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Panasonic PRX-120 unboxing

Panasonic PRX-120Android has long been used on smartphones and tablets but what about home, fixed-line phones? Here we have the Panasonic PRX-120, a home phone system where the handset is running Android 4.1.

It’s perhaps a little surprising that there aren’t more phone systems that run on Android. With the PRX-120 we have a base unit that plugs in to your phone line and a Android handset that looks like a standard smartphone from about 2 years ago.

One of the benefits of this phone, other than being able to run standard android apps, is that you can receive your fixed-line phone calls as well as being able to use Skype over WiFi from the same phone.

In almost every other way the PRX120 is just like a regular smartphone and while it may not have cutting edge specs relative to an equivalent smartphone, it can perform most functions, although I’m not sure how useful the GPS will be unless you have a REALLY big house!

Here’s a quick unboxing of the Panasonic PRX-120 so that you can see what it’s all about.