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Huawei announces an in-car LTE unit

HUAWEI ME909TIf you spend a lot of time in the car or you are a chaufer/taxi driver then this may well be of interest to you as Huawei have just announced a new in-car automotive 4G LTE module, the HUAWEI ME909T

The HUAWEI ME909T provides 4G LTE CAT3 connectivity in a 40x40x4mm package that’s designed to be robust for automotive environments.

Full press release can be found below.

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Retro Tech Addicts Podcast 08: A Segway to the Segway

RTA Logo MTAGareth and Matt enjoy a warm and fuzzy recollection of days gone by in this the latest instalment of the Retro Tech Addicts podcast.

In this week’s show we talk about the Segaway, the Pong video game and the release of World Of Warcraft. In our feature segment we discuss Samsung mobiles.

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