europe has yet to be announced. The product may be sold under other names outside of Europe.


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i-mate to release WM6 upgrade for JAQ3

In a surprise move, i-mate have announced that they will be making the upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 available to JAQ3 owners.

It is very unusual for device manufacturers to offer an OS upgrade like this.


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i-mate JAQ4 on its way

At 3GSM today i-mate announced the successor for the i-mate JAQ3; the JAQ4 of course!

Looking very much like the Nokia E61 the device is a little bigger and squarer than the JAQ3.

JAQ4 vs JAQ3

i-mate JAQ4 Specification:

  • Windows Mobile 6 professional
  • Quad Band
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g
  • 64MB RAM / 128MB ROM
  • miniSD expansion
  • 2.8″ screen
  • Integrated GPS
  • Scroll wheel
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • 2MP Camera
  • More info over at MoDaCo


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    HTC S710 coming to Orange as SPV E650

    The HTC S710 (aka HTC Vox) is coming to Orange as the Orange SPV E650.

    HTC Vox

    The Orange SPV E650 was mentioned in the Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6 press release and expected to be launched in Europe in the coming months. No further details at this stage but we hope to bring you more!

    Orange SPV E650 Specification:

  • Windows Mobile 6 Smartphone
  • TI OMAP 850 CPU @ 200Mhz
  • Quad Band EDGE/GSM (No 3G!)
  • 2.4″ QVGA 240 x 320 screen
  • 96Mb RAM, 128Mb ROM
  • Bluetooth 2
  • Dimensions: 100 x 50 x 18mm
  • USB and WiFi (802.11b/g)
  • ‘Spring Loaded’ Qwerty keyboard
  • 2MP Camera
  • 5 way jog bar
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Matt

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    Vodafone to launch Samsung SGH-i600

    At last we have more news about the eagerly awaited Samsung SGH-i600. Vodafone is launching the Samsung SGH-i600 (in the U.S. better known as Samsung BlackJack) in the coming month.

    An official announcement is expected later today at 3GSM.


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    Microsoft announce 3 Windows Live Products

    Today at 3GSM, Microsoft announced three new Windows Live for mobile services that provide search and communications capabilities to help people access their world of relationships, information and interests from their mobile device. Now available in the United States and the United Kingdom, Live Search for Windows Mobile and Live Search for Java provide customers with advanced local search and mapping capabilities on their mobile device. In conjunction with the availability of Windows Mobile 6, Microsoft also introduced Windows Live for Windows Mobile — a rich set of Windows Live services including e-mail, instant messaging and search — uniquely designed to work with Windows Mobile powered devices.

    Live Search is now available as a software client application on Windows Mobile and Java devices. These Live Search applications represent the latest innovation in mobile search from Microsoft, providing customers with fast, easy access to local listings and maps. New capabilities include a unique, category-based search, which virtually eliminates the need to type text into the phone; an option to “map all results” so several
    listings appear on the same map; aerial imagery; and local traffic status in selected U.S. cities. Live Search for Windows Mobile provides additional new capabilities including satellite imagery, GPS integration and the ability to send search results to a friend.

    Windows Live for Windows Mobile and Live Search for Java will provide customers with a rich set of Windows Live services, including Windows Live Mail, Windows Live Messenger, Live Search and Windows Live Spaces, uniquely designed to work with Windows Mobile software. Windows Mobile powered devices, with their advanced software, processing power and memory, make ideal platforms for the delivery of Windows Live services. Windows Live for Windows Mobile
    offers one of the first industry examples of a single integrated and presence-enabled contact list on a mobile device. One consolidated list provides customers with easy access to all their Windows Live, Microsoft Office Outlook(R) and other contacts, as well as relevant presence information.


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    Real Dice promotion

    A few weeks ago the people at Real Dice contacted us about their new online gaming network. With Real Dice you can play Poker, Sudoku, Chess, Dominos, Backgamon and Mah Jong online and on your mobile device. You can even play people across platforms as Windows Mobile (PPC and Smartphones, Palm: Palm OS 5.0+ and Blackberry: 87xx model and 8100 Pearl devices are supported.


    Real Dice Network community is a unique concept that allows members to make new friends online. While playing or simply by sending an email within Real Dice Network, customers can create their own virtual community and organize private tournament with their buddies.

    We are currently offering 3 months free subscription using our promotion code: TANMWIN

    We will be trying this out ourselves over the next week or so and we’ll let you know how we get on!


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