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Logitech Squeezebox Radio Review

Radio technology started with just that – radio waves. Now though, newer ways of delivering radio station content have been developed, with DAB digital radio paving the way, and now internet radio. Digital radio is still yet to invade people’s homes, but internet radio with its added features, could be the advancement that old-school radio buffs have been waiting for, this article is definitely worth to read if you enjoy of radio devices.

The Squeezebox is one of a growing range of available internet radios – ones that stream stations from the internet. The benefits include better sound quality without that notorious analogue hiss, and a much, much wider selection of radio from around the globe to listen to. So, internet radio is all well and good on paper, but whether this particular internet radio from Logitech is really capable of replacing your battered FM radio in practice is the one question that’s probably in your mind, and luckily for you, is also the one that we’re about to answer. Read on to catch our verdict.

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HP Color LaserJet CP1515n review

CP151 Not so long ago a colour laser printer was a luxury item even for larger businesses and you’d have to have been a seriously hardcore user to warrant one for home use. It wasn’t just the cost, my first colour laser was cost me around £4000 ten years ago, but the size of the older models was also quite prohibitive. I recall that the one I had was about the same size as a small refrigerator and took three of us to carry and move in to location.

Obviously things have changed a lot in the past few years and like everything else the price of colour laser printers has tumbled and new technology has enabled them to drastically reduce in size. This HP Colour LaserJet CP1515n that we are reviewing for is not much larger than an multi-function inkjet printer and would probably find a place on most peoples desks at both work or home.

The cost may also surprise you, £180.15 including VAT for a colour laser printer is quite incredible! Oh and don’t forget the £50 cashback!

So does the size and price lead to a quality compromise? Read on to find out.

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Mugen extended battery for HTC Desire review

SONY DSC HTC Desire is an excellent phone but most users struggle to get through a day when using the device to its full potential. A large capacity battery is a must for many. But there aren’t that many around. Can Mugen 3200 mAh battery be an answer for the power hungry smartphone?

I should perhaps explain that I’m not a heavy user and I usually get three days on a single charge from the HTC Desire’s standard 1400 mAh battery.

I switch off the phone for the night, I keep bluetooth, GPS and 3G off when not needed. Wi-fi is on perhaps for 30 minutes during a three-day period. A fourth day remains an “option” determined mostly by the length of my phone calls.

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Apple iPhone 4 Review

Apple iPhone 4 ReviewThe new Apple iPhone 4 is without doubt the one phone that has had the most attention this year. With a new design and improved specification the iPhone 4 is more than worthy of sitting in top place in the smart phone wars but how does it truly compare in my opinion with the many top of the range Android devices that are constantly hitting the market?

With some data issues from day one Apple have made various excuses and seem to be happy with the consumer spending extra money on a bumper to solve the problem. Is this issue a problem for me and will it affect sales? You will have to read on to see what I think about it.

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HP Photosmart A532 review

HP Photosmart A532 review HP have been producing their Photosmart range of printers for years, in fact if you were to take a look at HP’s site you would see that there are over 18 past models that are now discontinued. They’ve come a long way too, not just in terms of the picture quality and speed but also in terms of the purchase price and running cost.

Take this HP Photosmart A532 for example, sent us this one as they had just been able to secure a deal with HP that has allowed them to sell the A532 for an incredible £44.99. You might think that with the printer being so cheap that the consumables would be staggeringly expensive but in fact the ink cartridge is only £15 and we’ve been able to get close to 150 full photo prints from that one cart, 10 pence per photo (ink cost) for the ability to print you photos immediately is brilliant I think.

Don’t forget that you can enter our competition and win one of these great little printers too.

The HP Photosmart has been around for a little while but is still very much a current model. Let’s take a closer look…

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini review

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 mini reviewIn much the same way as phones went touchscreen in the recent past, it’s now becoming a trend for mobile manufacturers to add ‘mini’ on the end of the model names, then put them through the most minor of changes and call it a day. The X10 mini however is probably the only phone that really deserves the title of ‘mini’ – Sony Ericsson has made some serious changes and ‘X10 Tiny’ would probably have been a more appropriate name.

Whatever they chose to call it, the design also reflects that it is very much the little brother of the original beefy X10. Sony Ericsson showed off both the X10 mini and the X10 mini pro back at MWC in February, where their tiny form factor combined with Android caught many people’s hearts. On the face of it, a small touchscreen may not seem to make sense for sake of usability, and so in the review we’ll find out amongst other things whether having a 2.55″screen and not many buttons is a good idea. The X10 mini is the first of the two to hit the market here in the UK, but can a tiny little phone make a large impression?


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Samsung Galaxy S (i9000) Review

Samsung Galaxy S Review main

The Galaxy S is without doubt the highest specced device Samsung has produced to date. With it running Android 2.1 and with an expected upgrade to 2.2 in the coming months it is perfectly placed in a market where the Android platform is growing on a daily basis.

With recent Android flagship devices being released by the likes of HTC and Motorola and also the new Apple iPhone 4 is the Samsung Galaxy S a contender for top place?

Only one way to find out and that is to read on.


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Samsung Monte (S5620) Review

Monte-main I have here one of Samsung’s newest entry level handsets, the Samsung S5620 Monte. The Monte is a decent looking handset offering a 3" capacitive touschscreen display and features Samsung’s tried and trusted TouchWiz interface.

The first thing that entered my mind when I saw this phone was ‘Will it be as good as it looks from the outside, on the inside?’ In my review I will try and answer as many queries as I can At we always welcome your questions or queries regarding handset reviews, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions!


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HTC Wildfire review

HTC Wildfire review Having been announced less than a month ago I was initially surprised to see the HTC Wildfire arrive in the office here so soon. Granted, we’ve already seen the Wildfire go on pre-order sale (SIM-free) at some retailers and some UK carriers announce that they too will stock it but we still thought it was some way off.

The HTC Wildfire appears to be HTC’s attempt to break in to lower end of the market. HTC’s recent wave of handsets have been at the upper-end at around the £400 mark for the HTC Desire and a little less for the HTC Legend. The Wildfire then is much less expensive than the HTC Desire which is widely regarded as the Wildfire’s bigger brother. This is a smartphone with a ‘feature phone’ price tag.

If you saw my HTC Wildfire unboxing video a few days ago you may have noticed that I said we’ll be doing something a little different with this review. Whilst the top section of the review will follow our normal format and will keep everything factual with just a little of my opinion in there the lower portion of the review will introduce comments from James, Tracy and possibly a few other members of the team, we’re going to try making it a broad view.

(a word of caution, there are a LOT of images but you can click on any one for a full-sized view.)

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Samsung S8500 Wave Review


I first got my hands on the Samsung Wave all the way back in February when I was at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Back then it was pretty exciting, firstly because it was the first Samsung phone with the new Super AMOLED screen, and secondly because it has Samsungs own new operating system – BADA.

Five months on is the Wave still as exciting? I should say so but how does this new OS compare with other already established ones and also is the hardware up to scratch?

Read on to find out the verdict.

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