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HTC TyTN screen alignment fix

HTC TyTN Alignment Issue

Screen alignment issues have been discussed a lot where HTC devices are concerned. As we reported a while ago, the HTC Hermes seems to be the latest HTC device to suffer this fate.

Orange SPV M3100 owners seem to have got off lightly as there have been very few reports of alignment issues with this device. However TyTN owners seem not to be so fortunate. In fact we have had dozens of emails from TyTN owners.

I’d like to thank Mike for bringing a solution to my attention. What’s more, it’s a solution that wont cost you any money!

In simple terms you need to slide a thin piece of card between the screen and the bezel to break the bond with the gasket around the edge. Full details can be found here on xda-developers.

I think this is a pretty safe procedure but do it at your own risk. Breaking the seal around the screen may well lead to allowing dust into the screen.


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MicroSD Card Shortage? (Part 2)

Some time ago I blogged about the apparant shortage of MicroSD (Transflash) memory cards.

Over the past few months supplies of 512mb and 1gb cards have started to come through slowly, however, prices have remained high.

I have spoken with a number of resellers that I regularly deal with about the lack of MicroSD cards. I’ve been told that the shortage is not limited to Europe now, and despite orders being placed stock is only coming though in limited numbers.

512mb MicroSD Memory Card

To make matters worse, there are allegedly a lot of counterfeit cards being sold on sites like eBay etc. What’s more, the copies are hard to spot.

Have you got a 2gb microSD? If so where did you get it and how much did you pay? Please share the knowledge with other readers! 🙂


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SIM Unlock M3100

Now that I am using the HTC TyTN as my main phone now Tracy decided that she would like to have my Orange M3100. Trouble is that she is on T-mobile.

I remembered that there was a site that was offering to unlock HTC Hermes phones so after a quick Google I found the place – IMEI Check.

All you have to do is enter your IMEI number on their website and then pay the £20 fee. They then send you a file that is specific to your phone. You run their unlock program and after just a few minutes it’s unlocked for all networks!

Brilliant service!


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HTC P3300 (Artemis) Review

‘On The Go Solutions’ have an excellent single-page review of the new HTC P3300 (Artemis).

HTC P3300 (Artemis)

The Artemis is a slim PocketPC mobile device with the added benefit of built in GPS. There have been rumours that the GPS element would be disabled initially as there were some firmware problems discovered late in the manufacturing process that caused a conflict between the GPS and GSM modules. However, this seems to have been just a rumour as the GPS is up and running on the review models.

The P3300 ships with TomTom 6 included in the price.

We also understand that the trackball on the Artemis can be used in ‘mouse mode’ and that this adds a cursor to the PPC screen!

For those of you that can’t be bothered to read the full review, here are the highlights:

The Good: The HTC P3300 has strong curb-appeal, integrated GPS functionality, and sports an innovative and effective jog-wheel navigation tool. The thin sleek design feels fantastic in your palm & your pocket. The bright screen is easy to read, even outdoors, and the excellent quad-band reception and phone integration means that you never have to sacrifice form for functionality.

The Bad: Although the HTC P3300 packs lots of punch, it comes standard with only a 200Mhz OLAP Processor, Bluetooth 1.2 – not 2.0, and no UMTS (3G) support.


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HTC Herald (P)review

I just stumbled across some new photos of the HTC Herald. It looks like a fantastic device!

SoloPalmari have some good quality photos of the device which is said to be a slimmed down version of the HTC Hermes but just 18mm thick.


What you’ll notice from the photos are two indicator LEDs on just above the keyboard. These are ‘caps lock’ and ‘fn’ status indicators.


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Hermes headphone adapter finally available

After what seems like an eternity, Expansys finally have a headphone adapter available for the HTC Hermes.

Hermes Headphone Adapter

The adapter will work on the HTC TyTN, Orange M3100, Vodafone v1605 and all other Hermes variants as well as some other HTC devices coming soon.

Check out the product page at Expansys. At £9.95 I suppose it’s not too bad but it is an ugly looking thing! It would have been better to have a plug and socket with a cable between IMHO.


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Stop your Smartphone LED flashing

Many of us find the flashing status LEDs on our Smartphones and PocketPCs really annoying. Lots of people place their phones next to them while they are sleeping and LEDs seem to have increased in brightness recently.

LED Control

Realising that this is a problem AKsoft have released a small utility to stop the status lights from flashing. Most Smartphone and PocketPC phone models are supported but some models aren’t fully supported (as the LED’s are controlled by hardware) you can still change the LED “blinking” frequency with this software.

If you want to give it a try then head on over to AKsoft’s website and check out the demo. It’s free for 3 days then you have to pay $1 to continue using it. Sounds resonable!

Note that their site has been down for a little while so you might have to try again later!


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Orange offer off-peak browsing

Orange must be getting desperate to win back the customers they lost to T-Mobile when they introduced the excellent web n’ walk service.

The Orange offer gives new or existing customers (who re-sign their contracts) 2 months worth of free unlimited off-peak surfing. After that you’ll be paying £5 per month.

I certainly don’t think this is enough to win customers back, it may sweaten the deal for some existing customers that were considering the swap. But for me the cost of Data with Orange is just far too high and once HSDPA is rolled out I wonder how many will be able to afford it!

I’d love to see mobile data charged at a flat rate or ever as a value add freebie. Can’t see that happening any time soon though!

Check out the story on Coolsmartphone.


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New CamerAware released

Our friend Paul from MoDaCo has just released an update for his excellent CamerAware application.

CamerAware Screenshot

The new release follows on from a great start to the month that has already seen several Camera database updates, and a number of incremental updates to ‘CamerAware Tracker’, the online viewer for uploaded journey data.

You can download and install CamerAware for FREE, have a play, take advantage of the position uploading and tracking functionality, and then purchase a licence code at a later date should you wish to activate the Camera warning functionality.

Go and have a look over at MoDaCo.


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How to Play music through mono bluetooth headset

Our thanks to Fabien from for bring us this news item.

Fabien has come up with a way to use a mono bluetooth headset to listen to music on your Mobile Device.

“If you own a mono Bluetooth headset you have probably tried (in vain) to listen to music through it only to find it impossible. Well, your struggles are over. BTAudio Toggle is a FREE program that allows you to listen to your favorite music through your mono Bluetooth headset via your Pocket Pc Windows Mobile 5.0 phone.”

Fabien has a full tutorial on his website.


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