By September 26, 2011

Quick Review: TubeMap for BlackBerry PlayBook


If you are a BlackBerry PlayBook owner and you live or visit London then this free app is well worth a download. TubeMap is provided by MX Data who also support the app on BlackBerry Smartphones as well as iOS. They also developed Traffic TV that we have covered a couple of times on the site.

As you would expect the application is essentially a map of the London Underground but it does have some added features which are both quick and simple to use in assisting you getting from place to place around the capital.


When the app is loaded you are presented with the map of the underground. Here you can use screen gestures to move around the map and also pinch to zoom or use the zoom icons if you prefer.




You will notice that up on the top right of the screen are three icons (the information one doesn’t count).  The one on the left provides you with live information regarding each tube line and whether it is running ok without delays. As you will see below you have the option to view now, later or weekend. Handy when both setting off on a journey or planning in advance.




The next tab is the route planner. Here you can enter your departure and destination and the application will show you the route you need to take. A nice option here is that you can select either fastest route or the route with fewest changes.




The final icon is a simple search. Here you can quickly find the station you require on the map. As you type the name of the station the application filters possible options meaning you do not have to type the whole name but just select the required station from the list. Nice.




Overall a great little application. It wont be for everyone but well worth having on your PlayBook if you are coming into London.


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