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HTC TyTN II offical ROM update now available

HTC TyTN II offical ROM update now available

| May 25, 2008 |

A few days ago Mark told us about the expected release of the TyTN II offical ROM and performance update. Well today I can confirm that the official ROM is now available for download from the HTC website ( but only through the e-club. In order to download the update you must have an HTC […]

O2 XDA Orbit 2 review

O2 XDA Orbit 2 review

| May 24, 2008 |

Matt asked me to review the Orbit 2 and I remember stating, ‘Copy the Polaris review and put black’, but it’s not as straight forward as that. I have been using this device for 2-3 weeks now and it’s been fun having an old friend back to stay for a while. Being a loyal Orbit […]

Samsung announces the Samsung Steel

Samsung announces the Samsung Steel

| May 23, 2008 |

Another new device announcement today from Samsung, this time they announce the new, sleek-looking, Samsung Steel. You may, however, be disapointed to learn that the Steel will be exclusive to Vodafone customers. Samsung Mobile today announces the new Samsung Steel, developed exclusively for Vodafone. The Samsung Steel is designed for the style-conscious user who is […]

HTC TyTN II – more issues?

| May 22, 2008 |

I’m sure that most people are now aware of the complaints generally made about a few HTC devices and their apparent lack of video drivers and related performance issues. (If this is new to you then you might want to read our posts about HTCClassAction.) Now I’ve had my HTC TyTN II since August 2007 […]

HTC TyTN II 6.1 Performance Update due

| May 21, 2008 |

It’s been a while coming, but the TyTN II 6.1 performance update is nearly here! Although not on the HTC website yet, oddly Modaco are hosting the file here. The file name is RUU_Kaiser_HTC_WWE_3.28.405.0_radio_sign_25.83.40.02_1.65.16.25_Ship.exe and will become available officially within a few days. The update is for HTC TyTN II devices but updates for branded […]

Symbian Publishes Q1 2008 Results

| May 20, 2008 |

Symbian have just published their Q1 2008 results and it looks like Symbian penetration is very much on the increase. It would be interesting to see how Windows Mobile results compare though. The press release is as follows: Symbian Limited, the market leader in open operating systems for mobile phones, today released the following unaudited […]

Orange launches internet radio device

Orange launches internet radio device

| May 19, 2008 |

News today that Orange have released their new internet radio device. Details can be found below but lets hope that we wont have to pay data charges on top ot that! 😛 Orange today announced its entrance to the UK internet radio market with a wireless internet radio device called Liveradio. The launch extends Orange’s […]

Gigabyte GSmart MS800 unboxed

| May 18, 2008 |

A few weeks ago I was able to get my hands on the new GSmart MW700 and although I was only able to use the demo unit briefly I was reasonably impressed with it. This week I had another package arrive from Taiwan, this time containing the retail version of the MW700 and it’s ‘bigger […]

Samsung announces the F400

Samsung announces the F400

| May 17, 2008 |

Samsung Mobile has today announced the launch of their latest music mobile, the Samsung F400, with audio technology by Bang & Olufsen ICEpower. The Samsung F400 is the style-conscious choice for users who do not wish to compromise technology for design. This elegant and stylish music slider phone contains a fantastic portfolio of functions whilst […]

Choosing a mobile device

| May 16, 2008 |

Today’s mobile phones are computers, cameras – even route-finders – all rolled into one – but which is best for your needs? Bobbie Bhogal, founder of, offers a quick and easy guide. Mobile phones have evolved into amazing multi-functional devices more akin to “beaming up Scotty” than making phone calls. You can snap pictures, […]