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Epson B-310N printer review

epson-b-310n8 When looking for a workgroup printer most people would go straight for a network laser printer. Typically laser printers are faster and more economical to run. However, there’s recently been a resurgence of workgroup inkjet printers with various models from Canon, HP and Epson alike.

The advantage of inkjet over Laser is the use of ‘wet’ or liquid ink that’s just a bit brighter than the power print of a laser printer. Add glossy paper in to the mix and the right inkjet printer is capable of producing photo quality prints that rival photo lab prints.

This week Matt and I have been using the Epson B-310N, one of their newer business inkjet colour printers that was released last year. We’ve been putting it through its paces and have put it to good use here in the office.

So can an inkjet printer really compete with a similarly priced laser? Read on to see what we think!


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Samsung Launches New Printer Lines to Provide Enhanced Performance for a More Efficient Workplace

Samsung SCX-5737FW_Slant Left HR

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, today announced its newest lines of network, duplex printers to help small and mid-size businesses simplify the workplace. The mono laser multifunctions – SCX-4833FD and SCX-5737FW with enhanced features and added security and the ML-3310ND and ML-3710ND mono printers feature faster output, eco offerings and secure printing and lower total cost of ownership , creating hassle-free desktop printing options for any office environment.

Dion Smith, General Manager, Samsung UK Print Division said: “In our latest line of business printers we have introduced Secure Pull Printing, WiFi, Touch screens, Eco Mode and Dual Core Processors. We have increased our page speeds and enhanced our market leading Total Cost of Printing message by the introduction of further high yield toners. To celebrate our 20 years in manufacturing Laser Printers we have also introduced a FREE 5 Year Warranty across some of our business printers. At Samsung we continue to anticipate the needs of our business customers as they continue to increase their requirements for safer and more intuitive print options.”


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Polaroid announces new mobile instant printer

zink Incredibly, it’s almost two and a half years since I reviewed Polaroid’s first instant mobile printer, the PoGo. Personally I thought that the technology itself was impressive, utilising special ‘Zink’ paper that requires no ink to produce a colour image.

The main limiting factor for the PoGo was the size of the prints, just 3×2 inches they were little more than stickers. The print quality was ok, nothing stunning but it was certainly cool to be able to go away with family and friends on a day trip and be able to print pictures from the day’s events there and then.

The PoGo was pretty battery hungry too, from a full charge you could probably expect, perhaps 10 prints. That would probably be enough for most people though as when it was first launched the special paper cost in the region of 40p per page!

I’m not sure whether the PoGo should be described as a success or a failure. When it first went on sale it was pretty expensive, about £100 and the paper was around £3-4 for 10 sheets. Not too many people splashed out and bought them until the prices began to tumble, in fact you can now get the printer for under £30 on Amazon and the paper is a much more reasonable 10p per page.

This week at CES Polaroid announced their new Instant Mobile Printer, the GL10. This new printer not only looks neater and small but also has a more respectable 4×3 inch paper handling and a claimed 40 prints from one charge.

I’ll be trying to get my hands on one over the coming weeks and hope to review soon. The full press release can be found below.

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HP Photosmart Premium Review

HP-prem We recently looked at a few photo printers and as we’re running up to Christmas, and I suspect that photo printers are likely to be on a few people’s Christmas list, I thought it was about time that we review a few more.

We’re are starting off this week with the HP Photosmart Premium (C309G), an all-in-one photo printer, copier scanner with the added benefit of a large colour LCD touchscreen promising that you’ll be able to edit photos without the need of a computer or wirelessly print direct from your PS3, iPhone or iPad.

So let’s unpack the printer and see how easy it is to get up and running and, most importantly, how good those photos print!


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Canon Pixma MP560 review

pixma-mp560This is the first Canon printer that I’ve looked at in years, the last one I owned was the BJC4000 so this is a review that I’ve been looking forward to ever since the guys over at offered it to us.

There are a number of models in the PIXMA MP range all of which are multi-function devices. They are aimed at those that want to have a true all-in-one printer so claims to offer a photo-like print quality whilst being a capable of day-to-day document printing, scanning etc.

So have Canon managed to achieve this, can you truly have a single printer for all your home office needs? Read on to see what I think of this the Canon PIXMA MP560.


