By July 5, 2011

Nexus Contraptions game arrives on YouTube

ScreenClipGoogle stops for nothing these days. Hot on the heels of the lovely Google+ comes Nexus Contraptions. Obviously to coincide with the release of the 4G Nexus S the game is a simple Incredible Machine style game whereby you must safely see the ball over to the exit funnel using all manner of contraptions along the way. Simple, fun, challenging and rewarding. The graphics are quite simplistic however the robotic arm animation in between the levels provide a little humour as they toss the ball from one to another. Whilst there are only four levels and the game can be completed in 15 minutes, you can click the Google ball and enter the designer mode once completed. This will allow you to create your own levels and have some fun with all the contraption pieces.

Oddly it runs through YouTube and shows makes for some rather interesting use of the client. Perhaps we will see YouTube becoming a gaming client in the future?

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