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How video interview software can help grow your business

indexIt’s been said multiple times that time is money And this is key to how video interview software can help grow your business. 

Let’s sit down and do some simple math.  Imagine you’ve got a team of New Hires which need to be acquired in the next month for a division of your sales’ floor.  You’ve got to employ twenty of them, and you have a candidate pool that is four hundred strong.  Each of the candidates in this pool has qualifications which make them a fit for the position, but any hiring agent realises that how a person appears on paper, and how that person is in real life, aren’t the same thing.  Either the person over or under represents themselves; or there are outright lies on the paper.  This is why physical interviews are so important.  But the biggest component of a physical interview is the visual aspect.  Ergo, video interview selection software is a way to have your cake and eat it too.  Rather than coordinating four-hundred interviews and setting aside several valuable days of company time, you can just use some combination of automated video interviewing software, or online video interviewing software, to have a prospective candidate answer a few questions and help you determine immediately whether they fit the bill. 

So on the math end, if it takes ten minutes to conduct an interview and ten minutes to decide if an interviewee fits the requirements of your organization, then you can conduct three such interviews in an hour, or twenty-four in a day.  That’s assuming the day is eight hours.  Now most organizations allow for a one hour lunch/break combination throughout the day.  This means you can get twenty-four interviews completed over the course of nine hours if everything is proceeding ideally and there are no delays.  Let us continue from this assumption. 

If there are 400 applicants, you’re looking at 16.6 work days in order to find that 20 person sales team you are after.  If the hiring personnel are paid $20.00 an hour, you’re looking at a flat $3,000.00 for that hiring person to find your 20-person team. (16.6 work days X 9 hours (including break) per work day, X $20.00 = $3,000.00.)  By contrast, if you’re using automated video interviewing, the individual can make a determination based on several pre-prepared questions and isn’t required to sit through the entire interview.  In such a way you can zoom through the 400-person candidate list, find the twenty who best fit your needs, and conduct all twenty of those necessarily personal interviews in a single workday.  At most, you’re looking at 18 hours (two work days) multiplied by $20.00, which comes out to $360.00, or just over a tenth of the cost involved in interviews that aren’t conducted via video interview.  With arithmetic, it’s easy to see how video interview software can help grow your business.  Utilizing it in this scenario would save $2640.00 in a single month.  Imagine if you’ve got to hire a new sales team monthly.  Video interview software could save you around $32,000/year at the rates discussed here.

So when you ask how video interview software can help grow your business, numbers give a solid answer that’s difficult to contend against.  Sonru is a purveyor of video interview software that stands to save you thousands every year, if used correctly.  Imagine what you could do with an extra $32,000 in malleable assets annually available to your business.  Sonru can make such things a real possibility, allowing your business to grow unimpeded.  Contact Sonru for video interview solutions that are absolutely quantifiable.

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38 year-old Eutelsat poised to disrupt the mobile banking solutions market.

Demand for high-speed internet soars

Today’s consumers expect access to high-speed internet everywhere they go. They want to use their internet connected devices to get the information they need, whether they are meeting with friends and family at a coffeeshop, taking a vacation during the holidays, or camping at a remote location.

Before they decide where to spend their time outside of their homes, they first check whether the place they are going offers access to the internet. They want the ability to upload pictures and videos faster. They want to be able to download documents faster. And they want to watch videos at high-definition resolutions without buffering.

Because of that, businesses and public places that do not offer a way for consumers to connect to internet are having a hard time attracting customers. And they are losing business to those that make it possible for customers to connect anytime.

And it’s not just consumers that expect high-speed internet at the places they frequent.

Employees demand access to high-speed internet at the workplace too. The business applications they use everyday to get their jobs done and communicate with their colleagues are increasingly hosted on cloud-based servers, which can only be accessed through the internet. Employees feel unproductive without high-speed internet. And they are demanding better internet connectivity at work as a result.


Eutelsat delivers affordable high-speed internet

Eutelsat, a French-based satellite provider, has helped businesses meet the challenge of delivering high-speed internet to customers and employees since 1977, across all seven continents.

As one of the leading business internet providers in Europe, Eutelsat’s satellite services are used across a wide range industries, including automotive, banking, energy and utility, public and private safety, media, and tourism industries.

Several businesses count on Eutelsat to deliver fast broadband internet access to their customers and employees, making it one of the most trusted and reliable telecommunications companies in every country they operate in.

Tourists who stay at Recreatiepark Slot Cranendonck, a popular campsite in the Netherlands, are able to access the internet from 99% of the campsite after the campsite operators installed four small Eutelsat satellite dishes.