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Samsung ML-1665 laser printer review

992F0BA7-303D-4518-B632-14EFC4E6C8B9I can remember a time when the only sensible option for home printing was to buy an inkjet printer. Laser printers were just too expansive and massive for your average home user. Although the prices have been falling for a long time it’s only recently that there have been some big breakthroughs in terms of printer size.

Take this Samsung ML-1665 laser printer we are reviewing today, it’s actually billed as being the worlds smallest mono laser printer and having had it here in the office for a few days I have to say that I certainly agree that it must be; it’s tiny!

So do you pay a premium for the small size? Well unlike many other tech products where a smaller size leads to increase cost this clearly doesn’t apply here as have this Samsung ML-1665 laser printer for under £70!

If you are wondering whether or not it’s any good, read on to find out…

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HP Color LaserJet CP1515n review

CP151 Not so long ago a colour laser printer was a luxury item even for larger businesses and you’d have to have been a seriously hardcore user to warrant one for home use. It wasn’t just the cost, my first colour laser was cost me around £4000 ten years ago, but the size of the older models was also quite prohibitive. I recall that the one I had was about the same size as a small refrigerator and took three of us to carry and move in to location.

Obviously things have changed a lot in the past few years and like everything else the price of colour laser printers has tumbled and new technology has enabled them to drastically reduce in size. This HP Colour LaserJet CP1515n that we are reviewing for is not much larger than an multi-function inkjet printer and would probably find a place on most peoples desks at both work or home.

The cost may also surprise you, £180.15 including VAT for a colour laser printer is quite incredible! Oh and don’t forget the £50 cashback!

So does the size and price lead to a quality compromise? Read on to find out.

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HP Photosmart A532 review

HP Photosmart A532 review HP have been producing their Photosmart range of printers for years, in fact if you were to take a look at HP’s site you would see that there are over 18 past models that are now discontinued. They’ve come a long way too, not just in terms of the picture quality and speed but also in terms of the purchase price and running cost.

Take this HP Photosmart A532 for example, sent us this one as they had just been able to secure a deal with HP that has allowed them to sell the A532 for an incredible £44.99. You might think that with the printer being so cheap that the consumables would be staggeringly expensive but in fact the ink cartridge is only £15 and we’ve been able to get close to 150 full photo prints from that one cart, 10 pence per photo (ink cost) for the ability to print you photos immediately is brilliant I think.

Don’t forget that you can enter our competition and win one of these great little printers too.

The HP Photosmart has been around for a little while but is still very much a current model. Let’s take a closer look…

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HP Photosmart A532 unboxing video

A532-angled I’m sure that our regular readers will know that I am really in to my photography and I’m rarely found without my camera in tow. But like so many people I rarely commit my photos to paper. Over the years I’ve owned various photo printers from my first Olympus printer costing several hundred pounds where the prints, on special paper and ink, cost over £1 each to several other inkjet printers.

HP have had a range of dedicated photo printers for a while and the Photosmart range is certainly popular. Our friends over at sent us the Photosmart A532 to review and also to give away as a competition prize (details coming up in a post shortly).

The print quality of the Photosmart A532 is amazing, and it’s cheap to run too. But at the moment, perhaps the most staggering thing about the A532 from is that it’ll cost you less than £45! That’s about £35 of the RRP and the price that you might pay elsewhere! Check here to order.

In the video below you’ll see what’s included in the box, how easy it is to set up and how quick it prints. I’ll have a written review for you soon but for now this will give you an overview.


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HP Officejet Pro 8000 review

10641-277hpofficejetpro8000600 As I tend to run the office side of the tracyandmatt operation I’m frequently printing documents, postage label etc. and for the past few years we’ve used an HP Colour Laserjet printer for the day-to-day tasks. The issue with that is it can take quite a while to turn on and warm up and the first page out of the printer can take 5 minutes or more. It’s also a beast of a printer sitting here in the office.

Laserjet printers are great for speed and quality but the print cartridges can work out to be quite pricy so when our required two new colour cartridges the other week it was going to be an expensive purchase. However the folks over at have impeccable timing and contacted Matt that very week and offered to send us the HP Officejet Pro 8000 to review.

Having set up the printer and used it now for a few weeks it’s time to tell you what I think of it.

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