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LaCie LaCinema Mini HD multimedia player review

LaCinema_Mini_3QTR_Right_and_Remote The LaCinema Mini HD is something new to me, I was unaware of it before asked to review it however like many would be was intrigued by the promise this little black box arrived with.

There are quite a few of these ‘set-top-box’ style media players on the market now so what has the LaCinema got to offer? You’ll have to read on to find out! 

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Samsung S3370 Corby 3G Review

Samsung S3370 Corby 3G ReviewIn this review I will be talking about the newest addition of Samsung’s Corby range of mobile phones which is the S3370 or Corby 3G as it is also named. We have seen a lot of these types of handsets here at now so how does this one compare to previous ones?

The Corby 3G is not the best specced phone but it does come with an attractive price tag both on PAYG and on contract. This could well be the deciding factor.

Want to find out more about this handset? And to find out where I think it sits in the market?

Then please do read on.


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Winstar USB 2 to DVI adapter review

USB 2 to DVI There are many ways of connecting a monitors to computers, the number of usual ports such as VGA, DVI or HDMI manufacturers can fit to their machines is limited. Whatever is your reason to connect one more display to your computer, a USB-to-DVI display adapter may the only solution.

Read on to find out more!

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BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 Review


The new BlackBerry Curve 3G may not be the most exciting BlackBerry that has been in the media lately but it does have some nice new features compared to its predecessor the BlackBerry Curve 8520.

The obvious and main one is that it now supports 3G, as the name suggests, which will be great for downloading apps, uploading photos and surfing the web.

Is the 9300 a worthy follow on and should you buy one if you are looking for a new smartphone? Only one way to find out and that is to read the review.

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Canon Pixma MP560 review

pixma-mp560This is the first Canon printer that I’ve looked at in years, the last one I owned was the BJC4000 so this is a review that I’ve been looking forward to ever since the guys over at offered it to us.

There are a number of models in the PIXMA MP range all of which are multi-function devices. They are aimed at those that want to have a true all-in-one printer so claims to offer a photo-like print quality whilst being a capable of day-to-day document printing, scanning etc.

So have Canon managed to achieve this, can you truly have a single printer for all your home office needs? Read on to see what I think of this the Canon PIXMA MP560.


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Motorola Milestone XT720 Review

XT720-main The introduction of the original Milestone brought about Motorola’s resurrection in the mobile world, and now they’re back with their second Milestone, the XT720, to market here in Europe. Ever since that first iteration, Motorola have stuck with Android and to great success so far. It was a pretty large and imposing phone with its sharp edges and lines, and the XT720 is no different. It’s still large and imposing though Motorola have made some changes – the most noteworthy being that they’ve ditched that sliding qwerty in favour of a slimmer slate design, and adding a stand-out camera.

On paper, this really is a Milestone for Motorola as it’s the first Android phone that truly takes image snapping seriously with its proper xenon flash. It may look all well and good on paper, but is the second Milestone in Motorola’s comeback significant enough to cement their place back in the industry?

There’s only one way to find out!

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ZTE Racer review

ZTE Racer As an Android fan it’s great to see the operating system finding it’s way on to more and more handsets and also great to see that it’s not becoming available on less expensive PAYG handsets which will mean that it comes within reach or far more users.

The ZTE Racer is a compact and light Android smartphone and, somewhat surprisingly, has Android 2.1 Eclair rather than the more dated 1.6 which even many higher end devices are still shipping with.

It may not be the most sophisticated handset, may not have the highest spec and not the prettiest looking but does it still have something to offer, is it still worth considering for under £100 on PAYG with Three? Read on to find out!


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Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro Review

Sony Ericsson X10 Mini Pro Review Sony Ericsson has met both ends of the size spectrum with their latest Android smartphones. The X10 and its 4 inch display sat at the top end, and the X10 mini obviously took its place at bottom end. The Mini Pro may be at the bottom end by size standards, but by no means is it bottom end in terms of features and functionality.

The X10 Mini now has a Pro version, and it remains virtually unchanged except for the addition of a hardware qwerty keyboard. My main gripe with the Mini was its slow text input, so when the Mini Pro was heading my way, it seemed like the perfect answer to my prayers. It’s probably the smallest qwerty slider the world has ever seen, and probably the smallest we’ll ever see, so its carved itself a pretty unique slot to sit in. But can a device so small make a large enough impression to deserve a place in your pocket? Read on to see our verdict.


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LG Viewty GT405 Review

GT-main LG’s Viewty line started with the original KU990 which proved extremely popular as an accessible touchscreen alternative to the iPhone. The combination of a high-quality camera and an easy to use interface pulled in huge sales numbers for LG, and now, after the second iteration by the name of the Viewty Smart, they’re back with the third evolution of the well-known Viewty series.

This time it is equipped with a 3 inch display to compliment a 5MP camera on the back, as well as their tried and tested UI borrowed from other phones such as the also popular Cookie. In this reviewty, we’ll see if the GT retains the all rounded experience and excellent camera of its predecessors, as well as LG’s ability to sell mass market phones in droves. So can the GT405 continue the success story?

Click through to find out.

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Samsung ML-1665 laser printer review

992F0BA7-303D-4518-B632-14EFC4E6C8B9I can remember a time when the only sensible option for home printing was to buy an inkjet printer. Laser printers were just too expansive and massive for your average home user. Although the prices have been falling for a long time it’s only recently that there have been some big breakthroughs in terms of printer size.

Take this Samsung ML-1665 laser printer we are reviewing today, it’s actually billed as being the worlds smallest mono laser printer and having had it here in the office for a few days I have to say that I certainly agree that it must be; it’s tiny!

So do you pay a premium for the small size? Well unlike many other tech products where a smaller size leads to increase cost this clearly doesn’t apply here as have this Samsung ML-1665 laser printer for under £70!

If you are wondering whether or not it’s any good, read on to find out…

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