Installing the satellites has become a competitive advantage for Recreatiepark Slot Cranendonck because tourists choose to stay there instead of other campsites, who don’t have easy and high-speed internet access.

The broadband internet service also serves as an additional source of revenue for the campsite because customers don’t mind buying access codes to connect to the network. That makes it possible for the operators to cover the costs of installation and expand the service to other campsites they manage.


Eutelsat is ready to serve the underbanked

Due to the success Eutelsat has had with its toowayTM Business solutions in other industries, executives believe there’s an opportunity for more growth in the banking sector, specifically mobile banking solutions.

Africa and many remote rural areas across every continent lack access to banking outlets and cash machines because these locations don’t have the infrastructure needed to deliver these services. Eutelsat’s KA-SAT satellites have the capacity to provide the secure and reliable broadband connectivity financial institutions need to reach the underbanked.

As one of the world’s leading satellite operators, with 38 years of experience commercializing capacity on 35 KA-SAT satellites across many industries and every continent, Eutelsat brings their market expertise to the banking sector as demand for high-speed internet soars in remote rural areas.



One of the world’s leading business internet providers that delivers global coverage for broadcast, data and broadband markets eyes the mobile banking solutions markets. Eutelsat wants to partner with banks to serve the underbanked everywhere.

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More Than Self-Driving: Connected Cars Are Changing The Future

googlecar-e1401261602733Technology is quickly evolving and it is no surprise that it is being led by the car industry. From self-driving computers to electricity-powered engines, connected cars are becoming more advanced every day. You might be asking yourself, what exactly makes a car connected? A connected car is a vehicle equipped with Internet access. These vehicles usually have a wireless local area network and are capable to allow other nearby devices use the connection. In case you want to buy one of this cars used, we recommend to check this used car buying guide.

The world’s top automakers are developing these types of vehicles, but experts say there is still much work to be done. Making sure a car is connected and fully functional isn’t as easily accomplished as creating a smartphone or smaller device. Ironically, carmakers are teaming up with mobile companies to ease the development process. A perfect example is the recent partnership of General Motors and the mobile giant, AT&T. The company is predicting around $350 million worth of profits due to their plans to bring AT&T’s service to their line of connected cars. One carmaker has even bought out a wireless company and made it their own. Audi, BMW and Daimler have obtained the ruins of Nokia to help reduce their reliance on Google and Apple’s maps. This will allow the company more freedom in development, as giant outside tech companies seem to keep tight control over their products.

Not only does this connectivity mean more apps, music and entertainment, but also driving capabilities. Some of the recent technologies introduced to cars include controlled steering and GPS systems. Experts say this could lead to more enhanced tools, such as self-driving cars. These advancements mean carmakers are searching for the middle ground between the government’s safety regulations and the consumers’ demands. How do you provide endless connectivity and better safety? While connected cars have some very convenient uses, some worry these advancements pose risks?

There is also the issue of the learning curve for drivers. When purchasing this type of car, the consumer will need to learn about their vehicle’s tools and how to properly use them. These kinks will need to be worked out quickly for some drivers. In fact, in Europe all cars will have to reach a huge connectivity goal by 2015. A new law will make it mandatory that all cars are equipped with a system that is programmed to automatically contact emergency services in the event of a crash.

This is not the only way tech-savvy automobiles are changing the future, connected cars are also capable of saving lives on a massive scale.

These tools can be used to save lives during disasters. A perfect example of using these functions for emergency services is Thames Water, UK’s largest water and sewerage company. With such a large area of responsibility, the company looked for an efficient and cost-effective way to keep their customers safe and informed during a crisis, such as flooding. Thames Water turned to Wireless Innovation to renovate their emergency response vehicle. The most important aspect of the connected car was the high-speed broadband internet connection, which was possible with a connection to the KA-SAT satellite with a push of a button. The emergency vehicle is also equipped with full Wi-Fi capabilities, such as email, internet and VoIP calls. The car also has its own kubota generator and an electronic message sign to display important information to surrounding customers. This connected car has already had the opportunity to show off its full capabilities.

“During emergencies, such as last winter’s flooding, this vehicle becomes the focal point and control centre for those on the ground,” said Clive Dickens MBE, the Senior Technical Engineer for Operational Control at Thames Water. “With this refit, we have the very latest technology at our fingertips to quickly assess and respond to any emergency, while ensuring that we maintain clear communications with the local community, operations control centre and media.”

Not only are connected cars used in emergency and professional purposes, but the innovations are also making an impact on civilian life.

A fully functional “smart” car needs one very important tool to work: a reliable Internet. Many satellite internet providers are getting into this industry to help equip these cars with this valuable tool. The advancements that we will see in the automobile industry will surprise us as cars become more computers than transportation.

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