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Blackberry Q10 Review

Blackberry Q10 ReviewBlackBerry are trying a new tactic in the smartphone wars with their new operating system, BlackBerry 10, we will talk a lot more in the review.

The first BlackBerry 10 device is the Z10 which is BlackBerry’s flagship device and the Q10 is the more ‘BlackBerry’ BlackBerry with a more conventional look. What I mean is that when you hear someone say ‘I’ve just got a new blackberry’ you expect to see a phone with a smaller screen and a full QWERTY keyboard.

So with that in mind how will this device cope with competing with the full touch devices? And not to mention the Z10 too!

To find out those answers and answers to any other questions then please read on. Not before you’ve watched the BlackBerry Q10 unboxing video from Matt of course.

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BlackBerry Q10 demo video

blackberry q10 demo The BlackBerry Z10 has now been on sale since the end of January but many die hard fans have been waiting patiently for the Q10 as it sports the traditional hardware QWERTY keyboard that BlackBerry have been so renowned for.

The Q10 made its debut a week ago at Selfridges and I’m pleased to say that of the two thousand SIM free devices they had in stock they sold out! It seems that the Q10 Is off to a flying start.

Running BlackBerry 10.1 the Q10 software is the same as on the Z10 however it’s also the first BlackBerry to have AMOLED display and to get the most out of this many of the apps on the Q10 now have a black theme, such as BBM and the Calendar.